Taste the Difference - The Pie Edition!

We’ve compiled a running list of pie shops around the country, where locals can taste for themselves just how lard and flaky pie crusts were meant for each other. We will eventually include all establishments around the U.S., so if you've got a favorite bakery or restaurant that includes lard in their pie crust (just how grandma used to make it) drop us an email at info@coastpacking.com and we will gladly add it to this listing. Some other #FatMaps include: National Beef-Fat French Fries Edition: https://batchgeo.com/map/d05a2db93b9abe99c1d98300aff72ea2 Los Angeles Burrito Edition: https://batchgeo.com/map/343baa7ff37598f98b6a643cfc75f462

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