Chiropractor in Columbus

Looking For A Commendable Chiropractor In Columbus? Check Out First Choice Chiropractic Of Columbus, OH People seek a chiropractor in Columbus for more than just luxury healthcare! Chiropractic services have made a proven impact on those experiencing injuries or chronic pain. Although this elusive practice is little-hear-of, there is nothing to be nervous about when visiting our friendly staff at First Choice Chiropractic. About Us Since 2007, Dr. James Fonner has worked tirelessly to create his own brand of customer service related to chiropractic healthcare. He specializes in the bones and the joints that obviously get bent out of place in our daily lives. With a continued dedication to his patients, he has been able to expand the practice to four locations: Columbus North Columbus South Reynoldsburg What We Do Dr. Fonner and associates can straighten you out head to toe! Whether it’s a headache or leg pain, this chiropractor in Columbus has the skills to reduce or even entirely relieve pain due to personal injury. Although we specialize in recent injuries and assist patients in achieving the compensation they deserve in an accident, many clients come to us for chronic pain relief. Auto Injuries Work Injuries Sports Injuries Headaches & Migraines Joint Pain Leg Pain Neck Pain So visit us if you’ve had a recent injury and are experiencing the above ailments. Ensure your immediate healthcare needs are handled before visiting your new chiropractor in Columbus. Our talented staff will make you feel comfortable and ensure you feel better going out than you did coming in. This even goes for some chronic ailments! Residents who suffer from migraines have finally been able to find some relief by visiting a chiropractor in Columbus! Many report a reduction in migraine frequency by as much as 90%. For those who experience migraine headaches, we know what that type of relief can How We Do It Dr. Fonner ensures that each location maintains the values he has set in place over a decade ago. Our staff now has decades of combined experience. Each First Choice chiropractor in Columbus is highly skilled in the field of personal injury. That means we can help with all the pesky paperwork that comes with filing a claim for your pain and injuries. We are experts in worker’s compensation cases and auto accident claims. Anything we can do to make your experience as pain-free as possible, just ask and we can try to get it done! This goes again to Dr. Fonner’s vision for his unique practice. By listening to the patient, not just working through them like paperwork, he gains an insight that another chiropractor in Columbus can miss. Your First Choice First Choice Chiropractic wants to be your destination for recovery from your personal injury. We have the skills, the experience, and the testimonials to back up the claim that we could be the best office for a chiropractor in Columbus. Give us a call at (614) 274-4878 or visit our website to schedule your appointment today!

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