Wyda South Africa

Wyda Packaging South Africa is the latest expansion of the family owned packaging business “Wyda Industria de Embalagens" from Sorocaba, Brazil. Wyda focuses on the production of disposable aluminium foil packaging that includes containers and household foil. Primarily for the food producing and catering industry. Keywords: aluminium foil container, disposable packaging, recyclable packaging, aluminium foil, food packaging, catering foil, heavy duty foil, aluminium foil, tin foil, foil, aluminium foil container, take-away container, disposable packaging, microwavable packaging, home-freezing packaging, PVC, cling film, cling wrap, Cutlery pack, disposable cutlery, take-away cutlery Contact us: Address: 27 Forge Road, Kempton Park, Gauteng 1619, South Africa Phone: (+27) 011 570 1837 Website: https://wyda.co.za Business Email: info@wyda.co.za

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