Mirsky Law Firm

"The Mirsky Law Firm has over 80 years combined experience defending those accused of crimes. With considerable courtroom and trial success, David Mirsky provides his clients the high quality and professional defense they need against criminal charges. He has dedicated over 2 decades of his career solely to criminal law in New York, giving him a unique understanding and insight into this very complicated area of law. David refuses to take what the D.A. offers and believes in fighting for your rights, no matter what that takes. As a criminal lawyer, David M. Mirsky believes an aggressive and proactive approach to your case is vital. He understands that in order to feel comfortable with your lawyer, you need a relationship that is built on trust. He takes all calls personally to ensure that his clients, their family and loved ones have all the information they need to be informed about their legal representation. He is there for you from beginning to end, whether that means getting charges dropped, or taking your case to trial. David Mirsky is proactive and tenacious, representing cases ranging from traffic offenses and DWI, to arson, drug crimes, homicide and more. He has successfully litigated cases at the trial and appellate level and works with an extensive network of investigators and specialists on your behalf. He dedicates himself to thoroughly reviewing the details of your case to determine all the facts and works hand-in-hand with you to develop the strongest possible defense."

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