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Acacia Dental Group | Emergency Dentist Woden

Selecting a Dentist in Woden for your household is a major choice. Your dental health influences your overall health, so you must find a qualified specialist who will look after all of your oral needs. To ensure that you get the best care possible, you need to look for a dentist you can trust. After all, you likely won't be going with a one-off visit. Acacia Dental Group has been in business for many years in southwest Canberra as a family dental practice. Clients have praised the dental practice's pleasant atmosphere for three decades. If you're used to living in the area, it's probably a fact that our dental practice has seen your grandparents or great-grandparents. Visit us at or call at +61262812222 to know more about our services. Why Choose Us? Acacia Dental Group serves a large number of generations of the same family. In addition to being just a dental office, Acacia Dental Group has established a meaningful community throughout Canberra. As a new patient, you'll be greeted enthusiastically by the dentists and other staff, who look to you to learn more about you as an individual. While trips to the Dentist in Woden might not be your favorite activity, there's no doubt about its importance. You need only a basic dental exam, or perhaps you are on the lookout for specialized care; the only thing that matters is you come in for a visit so we can get your oral well-being in perfect condition. We Offer Emergency Services Too! Dental emergencies can occur for several reasons. Tooth decay can result in sudden swelling and pain, and teeth can be knocked out during sports. Whether it has happened suddenly or not, if you're experiencing intense pain, we do not want you to suffer. Emergency dentistry is an important part of dentistry, so there is always an Emergency Dentist in Woden here to help you. In case of emergencies, you can visit us at our location at Suite 14, Level 2, Gadal Chambers, 48 Corinna St, Phillip ACT 2606, Australia.

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