The Detail's exam results 2012 map

This map was compiled by The Detail and gives a detailed breakdown of the GCSE and A-Level results for all of Northern Ireland's post-primary schools in 2012. The figures were provided by the Department of Education from the Summary of Annual Examination Results (SAER). Zoom in and click on schools in your area to see their results. NOTE: This data has been signed off by schools but is provisional. A further release is due in March 2013 and will include those who opted for an early resit opportunity in GCSE English and English Language. Some figures have been suppressed to protect individual pupil's confidentiality. An asterisk denotes less than 5 pupils. In some cases, street numbers had to be added or changed to prevent schools being hidden by other schools with a very similar address. The department lists some schools under postal town in its online database.

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