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Ways Through Which Dentists Can Use Social Media Platforms to Reach New Patients A large percentage of Facebook and Twitter users are more likely to purchase products or get services from businesses they follow on social media. While it may be quick for most of us to say that dental practitioners are an exception, Firegang Dental Marketing would like to convince you otherwise. Here are interesting ways to kick off your social media strategies and reach new patients. Post Blogs on Twitter Over the years, most companies have succeeded in using twitter as an educational and informational platform. Therefore, you can hire dental marketing agencies to start blogs to host on your site and use twitter as the primary dissemination channel. Connect with People on LinkedIn LinkedIn is the best place for connections. A dental marketing agency can help you connect with your family, acquaintances, friends, friends-of-friends. They can create content to let people know about your practice, and you’d be happy to offer services whenever they need them. Instagram Your Clinics Space Most people perceive dental clinics as scary places. Fortunately, you can make your clients comfortable with a cool, calm, and relaxing office space. If you have special features in your office space that you’d like to show off to your target audience, Instagram is your best bet. A dental marketing agency can help take advantage of this platform to reach a broad user base.

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