Law Office Of Frank Fernandez, Esq.

Mr. Fernandez’s criminal law experience in Boston is extensive with a very wide area of practice covering criminal charges in State District Courts throughout all of Massachusetts, the State Superior Court, and the US federal court. The Fernandez Firm can handle any type of matter whether it’s a small criminal violation or a large federal drug conspiracy. Attorney Frank Fernandez is a criminal lawyer in Boston who has over 25 years of experience handling major criminal matters throughout all of Massachusetts. The practice areas listed here are just an example of the types of criminal cases The Fernandez Firm handles. Only an experienced lawyer can navigate the complex legal rules involving your situation, develop a solid case and argue it with a conviction for the best possible outcome. Frank Fernandez has experience on his side, a strong track-record, and spectacular people skills that he leverages for numerous advantages, from evidence gathering to negotiating and of course interacting with you. Attorney Fernandez approaches every case with sensitivity and honesty, at no time do you feel stressed out or manipulated; Frank is passionate about involving you in the process to the extent that you become an informed plaintiff in control of your case and equipped with a full understanding of options and outcomes. Mr. Fernandez was admitted to practice law as a Boston criminal lawyer in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Illinois, Missouri, and at the United States District Court of Massachusetts. He previously worked as a District Attorney in the City of St. Louis prior to entering private practice. His Business concentrates on all types of criminal defense and he is an industry expert in all matters related to criminal law. Mr. Fernandez has been lead counsel on numerous trials with expertise in both the State and Federal Courts. Attorney Frank Fernandez is fluent in Spanish and enjoys serving the Latin community as a criminal lawyer in Boston.

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