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St. Louis County Post Third List 2023

St. Louis County annually updates its Post Third Tax Sale list. These are properties that the Collector of Revenue offered at auction least three years in a row, but nobody bought them. Prospective purchasers simply submit an offer any old time and, if the Collector accepts the offer, the Collector issues a Collector’s Deed. Follow the instructions at: This list is only for St. Louis County, and many Missouri counties compile similar lists. Contact the Collector of your choice. In St. Louis County, the lowest possible offer is usually the principal tax amount due plus the sewer lateral fee (if any). Search the County’s Web site to determine the amounts due. Many offerings on this list are too good to be true. For instance, at least those addresses with an H, R, or A following the possible street address may not be what you think. You may wish to consult the Collector, a title company, a land surveyor, or an attorney. I make no representations or warranties about the correctness or completeness of the information here. Please note that the Collector does not guarantee clean title, and a quiet title lawsuit or other curative work is almost always necessary following the issuance of a Collector’s Deed. A quiet title suit may be successful or unsuccessful in stripping others’ interests from the property. You should also know that court rulings indicate that mortgages and other liens do survive or are likely to survive a tax sale. I have a YouTube video that some find helpful. See the St. Louis County Post Third List Tax Sale video at Viewing this map does not create an attorney/client relationship, and this map is not intended as legal advice but is rather the dissemination of publicly available information. Dale Sweet Sweet Law Office (636) TAX-SALE The choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely upon advertisements.

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