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Who we are Joint Forces K9 Dog Trainer provides training and dog boarding services. Our services include basic pet training, advanced obedience, personal protection training, competition training and service dog training. With a variety of puppies, green dogs and titled dogs, we raise and train the best sporting and working top rated bloodlines of Belgian Malinois to Dutch shepherds. All our dogs are FCI registered with a working line pedigree from Every dog available to purchase is subject to a full medical examination and a pre-screening is done through our Dutch partner to ensure all our dogs meet the highest standards. Our Dog training services Joint Forces K9 offers basic obedience, competition obedience and everything in between. If you need to train your dog in a specific competition-style such as Ring Sports, IPO, PSA, Conformation and AKC, we can also implement it into our training program. Not only do we train your dog for competitions, but we also train you on how to handle your dog while in competition. Our personal protection dog training allows us to find the perfect match for you and your family. We find the dog that fits perfectly with your lifestyle. Our goal is to provide you with a dog that becomes part of your family while also providing the best protection for your family. In our Scent detection program, we teach your dog a variety of scent work, from Narcotics, Explosives, Bed Bug detection to currency, nuts and electronics. Our dog training classes allow us to provide training to every customer, regardless of their level of experience. Each customer will receive one-on-one work with our instructors to allow for a better bonding experience between you and your dog. We offer a free evaluation of your dog. This evaluation allows us to choose the best training plan for you and your dog. Keep in mind that not every dog is capable of performing the required activities, if that is the case Joint Forces K9 can help you find the perfect dog, whether it is a puppy that we can help you train for your desired needs or a fully trained dog. Dog Boarding Here at Joint Forces K9, we provide boarding accommodations for any size and type of dog. We accept all types of breeds. All dogs are kept in a climate-controlled kennel. Our main goal is to make your dog feel like home while boarding with us. For us to accept your dog into our kennel area proof of current vaccinations is required. We charge a flat fee of $35 per night for boarding. Your dog's feeding schedule will be maintained and we can administer any required medication as well. Each dog is kept in a separate space and will be able to exercise in our outdoor areas. To discuss our training plans, boarding services, pricing or if you would like to set up a free evaluation, please contact us at (479) 802-0775 or

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