Meier Family Chiropractic

Meier Family Chiropractic is a Waukee chiropractic clinic humbled to be voted the best chiropractor in Iowa. We are a full body chiropractic clinic that provides services for; corrective chiropractic, advanced chiropractic, pediatric chiropractic, chiropractic for migraines, chiropractic during pregnancy, and overall wellness and advanced chiropractic care. At Meier Family Chiropractic we focus on an advanced chiropractic technique known as The Gonstead System. This form of chiropractic is designed for long term results rather than temporary fixes. Dr. Nick Meier founded the Waukee chiropractic clinic. Dr. Nick began his journey in chiropractic while still in undergrad. Doctor Nick began going to chiropractic seminars, shadowing doctors, and attending local meetings. He continued his journey attending Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. While in school he joined the Troxell Intern Program where he helped teach Gonstead Chiropractic to other students. Due to his consistent dedication, in just his second trimester, Dr. Nick received a plaque for completing 100 hours of training through Gonstead Methodology Institute. He plans to later join this group as an instructor to continue teaching the Gonstead System. There are so many conditions/situations that bring patients to seek chiropractic care. The great thing about Gonstead Chiropractic is that the advanced chiropractic system is so comprehensive we are qualified to see patients of all ages and demographics! Here are a just a few of the reasons patients come to Meier Family Chiropractic. Job/lifestyle: office job/seated all day (truck drivers, students), labor-intensive, on your feet all day (server), high stress, lots of time at a computer/tv/video game Trauma: car accidents, difficult birth, sports injury, hard falls/slips, herniated disc, annular tears, pain in arms, pain in legs, sprained ankle, twisted knee, pulled a muscle Life change: Pregnancy, moving your home, new job, recently started working out, long car ride/travel. If any of these pertain to you or you are simply interested in including chiropractic into your wellness plan to stay healthy, reach out to us through out website or call us direct at (515) 999-5987.

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