Which businesses received Invest NI funding?

Invest NI asked us to point out that: "This map has been created by The Detail using data released to it by Invest NI under FOI. The data covered financial support offered by Invest NI to locally owned businesses between 2011 and Sept 2014. The map is not a full representation of Invest NI support as it excludes sole traders (could not be released due to data protection), businesses that have availed of non-financial support, and externally owned businesses.” There are no allegations of wrongdoing against Invest NI, or against any business that received received support or any other party. The map shows 6,653 Invest NI offers - by condition of offer - accepted by local companies between April 2011 and September 2014. Other includes projects that cannot be easily classified in one of the other categories as these projects involve a range of economic development activities, none of which specifically target job creation. Click on the pins to see detailed information on each offer. Where there are multiple entries, click on the arrow to see all offers.

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