Aura MD - Adult ADHD Psychiatrist - Dr. Ashley Tou

"Aura MD, a Top Psychiatrist in Houston, Announces Expanded Services for Mental Health Treatments in Houston Houston, TX - Aura MD is a top Houston psychiatrist specializing in providing treatment for various mental health conditions across Houston and surrounding areas. Mental health problems they treat include Anxiety, Depression, Adult ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, and Insomnia. They also offer treatments for Medical Weight Loss and Women's Health Problems. They have been rated Houston's best psychiatrist for the quality of treatment and care they offer to their patients. They offer personalized services in a professional and compassionate manner. The friendly staff at Aura MD is encouraging and welcomes patients with a warm smile. Aura MD has now started offering Telemedicine appointments for anyone who cannot visit the clinic. These appointments are convenient, personalized, and innovative. Not only are they convenient, but very easy to book as well. All patients need to do is call up the Aura MD team and book an appointment. At the appointment time, the Aura MD staff will send a text link to the patient to join the consultation. The patient can click on the link from any device like the phone, tablet, desktop, or laptop and enter the virtual consultation. He/she doesn't even need an app. Once the consult is complete, the medicines are sent to the local pharmacy of the patient's choice, from which he/she can pick them up without having to wait in long lines. At Aura MD, the team understands the importance of keeping things simple for their patients. They are continually changing and evolving to make appointments and getting medications less stressful and time-consuming. The telemedicine platform used by this Houston psychiatrist is HIPPA compliant and user-friendly. All patients who visit Aura MD can rest assured that they will get a warm and supportive welcome. The Houston ADHD psychiatrist treats patients in a non-judgemental way. The environment at the medical practice is patient-centric and committed to the safety of the patients. The team of physicians and nurse practitioners at this practice are highly-trained and experienced and will support patients with the right tools and medication management to deal with their mental health problems. They work with the patient to give them stability and achieve the best outcome with a customized and personalized approach. They listen to the patient, get a medical history, diagnose the condition, and work out a treatment plan to best suit their requirement and mental health needs. Whether the patient is suffering from adult ADHD, depression, anxiety, insomnia, or needs help with medical weight loss, the Aura MD team will help the patient through the recovery journey. The clinicians and nurse practitioners at Aura MD will ensure patients regain their confidence and mental health slowly and with patience. Aura MD is located at 952 Echo Lane, Suite 210 Houston, TX 77024. Individuals who want to know more about their mental health treatments and services can visit their website for more information or call them to book an appointment for a consult. "

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