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2023 Division 7 Football - Regions 25-28

2023 OHSAA Division VII Football – Regions 25-28 • Schools with male enrollment of 114 and less • Four regions: 32 schools in region 25; 33 schools in region 26; 23 schools in region 27; 24 schools in region 28 • Region Process: Regions are redrawn annually based on the number of teams that were eligible for the previous year’s OHSAA Football Tournament, and including those that have indicated participation in this year’s tournament. Once the number of teams is known, “pins” representing each school in that division are added to a map. Counties are no longer kept together since “clusters” of schools make that impossible. Schools may be spread out to keep a similar number of schools as possible in each region. *Updated 9/11/23 - Removed Sebring McKinley from Region 25, 8-player team this season.

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