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When You Should Hire An Employment Lawyer Some people have never required a lawyer. However, certain situations call for one to take legal action, especially against a poor working environment. As an employer or employee, certain laws and regulations guide your conduct and protect you and your rights. A violation of your rights may be the genesis of needing employment lawyers. Who Are Employment Lawyers? Employment lawyers are trained and skilled legal professionals specializing in representing employers and employees in state and federal employment law-related cases. Employment lawyers help maintain sanity and balance between employers and employees. They ensure that employees are treated fairly and in a manner that is consistent with the law. Aside from advising and representing employers and employees, employment lawyers also draft and review important documents like employee handbooks, employment contracts, etc. These lawyers can be reached out to by employees who feel cheated or discriminated against in their workplace. Employment lawyers handle cases bordering on whistleblower protection, sexual harassment in the workplace, contract violations, workplace discrimination, and wrongful terminations. As An Employee, When Should I Hire An Employment Lawyer? Employers can often make decisions that are selfish and put the employee at a disadvantage. Employees who feel their rights have been violated, contracts breached, or put at a disadvantage by the decisions of their employer can seek the services of an employment lawyer. Some of the common situations that warrant the service of an employment lawyer include: Employees that have suffered harassment, discrimination, or retaliation by their employer. Employees that have been illegally terminated or fired from employment Employees who are being forced to sign documents that waive their rights to certain entitlements Employees whose employer has violated state or federal laws aimed for their protection Employees who have been denied access to entitled benefits as contained in their employment contract. In any of the above-listed situations, speak to an employment lawyer as fast as possible. If you doubt whether your rights have been violated in the workplace or by your employer, seek legal advice from an employment lawyer. As An Employer, When Should I Hire An Employment Lawyer? Employers are equally protected under the employment law. Employment lawyers work hard to ensure a balance on both ends by representing employers and employees. As an employer, you can seek the services of an employment lawyer if: You need legal representation in a negotiation meeting An employee has initiated legal action against you for harassment, discrimination, or other rights violation. An employee has sued you in court for employment-related matters. You plan to terminate or fire many employees, change the current pension plan or benefits you are offering, or terminate employee benefits. An experienced employment lawyer can also help you to draft employment contracts, can look over and review other employment-related documents and contracts, including severance contracts and releases, to ensure that you are on the right side of the law.

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