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Professional Bb Clarinets

High-Quality Professional Bb Clarinets Lisa’s Clarinet Shop is the perfect place to buy a clarinet. We sell clarinets to all classes of players including amateurs, students, intermediates, semi-professionals, and professionals. Our professional Bb clarinets are of the highest possible quality and they include Buffet Divine Bb 1160L-2 Grenadilla Clarinet Silver Keys only, Buffet Festival Bb 1139-2 Grenadilla Clarinet Silver Keys only, Buffet Légende Bb 1156L-2 Grenadilla Clarinet with Silver Keys and Gold Keys, Buffet Prestige Bb 1133-2 Grenadilla Clarinet Silver Keys only, and Buffet R13 Bb 1131-2 Greenline Silver Plated Keys, among many others. You can place an order for any of these clarinets on our website, by phone, or by visiting any of our showrooms in Glen Ellyn, IL, Catonsville, MA, and Santa Fe, NM by appointment only. Other Clarinets At Lisa’s Clarinet Shop, you can also buy other types and classes of clarinets including A Clarinets, Eb Clarinets, C Clarinets, Bass Clarinets, D Clarinets, and Serio Clarinets. Just like our professional Bb Clarinets, all these other clarinets are topnotch. We mostly sell Buffet Crampon clarinets and you can order for any level of playing including amateur, intermediate, and professional. Remember that at Lisa’s Clarinet Shop we sell both new and used instruments. Accessories We also sell accessories for all types of clarinets at Lisa’s Clarinet Shop. You can buy barrels, bellss and clarinet cases from our shop. We also have a repair shop where you can have your damaged clarinet fixed or adjusted. Just contact Lisa’s Clarinet Shop today for any of these products and services. Music For Good Educational Rewards Program Lisa’s Clarinet Shop is fully committed and dedicated to music promotion. That is why we run the Music For Good Educational Rewards Program. This program provides education and other music resources to clarinet teachers, schools, and studios. Why Us One of the main reasons why you should buy clarinets from Lisa’s Clarinet Shop is because we are all about quality. We also have a huge variety of instruments to suit each playing level. Get in touch with us today to enjoy our many products.

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