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"TruHome Pros Solar energy has become a buzzword for not only environmentalists but for homeowners as well. Once you’ve decided on investing in solar, the first thing you’ll have to figure out is getting the right solar installation company. Truehome Pros is a team of engineers that are experienced with solar power installation. We’ll tirelessly work to deliver your solar energy needs. It doesn’t matter if it is a residential or commercial property, our technicians have the tools and expertise for high-quality installations. You know you’re in good hands if you reach out to us when looking for West Dundee solar panels installation contractors. Custom Made Proposals Any household or commercial property that is planning to switch to solar power will have unique requirements. At Truehome Pros, we understand that a house will have unique features and that is why we focus on creating tailored proposals for clients. We will start the process by inspecting your home before coming up with a custom proposal that is suited for the building. You can expect a thorough job regardless of the type of building or location. Site Survey The site survey is carried out so that we can have a clear understanding of the needs of your building. It is during the survey where we get to research the best place to install solar panels for maximum efficiency. Our team will also conduct a roof shading and orientation analysis. The focus is on the user convenience with the usability of the solar system that is to be installed. Permits We’re a West Dundee solar panel installation company that is committed to ensuring that you’re having the best experience with solar. That is why make it a point to help our customers obtain the necessary permits that are needed for the installation of the solar panels. The permits are usually issued by the legal government. Our experience with West Dundee residential solar panels will also come in handy when trying to get incentives from the state. Installation This is often seen as the key piece when you invest in solar energy. The roof will be the best place to install the solar panels given the fact that it offers the best exposure for maximum sunlight. There are situations where installing on the roof might not be ideal. Mounting on the clear ground will be an alternative. Our team will install all the mounts, solar panels, and set up the scaffolding. We will make sure that the installation is complete and you have a fully functional solar power system when we leave your premises. Our team pays close attention to detail at every step of the process. We’ve been around for a while now and know first-hand some of the common challenges associated with a solar installation project. You can expect excellent after-installation services so that there is peace of mind. There is a guarantee on not only the workmanship but also on our systems. To find out if you qualify, visit our website for a free consultation. "

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