Local Drug Collection Boxes CT

As of 10/1/2015, the following municipalities now have medication drop boxes. These boxes are secured in the lobby of the police department, and are accessible anytime the department is open. No questions asked, just drop the unwanted medications in and they will be safely and securely destroyed. What CAN and CANNOT be discarded in local medication drop-boxes. YES: Over-the-counter medications, Prescription medications, Medication samples, Medications for household pets, Medicated lotions or ointments, NO: Needles or other “sharps,” Hazardous waste, Thermometers, Personal care products (shampoo, etc.). This map was created by Elizabeth Esposito, Associate Planner at the Western CT Council of Governments. Source: http://ct.gov/dcp/cwp/view.asp?a=1620&q=501922

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