Best Nail Places in Vegas

How Much to Tip Your Nail or Hair Stylist Paying Gratuity for Nail and Hair Services Many people worry about how much they should tip their hairdressers and nail technicians when they visit a salon. In most places, the basic percentage of gratuity is around fifteen to twenty percent. When it comes to specialized beauty services, you should at least tip twenty percent, if not more. Gratuity is another word for tip in the customer service industry. Any professional with a specialized skill, such as hairdressing, should at least be awarded twenty percent of the total amount of your bill. A percentage of your bill that goes towards tipping the provider is how gratuity works. Good Nail and Hair Jobs If you really are impressed with the quality of a nail or hair appointment, you should tip at least twenty five percent of your bill amount. If you want to express your appreciation for a specific hairdresser or salon staff member, you should be generous with your tip amount. Most working professionals in this industry earn the most money from the tips their customers give to them. Keep them in mind when receiving these types of services in the future.

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