Tracking pupil achievement in NI's schools

This map was compiled by The Detail to show the achievements of a single cohort of pupils as they moved through the Northern Ireland school system. We follow the pupils' achievements over six years from 2008 until 2013 showing their assessment results on a per school basis. How many had achieved the expected level in English and Maths when they started Year 8 (end of Key Stage 2 assessment results in primary schools), did schools improve on this by Year 10 (end of Key Stage 3 assessments) and, finally, how did the same group of pupils perform in their GCSE exams last summer? Click on the coloured pins to see the results for the schools in your area. Post-primary schools which opened after 2008, those which did not submit KS2 results to the Department of Education and schools without Year 8 classes are not included.

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