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Premier Helmets - 2020

PASSIONATE ABOUT HELMETS SINCE 1956 Since it was established in 1956, Premier has undergone continuous changes that have led the company to occupy its present position among the leaders of high-quality helmets manufacturers. A Premier helmet is an essential element for full-time motorcyclists, from professionals to touring riders and urban commuters. The range includes models designed for very specific uses, and are very light and super-ventilated, aspects that have been extremely well received by the every-day town user as well as by motorcycling professionals. Premier has a great passion for motorcycling, and constantly invest in human and technical resources to research and develop innovative technology and maximum product safety. Elegant and sophisticated Italian design, combined with the precise management of product development and production methods, are the bedrock of Premier’s philosophy. The company’s certified laboratory places rigorous controls on all stages of design, development and prototyping to reach the final product. It audits production and ensures that the requirements required by all major helmet safety standards are met.

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