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Jupiter Furniture | Jupiter Custom Furniture

Jupiter Furniture-Maurice's Furnishings Your home should be your comfort from the daily pressures of the world. It's supposed to reflect your personality. That's why you must choose the kind of furniture that befits its status. Always remember that a home isn't complete without an interior decoration; hence you need to decorate with some of the best furniture pieces from Maurice's Furnishings. Maurice's Furnishings is a family-owned business that was established in 1981 in Florida. The company can trace its origin from a small antique shop in Juno Beach. Maurice Jonker Sr started the furniture business after relocating to the United States with his family from Holland. Maurice's Furnishings has evolved over the past few decades to become the best furniture shop in Jupiter. The company grew from handling European accessories and antique pine furniture to include their own unique, high-quality antique creations. Why You Should Consider Getting Jupiter Furniture Improves Your Mood Beautiful furniture can improve and light up your mood, especially if you've had a boring and dull day. Maurice's Furnishings has unique furniture made from different varieties of wood and color to suit your preferences and taste. This furniture can be the best remedy for improving your mood and making you feel better within no time. The company has highly skilled craftsmen who can help you remodel your house with the best Jupiter furniture always. Impress Your Friends Homes that have beautiful and unique furniture will always be the envy of everybody. Nothing gives more satisfaction than having pieces of furniture that is everybody's source of admiration. Maurice's Furnishings has unique and extraordinary pieces of furniture that are durable and will always make your home the envy of everyone. Get In Touch Maurice's Furnishings has unique, and custom made pieces of furniture. If you need any of their pieces, simply visit the website or call (561) 747-4539.

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