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"Home Renovation: The Types of Door Handles That Are Perfect For Your Home Doors are an important addition to the home. Whether exterior or interior doors, they function to improve the overall security, beauty, and appeal of the home. However, doors are only as beautiful and useful as their handles. There are different types of Door Handles in the market for you to choose from, especially when your home is going through a renovation phase and you would love to spice things up. Below are some of the commonest types of Black Door Handles to choose from as part of the home renovation exercise. Lever on Backplate Lever on backplate door handles come supplied with a backplate. Although traditional in style, this type of door handle is most commonly used for interior areas of the home such as the bathroom and kitchen doors, depending on the taste of the homeowner. The set of this door handle is incomplete without a lock and a lever, along with the backplate and is available in a variety of styles, colors, and shapes. Two common backplate shapes homeowners favor are the curved and square backplates. Lever on Rose Lever on rose door handles come supplied with a circular or square rose around the point of connection between the door handle and the door. The rose is aimed at covering up the fixings that have been done to attach the handle and the door together thus giving off a fine finish. The lever on rose door handles come as a much smaller installation compared to the lever on backplate handles and do not come supplied with locks. In some cases, property owners may purchase a separate lock set to add to the installation for the complete safety of items locked behind the door. Lever on the rose handle is also available in a variety of options to choose from, including the stainless-steel levers, two-tone finishes, and polished chrome to mention a few. In addition, the handles are also available in different shapes including square, linear, curved or winged. D Pull Handle This type of door handle is one of the perfect solutions for property owners who are interested in doors that do not require latches. Mostly for doors that open inwards, the D Pull handle can be fixed on the external part of the door. Homeowners considering the D Pull Handle can choose from the various options available on the market including the T handle, straight edge handle, D handle and more. Flush Pull Handles This type of handle is commonly used for sliding doors. The Flush pull handle is fitted into the door itself thereby creating a flush finish and also allowing the door to slide into cavities with ease. For homeowners who wish to choose this door handle, it can be matched with Art Deco Door Handles and is available in a variety of sizes and styles. Door Knobs Door knobs have been in existence for several hundreds of years. Used as Entrance door pull handles in the past, over the years, the spherical-shaped door handle has gained more attention by being paired with locks to create a perfect security system for doors and entrances. The doorknobs are available in different options of size, color, and materials. Homeowners can also choose different style options ranging from contemporary to transitional styles. Thumb Turns This type of door handle is commonly used in areas that require a high level of privacy and a little less security. Suitable for bathroom doors and cabinets, thumb turns are both aesthetically pleasing and small enough to fit small spaces. When interested in creating a tone of privacy instead of security, thumb turns are the perfect options to go with. Cabinet Cup Handles This type of handle is a perfect solution for people who wish to live a simplistic lifestyle. The cabinet cup handles are perfect for kitchen spaces like cabinets, drawers, and other small spaces. One of the biggest benefits offered by this door handle type is that it allows for an easier and firmer grip. Cabinet Pull Handles As the name suggests, cabinet pull handles are perfect for cabinets and are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, styles, and designs to match different needs. The finishes offered by this handle will give the cabinet a sophisticated look. Cabinet knobs Cabinet knobs are only a modification of doorknobs. They are a great option for cabinet doors and cupboard doors. "

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