How changes would hit schools' budgets

This map was compiled by The Detail using data supplied by the Department of Education. It compares each school's current budget with the amount they would have received this year if proposed changes to the common funding scheme were in place. As a deprivation measure, we have included the % of pupils in each school entitled to free school meals. Where two or more schools share an address, we have added street numbers to ensure they don't overlap on the map. This means not all addresses are exact. Of the 1,144 schools we have analysed - 720 would lose money under the new proposals and 424 would gain funds. Some schools listed may have recently closed but were included in the department's calculations as they were still open earlier this financial year. An asterisk in the data refers to fewer than 5 cases. The voluntary grammar and grant maintained integrated schools' budgets for this current year are less VAT to enable fair comparison with estimated budgets under proposed changes.

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