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Scranton Storage Units

How To Keep Your Storage Unit In Scranton, PA Safe Keep Your Belongings Safe A storage unit is where you keep most of your belongings that you don’t want to stay with at home. Most of the time, this is intended to protect your belongings from either theft or damage from natural occurrences. As much as security is dependent on the facility, you also have a role to play in the security of your storage unit Scranton. Here are some of those measures to take. Purchase the Best Lock You Can Always go for the best locks in the market, preferably a disc or cylinder lock instead of one with a long shackle. This makes it hard for criminals to target your unit because such locks take time to crack open. They always go for easy locks because they can get in and out before any alarms are raised. Don’t Give Anyone Your Access Code or Key The lesser people know about your storage unit Scranton, the better. Theft tends to happen close to home, meaning that a friend, family member, or acquaintance could be the culprit. Be wary of whomever you give access. Make sure it is someone you trust. Other measures include going for an indoor facility and constantly keeping inventory. To get a storage unit today, contact Storway Self Storage on (570) 556-4566.

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