Scott Nolan | Carluzzo, Rochkind & Smith, P.C.

For two decades, Scott C. Nolan has steadfastly sought justice for his clients. He’s received referrals and top reviews from those he’s helped. He is committed to winning justice for those charged with crimes in Manassas and throughout Northern Virginia. If you’re charged with a crime, attorney Scott C. Nolan will examine the state’s case against you and determine the right strategy for your defense. If the charge against you cannot be reduced, dropped, or dismissed, you may exercise your right to have your case heard by a jury. If you’re innocent, Scott C. Nolan will fight aggressively for your freedom and your good name. But if the evidence against you is overwhelming and a conviction is certain, he may recommend – and negotiate for – a plea agreement that provides for reduced or alternative sentencing. He’s a member of the National College for DUI Defense, the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and he’s earned a 10.0 “Top Attorney” rating from AVVO, a leading attorney rating service.

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