Advanced Telecom Systems

"Advanced Telecom Systems is one of the top distributed antenna system installation companies in the USA. Advanced Telecom systems (ATS) was originally incorporated in the state of Ohio in 2000 under the name Advanced Telecom Solutions, LLC. ATS was formed to provide a host of telecommunication services related to the wireless industry and in turn became one of the pioneers in providing high quality low cost distributed antenna systems (DAS), cell phone repeaters and bi-directional amplifiers for thousands of customers nationwide. After 4 years of operations, the company moved to Tampa, Florida and changed the company name to Ray Communications Services, LLC. and eventually changed to Advanced Telecom Signal Boosters, LLC. Because of the many telecommunications services provided by ATS, a decision was made to change the name one final time to Advanced Telecom Systems, LLC to encompass all of the services that the company provides."

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