The Florida Maids of Orlando

Vacation Rental Cleaning Services If you are the owner of a vacation home, you can hire a vacation rental cleaning service to maintain your property and ensure it is in top-notch condition. Our professional cleaners are highly trained, knowledgeable and know how to disinfect and clean your vacation homes with the utmost level of precision. The Florida Maids of Orlando can make every nook and cranny of your vacation home look spotless, from dirty bathrooms with soiled stains and spots to dirty linens and sinks filled with dishes. By hiring professional cleaners, you are also protecting your guests from the spread of everyday germs. There are a few things that the owners of vacation homes should consider before hiring a vacation rental cleaning Orlando Fl service. Referrals and Reviews Many cleaning contractors claim that they are the best but might not offer reliable services. You need to do a little research to find a reliable company. You can ask friends or relatives who have hired vacation home cleaning services before. If you cannot get a referral, you can conduct an online search to find a professional and experienced cleaning company. A company is generally more reliable as they are more likely to have a license and provide insurance coverage. If you want to hire a particular company, you can ask for references or reviews from previous clients before you decide to hire them. Experience An experienced cleaning company can help you in keeping your vacation home spotless. Experienced companies are also more likely to do last-minute emergency cleaning tasks. They also know which cleaning tools and materials work best. Cost of Service Once you've decided to hire a vacation rental cleaning service, the next question would be 'how much will the service cost?' Almost all cleaning companies offer quotations depending on the size of the property and the amount of work needed. The vacation homeowner also needs to consider certain other factors like the property’s location while hiring a vacation home cleaning company. License A licensed company will work efficiently and comply with industry standards. They will use high-quality cleaning materials and tools to clean the vacation homes. The following services are usually covered in the package of a licensed company: Any waste products left behind by previous guests will be discarded and disposed of. All kitchen countertops, appliances, and shelves, and drawers will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. All doors and windows will be professionally cleaned. All paper items and toiletries will be restocked. All bed linens will be replaced with new and washed ones. From our experience at The Florida Maids of Orlando, one of the most common reasons for negative reviews on vacation homes is non-compliance to cleanliness standards. Beautiful property along with a good location is not necessarily enough to impress your guests. If your guests find the vacation homes dirty and unhygienic, they will give a negative review at the end of the stay or request a refund. Before hiring a professional vacation rental company, it is imperative to consider the factors mentioned above to give a sparkling clean look to your property.

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