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YOUR GUIDE TO HAIR TRANSPLANT “Hair transplant Singapore” remains one of the most searched local terms. The search term boasts of over a thousand searches each month, this pointing to an increasing need for hair transplant related solution. However, in answer to this, there are some aesthetic clinic Singapore that are beginning to crop up and offer the services of hair transplant and others which are directed at enhancing the skin and overall appearance. In most cases, these aesthetic clinics may also go as far as offering the service of acne scar removal Singapore for interested clients. However, for those interested in hair transplants, below are some of the information you need to help you make the best choice. For the purpose of clarity, this post will be divided into three sections, - How to choose the best hair transplant treatment for your hair loss - The cost of hair transplant and what determines the cost - How to get the best hair transplant results. How to choose the best hair transplant for your hair loss? To choose the best hair transplant treatment for your needs, first, you need to understand what has caused your hair loss. There are several reasons why you may be losing hair or experiencing thinning hair. One of the major reasons why you may be losing hair may be as a result of your genetic makeup. While genetics is an important factor, other causes of hair loss may be improper hair care, lifestyle choices such as smoking and drinking, lack of proper and balanced diet amongst others. When choosing the best treatment for your hair loss, ensure that it is tailored towards: - The progression of your hair loss, - The severity of your hair loss - Your lifestyle. To get the best results from hair transplants, it is often required that patients make some lifestyle changes which may in the end play a contributing factor to better results. How much does a FUE hair transplant or HIFU Singapore transplant cost? The cost of hair transplant treatment procedure will be dependent on a number of factors. In some cases, the procedure may cost between $6,000 to $10,000. Patients should however understand that the final cost of the hair transplant procedure will be determined by the hair loss condition suffered. Some of the important factors that may affect the overall cost of the procedure include: - The surgeon’s fee - The number of grafts needed to get the patient their desired result - The price of each hair graft In some cases, each hair graft may cost as much as $9 - $12/ graft for the ARTAS Robotic FUE and between $8 - $8 for the manual FUE. How to get the best hair transplant results Considering the cost of hair transplant procedures, there is the need for you to ensure that you are adequately positioned for a successful procedure. It is recommended that you seek out a qualified aesthetic clinic Singapore for your hair transplant Singapore needs. In addition, below are some of the factors that confirm your eligibility for hair transplant Singapore - You have a healthy donor site with adequate hair follicle for the procedure - You have no existing major medical conditions - The recipient site has good and healthy blood vessels. Common situations in which patients can opt for hair transplant procedure include: - Loss of frontal or temporal hair - Important life events or milestone events coming up - To improve appearance and appeal - Desire for more facial hair - Unsatisfactory results from medical treatment for hair loss.

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