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#1 Attorney In Miami FL Galanter Law, P.A. is the top law firm in Miami today. We have worked very hard to earn the top spot. For more than 30 years now, Galanter Law, P.A. has been representing clients in the city of Miami and its neighborhoods. We have helped thousands of clients who have been accused of various criminal offenses in Miami FL. As a professional Miami attorney, Galanter Law, P.A. always strives to do good by our clients. We are always on the client’s side. We will negotiate aggressively and litigate diligently until the client is cleared or the charges are reduced. That is why many people choose Galanter Law, P.A. as their Miami attorney. Our Practice Areas Galanter Law, P.A. is primarily a criminal defense law firm. We handle all types of criminal cases including traffic crime offenses, domestic violence cases, burglary & theft charges, drug possession charges, and all types of violent crimes. This means that you can now hire Galanter Law, P.A. as your Miami attorney to represent you if you are charged with any type of traffic offense. You can also hire us if you are accused of a domestic violence crime. If you are arrested for drug possession, call Galanter Law, P.A. immediately. We will also help you if you are arrested for burglary or theft. And if you are arrested for any type of violent crime including murder, give us a call at Galanter Law, P.A. Why Galanter Law, P.A. There are many reasons why many people in Miami FL prefer v over other criminal defense law firms. For starters, we offer free legal consultations. Secondly, we have a proven track record. We have helped countless clients get acquitted or have their charges reduced. And finally, Galanter Law, P.A. is always there for you. We do not care what your accusers say; we are always on the client’s side.

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