Spartanburg Hair Salon

The Spartanburg Hair Salon Is The Best-Kept Secret Among Ladies What Are Hair Toppers? Women not just of Spartanburg, SC are learning about this Spartanburg hair salon offering the highest-quality hair toppers currently available. The Lauren Ashtyn Collection is a fast-growing online emporium offering top-of-the-line hair extensions and hair toppers using 100% Remy hair. Many people have not heard of hair toppers, but they have heard of toupees. The latter is known to assist men who are balding on the top. It is a known condition that has been widely accepted in America. However, women often suffer from bald spots on the top of the head, something that has not yet been accepted in the western world. Thanks to a certain Spartanburg hair salon, hair toppers are being discovered by women all over the world. Since starting in Spartanburg, SC, The Lauren Ashtyn Collection has created an online presence that has brought all sorts of ladies together. How Are Hair Toppers Made? When bought from The Lauren Ashtyn Collection, Ashtyn herself will craft your hairpiece to match your natural hair. Hair toppers are similar to toupees in that they only cover the top of the head. However, ladies want the topper to blend seamlessly into their natural hair. Lauren Ashtyn can customize your piece to match your desired hair color, cut, and style. These clip-in hair extensions from her Spartanburg hair salon are made to look natural for a long time. That’s thanks to the Remy hair that Ashtyn uses for every single hair topper. Free Online Consultations To get in on this secret, visit the Lauren Ashtyn Collection online. You can get a free virtual consultation and learn more about the benefits of clip-in extensions. Look and feel great in minutes with the high-quality hair extensions offered at The Lauren Ashtyn Collection.

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