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Los Angeles Mortgage Broker

What to Look for in a Los Angeles Mortgage Broker How to Choose a Good Los Angeles Mortgage Broker There are tons of large companies and corporations that offer the services of a Los Angeles mortgage broker. However, none of those large firms can provide you with the same one on one personalized care that Shannon Christenot can. With her special certification and skills, we can help you through the process of buying a new home or getting a loan. The service menu offered by this stunning mortgage broker in Los Angeles covers all of the bases a client could possibly want. Buy a Home Refinancing Reverse Mortgages FHA Loans Jumbo Loans Buy a Home You need to have a Los Angeles mortgage broker with a solid reputation by your side when you go through the process of buying a home. Shannon Christenot is the best mortgage broker in the area to count on. She has years of experience in the industry, which means she knows her way around the home buying process. Refinancing Refinancing your home loan with the hopes of snagging a lower rate is something that Shannon Christenot can help with. Navigating the murky waters of loan refinancing can leave clients feeling confused and lost. Instead of trying to accomplish this task on your own, let a professional like Shannon Christenot offer assistance. Reverse Mortgages A reverse mortgage can help convert the equity your home has acquired into cold, hard cash that you can access right away. This is not a viable option for all clients. FHA Loans Applying for an FHA loan with the help of Shannon Christenot can boost your chances of being approved for a Los Angeles home loan. These types of loans are insured by the Federal Housing Authority. Jumbo Loans Very few people need jumbo loans for home loans because they are often large amounts. However, there isn’t anything Shannon Christenot can’t handle.

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