TMJ Dentist LA

"Here at TMJ Dentist LA, we have developed the most effective and enjoyable process for obtaining a natural bite. Our process takes about two hours and can be as enjoyable and relaxing as a day at the spa. First, our patients enter our tensing room, which is designed for jaw relaxation only. The room is set up just like an aromatherapy or massage room would at any high-end spa. There is soft lighting, gentle music, calming aromatherapy, a massage chair, and other clinically-proven relaxation techniques. After spending some time in this room, the patient is relieved, less tense, and the jaw sits at its natural alignment. Once the jaw is properly aligned, a model of the jaw and bite is created, using the latest myotronics technologies. Using the K7 Computer System, designed specifically for the purposes of neuromuscular dentistry, we can create an orthosis, or prosthetic jaw mold. From there, we can determine what actions should be taken to correct your TMJ. You can rest assured that the specialists here at TMJ Dentist LA will use all of our techniques to both treat your TMJ properly and to make you as comfortable and relaxed as possible."

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