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Fort Wayne Wildlife Removal Companies

At Varment Guard, we know Indiana nuisance wildlife and how to keep it out of your home and yard. If you are looking for commercial or residential wildlife removal and exclusion services near Fort Wayne, IN, look no further. Varment Guard specializes in environmentally sound and humane wildlife removal and prevention. Our highly trained and licensed technicians are prepared to keep your home or business free of problem wildlife! Wildlife Removal Services for: Squirrel • Raccoon • Opossum • Skunk • Bats • Dead Animal • & more! Varment Guard offers expert wildlife control services for the humane removal of animals from your property. Services Include: Live-trapping, exclusion and prevention, wildlife repellent, structural damage repair, dead animal removal, cleanup services, odor control, and more. Varment Guard offers a plethora of wildlife services for all of Indiana’s nuisance wildlife. Whether you’re looking for dead wildlife removal near me, squirrel pest control near me, humane wildlife services, or, bat removal in Fort Wayne, you’re in the right place. When you’re looking for fast and professional animal removal in Ft. Wayne, IN, contact Varment Guard. From bats to snakes to skunks, Varment Guard offers the services you need to keep nuisance wildlife away. Varment Guard offers a comprehensive set of wildlife control services for the humane removal of wildlife from your property. Our wildlife control services include live-trapping, structural damage repair, exclusion, and more. Squirrels & Chipmunks - Expert removal and prevention solutions. We can prevent damage to your yard, property, or sanity. Raccoons - Our humane raccoon control and removal services will effectively resolve raccoon problems at your home or business. Opossums - We can opossum proof your structure and remove these disease transmitting critters humanly and effectively. Skunks - Skunks carry disease and have sharp claws, don't try capturing them yourself, call the experts at Varment Guard. Groundhogs - Noticing groundhogs (woodchucks) destroying your property with their constant burrowing and grass eating, call Varment Guard. Snakes - Snakes are likely to live in and around your property and may be lurking in your home, they can prove a real threat to you, your family, and your pets. Birds - Varment Guard's humane bird control services will safely remove and effectively prevent nuisance bird problems on your property. Bats - Bats can spread deadly diseases and illnesses. We have the tools for careful bat removal, control, and prevention. Tunneling Animals - We can prevent landscape deformity and damage to your yard caused by these relentless underground tunneling pests. Aquatic Rodents - Muskrat and beaver removal services for your property. Trust Varment Guard for humane and ecologically sensitive removal. Large Animals - Large animals present potential dangers to people, pets and can cause costly property damage. Contact us for humane removal. Other - Rabbits, Rodents, whatever wild animals are troubling you Varment Guard has the best removal solutions available.

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