Nissan Certified Collision Repair Shops

Bensenville Nissan Certified Collision RepairAre you looking for a Nissan auto body shop in Bensenville that’s certified in collision repair? Since 1985, O’Hare Auto Body has been one of the premier auto body repair and service shops in the Bensenville Illinois area. We constantly and consistently train our seasoned technicians to equip them with the latest repair methods and tools for a superbly finished product every time. Did you know? Nissan has 1,900 dealership and independent shops enrolled in its program, 1,536 of which were certified as of the last check. The OEM feels it needs about 1,650 nationally. Nissan is among the OEMs which caps its certified network. Source Nissan vehicles have earned the reputation of providing one of the most exciting driving experiences known to automobile enthusiasts. From the 1969 Fairlady Z to the Skyline GT-R, Nissan has been at the forefront of automobile excellence for a very long time. So when your Nissan is involved in a collision, only the most exacting repair and reconstructive techniques and materials can assure that your “Nissan Perfect” driving experience is not diminished. Nissan Certified Collision Facilities are certified by Nissan for proper tools, training, and their commitment to ongoing training to help ensure thorough repairs for your Nissan. Assuring Nissan’s high standards of performance and quality requires skilled and trained professionals who adhere strictly to Nissan restoration procedures. Nissan Approved Collision Centers commit to these procedures, and to the use of genuine OEM parts, materials, tools and equipment. Nissan Certified Repair Centers Near Bensenville, Illinois Nissan Skyline GT-R Nissan approved shops must complete Nissan-specific training ensuring they are up to date on all the newest Nissan technology. Nissan Certified body shops have access to all service and repair information straight from Nissan. Including mechanical and collision repair, for all years and models of Nissan automobiles. Nissan vehicles are designed and engineered using specific materials that often require specific tools and equipment for proper repair. Certified shops are equipped and educated with the right tools and equipment to repair your Nissan properly.

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