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Sexual abuse lawyer Lafayette, IN

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- Experienced Sexual Abuse Lawyer Lafayette, IN -

Jeff Gibson is a respected sexual abuse lawyer based in Lafayette, IN, extending his professional legal services across multiple locations within Tippecanoe County, including Norma Jean Addition, Elston, Wabash, Vinton Highlands, St. Lawrence - Mcallister, West Lafayette, Altamont Switch, 9th Street Hill, Vinton, Highland Park, Columbian Park, Hanna, Lincoln, Hedgewood, St. Marys, Downtown Lafayette, and Bar Barry Heights. Specializing in a range of sensitive cases, Jeff offers dedicated representation to survivors of sexual abuse, focusing on clergy abuse, daycare abuse, private boarding school abuse, sexual assault, and sex trafficking. His practice is committed to providing comprehensive legal support, aiming to exceed client expectations through empathetic and effective legal strategies that prioritize the well-being and recovery of survivors.

What is the statute of limitations for sexual abuse in Indiana?

Jeff Gibson’s legal expertise encompasses a wide variety of sexual abuse scenarios, ensuring that each case is handled with the utmost care and professionalism. His services are accessible to clients across Lafayette and West Lafayette, providing a strong legal recourse for individuals affected by sexual abuse in settings such as religious institutions, educational facilities, and private homes. By offering tailored legal counsel and representation, Jeff aims to facilitate a healing process for his clients, empowering them through the pursuit of justice. His commitment to addressing the complexities of each case and achieving favorable outcomes underscores his dedication to serving survivors and supporting their journey towards recovery in all the aforementioned communities within Tippecanoe County.

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