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Sexual abuse lawyer Portland, ME

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- Experienced Sexual Abuse Lawyer Portland, ME -

Dan Lipman is a specialized sexual abuse lawyer based in Portland, ME, extending his expertise to a wide array of locations including Old Port, West End, Munjoy Hill, South Portland, Little Diamond Island Landing, Great Diamond Island, Trefethen, Fort Levett, Rosemont, Woodfords Corner, Stroudwater, Nasons Corner, Deering, Riverton, Sagamore Village, East Deering, North Deering, and Fort Scammel. His practice covers Cumberland County, where he is dedicated to providing comprehensive legal representation to survivors of sexual abuse. Lipman's approach is to offer personalized, compassionate legal services designed to address the unique challenges faced by each survivor. His commitment to justice and extensive experience in handling complex abuse cases ensure that survivors receive the highest level of legal advocacy and support.

How long do you have to report sexual abuse in Augusta, ME?

Dan Lipman handles a diverse range of sexual abuse cases, including those involving clergy abuse, daycare abuse, abuse in private boarding schools, sexual assault, and sex trafficking. His extensive experience in these areas allows him to navigate the complexities of legal proceedings effectively, providing tailored legal strategies to meet the specific needs of each case. By offering thorough support and centered client service, Lipman strives to not only meet but exceed the expectations of his clients, ensuring they receive the necessary support to navigate their legal challenges. His commitment to justice and client welfare makes him a trusted advocate for survivors throughout the Portland area and beyond, helping them reclaim their rights and begin the healing process.

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Website: Sexual abuse attorney Augusta, ME

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