BackStage Pass from WKAR - Carriage 2009-2012

TV stations across the U.S. that have aired episodes of "BackStage Pass," the television series featuring music made in Michigan. A production of WKAR Public Media at Michigan State University. Includes six of ten top markets, including the top two: New York and Los Angeles. data source: TRAC Media

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New York, NY
Channel: WNYEDT
Huntington Beach, CA
Channel: KOCE-OC
San Bernardino, CA
Channel: KVCRDT3
San Bernardino, CA
Channel: KVCRDT
San Bernardino, CA
Channel: KVCRDT4
San Mateo, CA
Channel: KCSMDT
San Francisco, CA
Channel: KQEDL
San Jose, CA
Channel: KQEHDT3
Keene, NH
Channel: WEKWDT3
Durham, NH
Channel: WENHDT3
Washington, DC
Channel: WHUTDT
Washington, DC
Channel: WHUTDT2
Houston, TX
Channel: KUHTDT
Detroit, MI
Channel: WTVSDT
Tampa, FL
Channel: WUSFDT4
Tampa, FL
Channel: WEDUDT4
Tampa, FL
Channel: WUSFDT
Appleton, MN
Channel: KWCMDT
Appleton, MN
Channel: KWCMDT4
Miami, FL
Channel: WLRNDT
Broomfield, CO
Channel: KBDIDT2
Broomfield, CO
Channel: KBDIDT
Akron, OH
Channel: WEAODT2
New Smyrna Beach, FL
Channel: WDSCDT
Cocoa, FL
Channel: WBCCDT2
Cocoa, FL
Channel: WBCCDT3
Sacramento, CA
Channel: KVIEDT2
Sacramento, CA
Channel: KVIEDT2
Portland, OR
Channel: KOPBDT2
La Grande, OR
Channel: KTVRDT2
Chapel Hill, NC
Channel: WUNCDT
Roanoke Rapids, NC
Channel: WUNPDT2
Linville, NC
Channel: WUNEDT2
Concord, NC
Channel: WUNGDT
Rock Hill, SC
Channel: WNSCDT
Rock Hill, SC
Channel: WNSCDT2
Muncie, IN
Channel: WIPBDT
Indianapolis, IN
Channel: WFYIDT
Hartford, CT
Channel: WEDHDT2
Athens, OH
Channel: WOUBDT2
Athens, OH
Channel: WOUBDT3
Columbus, OH
Channel: WOSUDT
Athens, OH
Channel: WOUBDT
Salt Lake City, UT
Channel: KUENDT
Cincinnati, OH
Channel: WCETDT3
San Antonio, TX
Channel: KLRNDT2
Asheville, NC
Channel: WUNFDT
Greenwood, SC
Channel: WNEHDT
Greenville, SC
Channel: WNTVDT
Spartanburg, SC
Channel: WRETDT
Greenwood, SC
Channel: WNEHDT2
Greenville, SC
Channel: WNTVDT2
Spartanburg, SC
Channel: WRETDT2
West Palm Beach, FL
Channel: WXELDT
Kalamazoo, MI
Channel: WGVKDT
Allendale, MI
Channel: WGVUDT
Winston-Salem, NC
Channel: WUNLDT
Buffalo, NY
Channel: WNEDDT
Buffalo, NY
Channel: WNEDDT2
New Orleans, LA
Channel: WLAEDT
Mountain View, AR
Channel: KEMVDT
Arkadelphia, AR
Channel: KETGDT
Little Rock, AR
Channel: KETSDT
Claremore, OK
Channel: KRSCDT
Sneedville, TN
Channel: WETPDT
Knoxville, TN
Channel: WKOPDT
Portsmouth, OH
Channel: WPBODT
Huntington, WV
Channel: WPBYDT2
Hutchinson, KS
Channel: KPTSDT
Bad Axe, MI
Channel: WDCPDT
Bad Axe, MI
Channel: WDCQDT
Mount Pleasant, MI
Channel: WCMUDT
Flint, MI
Channel: WCMZDT
Tucson, AZ
Channel: KUASDT
Tucson, AZ
Channel: KUATDT
Spokane, WA
Channel: KSPSDT
Pullman, WA
Channel: KWSUDT
Toledo, OH
Channel: WGTEDT2
Norfolk, NE
Channel: KXNEDT
Norfolk, NE
Channel: KXNEDT5
Omaha, NE
Channel: KYNEDT
Sumter, SC
Channel: WRJADT
Columbia, SC
Channel: WRLKDT
Sumter, SC
Channel: WRJADT2
Columbia, SC
Channel: WRLKDT2
Carbondale, IL
Channel: WSIUDT
Jacksonville, IL
Channel: WSECDT
Charleston, IL
Channel: WEIUDT
Harlingen, TX
Channel: KMBHDT
Belton, TX
Channel: KNCTDT
Colorado Springs, CO
Channel: K32EO
Beaufort, SC
Channel: WJWJDT
Beaufort, SC
Channel: WJWJDT2
Littleton, NH
Channel: WLEDDT3
Charleston, SC
Channel: WITVDT
Charleston, SC
Channel: WITVDT2
Edenton, NC
Channel: WUNDDT
Greenville, NC
Channel: WUNKDT
Jacksonville, NC
Channel: WUNMDT2
Moline, IL
Channel: WQPTDT
Fayetteville, AR
Channel: KAFTDT
Lumberton, NC
Channel: WUNUDT
Conway, SC
Channel: WHMCDT
Florence, SC
Channel: WJPMDT
Conway, SC
Channel: WHMCDT2
Florence, SC
Channel: WJPMDT2
Hastings, NE
Channel: KHNEDT
Lexington, NE
Channel: KLNEDT
Bassett, NE
Channel: KMNEDT
Lincoln, NE
Channel: KUON-X
Lincoln, NE
Channel: KUONDT
Lincoln, NE
Channel: NET1
Channel: NETE
Lincoln, NE
Channel: NETHD
Battle Mountain, NV
Channel: K32CA
Fort Wayne, IN
Channel: WFWADT
Fort Wayne, IN
Channel: WFWADT4
Alliance, OH
Channel: WNEODT2
Allendale, SC
Channel: WEBADT
Allendale, SC
Channel: WEBADT2
Worthington, MN
Channel: KSMNDT
Worthington, MN
Channel: KSMNDT4
Sioux Falls, SD
Channel: KCSDDT
Aberdeen, SD
Channel: KDSDDT
Brookings, SD
Channel: KESDDT
Eagle Butte, SD
Channel: KPSDDT
Lowry, SD
Channel: KQSDDT
Pierre, SD
Channel: KTSDDT
Vermillion, SD
Channel: KUSDDT
East Lansing, MI
Channel: WKARDT
East Lansing, MI
East Lansing, MI
Channel: WKARDT2
East Lansing, MI
Channel: WKARDT4
East Lansing, MI
Channel: WKAR
East Lansing, MI
Channel: WKARDT2
Cadillac, MI
Channel: WCMVDT2
Manistee, MI
Channel: WCMWDT2
Eugene, OR
Channel: KEPBDT2
Corvallis, OR
Channel: KOACDT2
Richland, WA
Channel: KTNWDT
Corpus Christi, TX
Channel: KEDTDT
Portales, NM
Channel: KENWDT
Portales, NM
Channel: KENWDT3
Redding, CA
Channel: KIXEDT
Wilmington, NC
Channel: WUNJDT
Topeka, KS
Channel: KTWUDT3
El Dorado, AR
Channel: KETZDT
Sedalia, MO
Channel: KMOSDT
Odessa, TX
Channel: KPBT-2
Odessa, TX
Channel: KPBTDT
Odessa, TX
Channel: KPBTDT2
Austin, MN
Channel: KSMQDT
Olney, IL
Channel: WUSIDT
Grandview, WV
Channel: WSWPDT2
Cambridge, OH
Channel: WOUCDT3
Cambridge, OH
Channel: WOUCDT2
Cambridge, OH
Channel: WOUCDT
Pablo/Ronan, MT
Channel: KSKC-CA
Morgantown, WV
Channel: WNPBDT2
Macomb, IL
Channel: WMECDT
Quincy, IL
Channel: WQECDT
Merriman, NE
Channel: KRNE
Merriman, NE
Channel: KRNEDT
Rapid City, SD
Channel: KBHEDT
Martin, SD
Channel: KZSDDT
Marquette, MI
Channel: WNMUDT
Jonesboro, AR
Channel: KTEJDT
Bend, OR
Channel: KOABDT2
Eureka, CA
Channel: KEETDT
Alliance, NE
Channel: KTNEDT
Alliance, NE
Channel: KTNEDT5
Lander, WY
Channel: KCWCDT
Alpena, MI
Channel: WCMLDT2
North Platte, NE
Channel: KPNEDT
North Platte, NE
Channel: KPNEDT5
Charlotte Amalie
Channel: WTJX
Charlotte Amalie
Channel: WTJXDT
Charlotte Amalie
Channel: WTJXDT3
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