The Public Law Center International Training Event

The Public Law Center has also organized several successful training events in distant locations:

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Training Information: In November 2000, the Center was invited by the Local Government Initiative Program in Bulgaria to conduct training seminars on techniques of legislative drafting, needs assessment, determining interrelationships between levels of government, and public participation in Sofia and Plovdiv.
Dominican Republic
Training Information: The Public Law Center co-hosted in March 1997 a two-week judicial reform conference in New Orleans and Washington, D.C. for a delegation of nine judges and judicial reformers from the Dominican Republic. A follow-up visit took place in March 1998 in Santo Domingo, where judges, law professors, and TPLC staff from New Orleans made presentations to a conference of approximately 150 judges and judicial reformers on such topics as judicial disciplinary procedures, public defenders, alternative dispute resolution, and citizen participation in the judicial reform process.

In December 1998, in response to a request from the Comisionado de Apoyo a la Reforma y Modernización de la Justicia of the Dominican Republic, TPLC conducted a four-day conference on law revision and codification for eight members of the Comisionado. The conference, which took place in New Orleans and Baton Rouge, allowed the participants to meet with law professors at three different law schools—Tulane, LSU, and Loyola. The participants also met with the U.S. Attorney, two Federal Bankruptcy Trustees, a U.S. Magistrate Judge, several state Criminal Court Judges, representatives of the Orleans Parish District Attorney's Office, members of the Louisiana Law Institute, and numerous private practitioners.

In 1999, TPLC conducted the first segment of a two-part training event on Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). A group of twelve participants from the Dominican Republic, representing judges, district attorneys, NGOs, and the Comisionado, visited Louisiana and Texas for a two-week study tour. In phase two of the program, TPLC led a delegation of seven speakers to the cities of Santo Domingo and Santiago where they conducted two-day conferences on ADR in February and March 2000 with more than 200 people attending in each city. TPLC staff met with representatives of the Supreme Court and Congress.
Training Information: In December, 1999, TPLC staff conducted a weeklong training event in public law legal drafting for legislative drafting personnel from the Parliament, the Ministry of Justice, the Supreme Court, and other offices of government.
Training Information: TPLC staff conducted two one-week training programs for over 80 legislative drafters in Kosovo. The training, conducted in September- October 2009, was sponsored by the United States Agency for International Development’s Kosovo Justice Support Program.
Training Information: In September 1998, the Republic of Moldova hosted a TPLC training event in techniques of good legislative drafting practice, ethical concerns, and transparency issues. The four-day program was conducted for 45-50 drafters from the Ministry of Justice, the Parliament, and other governmental offices.
South Africa
Training Information: In August 1997, TPLC conducted a four-day "Workshop in Legislative Drafting" in Johannesburg, South Africa for legislators and drafting personnel from various provincial parliaments, the Ministry of Justice, and law schools. TPLC returned to South Africa for presentations on legislative drafting and transparency laws as part of an October 1997 workshop on legislative drafting in Bisho, South Africa for members of the Eastern Cape Legislature, legal advisors, and law school faculty.
Southern Sudan
Training Information: In November 2005, TPLC staff traveled to Rumbek, Southern Sudan to conduct a two-week training program for legislative drafters appointed by the Minister of Justice.
Training Information: TPLC staff conducted an October 2004 seminar in Dunshabe on Legislative Drafting Principles, sponsored by the United States Agency for International Development, attended by members of the President’s Office Law Department, the Ministry of Justice, and parliamentary personnel.
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