World Maker Faire 2011

This map features the name and location of makers and their projects.

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New York Hall of ScienceQueens
Queens, New York 11368
ID: 1
Brooklyn, New York 11222
ID: 7115
First Name: Psytek
Description: When you put money into the slot it triggers the laser beam and that goes to the arduino then it signals an FRS radio call which is amplified with a built-in speaker.
Org: Alpha One Labs
Psycer (Flying Saucer)Brooklyn
Brooklyn, New York 11222
ID: 7116
First Name: Psytek
Description: In its third stage of prototyping at Alpha One Labs, the flying saucer is nearing independent liftoff with an eight-winged pinwheel design, light polypropelene and 3000 rpms/volt electric motor.
Org: Alpha One Labs
100,000 Matchbooks by 0H10M1keBrooklyn
Brooklyn, New York 11206
ID: 7041
First Name: 0h10m1ke
Description: 100K Matchbooks is a mobile street art portrait project in which strangers become subjects and turn into collectors within 1 minute of engagement. Each portrait, penned on the inside of a matchbook, is serially numbered, signed and dated and given away.
Comandante ZeroBrooklyn
Brooklyn, New York 11206
ID: 7045
First Name: 0h10m1ke
Description: Comandante Zero is a Brooklyn-based drum/bass/laptop duo consisting of bassist/producer C0m1x (Dan Freeman) and hip hop drummer/producer Ken White who mix heavy live groove with a modern electro sound featuring a visual collaboration with artist 0h10M1ke
Hit Me!Brooklyn
Brooklyn, New York 11215
ID: 7078
First Name: Kaho
Last Name: Abe
Description: Hit Me! is a two player hyper-interactive, physical game that tests speed, agility and the ability to take good snapshots. Hit Me! untilizes technology to encourage face-to-face real-world interaction between players and also spectators.
Org: Eyebeam
The 3D Printer VillageLong Island
Long Island, New York 11743
ID: 6495
First Name: John
Last Name: Abella
Description: The 3D Printer Village is a group of DIY 3D Printer Enthusiasts from around the world that come together for Maker Faire to demonstrate what they're working on and to help expand public awareness.
MakerBot Hod RoddingLong Island
Long Island, New York 11743
ID: 6496
First Name: John
Last Name: Abella
Description: The MakerBot Cupcake CNC is the most commercially successful hobbyist 3D Printer. I'll be demonstrating a highly modified Cupcake built to address reliability and print-quality deficiencies.
3D Printer VillageToms River
Toms River, New Jersey 08757
ID: 6935
First Name: John
Last Name: Abella Sr.
Description: 3d Printing Village to demonstrate and explain the world of 3D Printing.
The New Flesh WorkshopNewark
Newark, New Jersey 07104
ID: 6858
First Name: Doctor
Last Name: Adventure!
Description: The NFW makes wearable gadgetry, Custom Prosthetics, designer Biotech devices and Party Armor; composite armor and armor systems for people engaged in extreme lifestyles. Welcome to the Future!
Org: The New Flesh Workshop
Eyebeam Art + Technology CenterNew York
New York, New York 10011
ID: 6802
First Name: Wiley
Last Name: Aker
Description: Eyebeam Art + Technology Center presents works by our current Fellows and Residents. Featured projects include: Kaho Abe's ""Hit Me"", Nova Jiang's ""Create-o-Matic"", Amelia Marzec's ""Signal Strength"" and Maria Michails' ""The Handcar Project"
Org: Eyebeam Art + Technology Center
Connecting iOS to the Real WorldExeter
Exeter, UK
ID: 6937
First Name: Alasdair
Last Name: Allan
Description: Demonstration of how to connect your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad to the real world. Makes use of the Redpark Serial Cable for iOS and the Arduino, allowing you to make your iOS Device part of the Internet of Things.
Org: Babilim Light industries
RoboFunNew York
New York, New York 10010
ID: 6766
First Name: Laura
Last Name: Allen
Description: RoboFun offers exciting programming for children to build and learn about robotics using LEGO® MINDSTORMS®, design video games and gain hands-on technology experiences as they celebrate their creativity with leading-edge digital tools.
Org: RoboFun
GreenFabNew York
New York, New York 11222
ID: 6868
First Name: Laura
Last Name: Allen
Description: GreenFab is a program for youth that aims to teach Science, Technology, Engineering and Math skills through project-based classes on basic electronics, design and green technologies. Greenfab is a project of Vision Education and Media.
Org: Vision Education and Media
chipKit robotsHIghland Park
HIghland Park, New Jersey 08904
ID: 6874
First Name: Rick
Last Name: Anderson
Description: IEEE Rutgers motor shields, and prototyping boards combined to form a robot test platform. ChipKit UNO32, Chipkit max32 boards to power these robots that can be serial controlled, XBEE controlled, and autonomous line followers.
Org: Fair Use Building and Research Labs
TechZoneCommunications 3D Printersblackfoot
blackfoot, Idaho 83221
ID: 6826
First Name: Kimberly
Last Name: Andrus
Description: We make and sell Open-Source RepRap 3D Printer Kits for the Home, Business or just DIY Enthusiasts. We offer laser-cut high density birch plywood designs as well printed parts style kits. We also offer parts and supplies to service and operate them
Org: TechZoneCommunications, LLC
Collaborative Gaming in the Twitter Agesan francisco
san francisco, California
ID: 7033
First Name: Tim Lillis &
Last Name: Andy Turley
Description: Discussion of making multi-player games that encourage players to collaborate. Audience members will also be given a chance to play games that illustrate the topics we will cover. Come for the learning, stay for the games!
Org: Narwhal Creative
RAD Robot V2Massapequa
Massapequa, New York 11758
ID: 6749
First Name: Matthew
Last Name: Arceri
Description: A mixture of salvaged and internet parts, the robot is a treaded vehicle capable of moderate speeds, high maneuverability and transmitting video at distances up to 2 kilometers.
Shippensburg, Pennsylvania 17257
ID: 6843
First Name: Alice
Last Name: Armstrong
Description: The Shippensburg University Women in Computer Science club bring you the WONDERFALL! Water drops through 16 programmable solenoid values in such a way that images form in the falling water. Bonus! It glows under black light.
Org: Shippensburg University Women in Computer Science club
Pop-Up CardsQueens
Queens, New York 11368
ID: 6982
First Name: Shelby
Last Name: Arnold
Description: Pop-Up card Making Workshop in the Library on Sunday at 3:00 or 4:00 pm with Shelby Arnold.
ScreenThingsNew York
New York, New York 10002
ID: 6994
First Name: David
Last Name: Aronson
Description: ScreenThings is DIY AI. It inverts people’s realationship to the computer screen. Instead of you watching the screen, the screens are watching you! Thanks to Liana Rosario, Rachel Aronson, Hailey Aronson, and The Jacobs.
Onyx AshantiBerlin
Berlin, Germany
ID: 6829
First Name: Onyx
Last Name: Ashanti
Description: Onyx Ashanti is the creator of Beatjazz and the Beatjazz control system. an open source musical performance system that combines motion, Improvisation, beats and light into a never before realized form of artistic expression.
Rock Paper, Robots!Montreal
Montreal, Quebec
ID: 6813
First Name: Carlos
Last Name: Asmat
Description: Nao 1337 is one of the most advanced humanoid robots and is capable of accomplishing many tasks. Accompanied by Carlos Asmat, his programmer, the little humanoid will be making and selling hot dogs for all humans to enjoy. Come grab a robot-made hot dog!
Org: Carlitos' Contraptions
Boston, Massachusetts 02138
ID: 7049
First Name: Ed
Last Name: Baafi
Description: Modkit's mission is to democratize programming by creating tools that are visual, browser-based, fun, and social. Modkit works with popular Arduino boards and uses graphical command blocks designed in the style of the Scratch programming environment.
Org: Modkit
Modern DeviceProvidence
Providence, Rhode Island 02909
ID: 6972
First Name: Paul
Last Name: Badger
Description: Modern Device Microcontrollers and more
Org: Rhode Island School of Design
'Smartymote'NEW YORK
NEW YORK, New York 10016
ID: 6849
First Name: Minu
Last Name: Bae
Description: The focus of this project looks into the versatile applications of today's gaming controller. The evolution of the controller has been undergoing many improvements for the gamer. The controller is no longer a simple device with limited functions.
Org: ITP, New York University
Tangible LightsNew York
New York, New York 11231
ID: 6815
First Name: Mustafa
Last Name: Bagdatli
Description: Tangible Lights encapsulates the idea of ""contact"" in the form of small, modular light objects. Made of plastic and LED's the small lights will act as modules which can be connected together.
Org: StudioView
Brooklyn AerodromeBrooklyn
Brooklyn, New York 11211
ID: 6541
First Name: Breck
Last Name: Baldwin
Description: Come fly with the Brooklyn Aerodrome! We will be letting people fly remote control planes and will demonstrate how to build your own planes from scratch using foam board, clothes hangers and recycled signs.
Org: Brooklyn Aerodrome
Everything You Wanted to Know About Arduino But Were Afraid to AskMilan
Milan, Italy
ID: 7160
First Name: Massimo
Last Name: Banzi
Org: The Arduino Team
How to Sew a Skirt in One HourNew York
New York, New York 48067
ID: 7153
First Name: Brett
Last Name: Bara
Description: Learn to sew a simple skirt, using straight seams only! In this demo you'll learn how to make a custom skirt to fit your own body measurements, and further customize it with fabric choices. From the new book Sewing in a Straight Line, by Brett Bara.
The New England Society of Information and Technology (NESIT)Meriden
Meriden, Connecticut 06444
ID: 6902
First Name: Ronald
Last Name: Barnes
Description: The New England Society Of Information and Technology – collaborative learning in science and technology.
Org: The New England Society Of Information And Technology (NESIT)
Tina SeamonsterWashington
Washington, DC
ID: 7220
First Name: Jeff
Last Name: Barrus
Description: Tina Seamonster makes bags, t-shirts & magnets about how zombies are the worst knitters.
Belle HelmetsNew York
New York, New York 10003
ID: 6913
First Name: Danielle
Last Name: Baskin
Description: These hand-painted helmets, either created custom to order or from Danielle's gallery, give bikers the option to transform their helmet into a mobile space to share images, turning function and fashion into possibility.
Org: Belle Helmets
littleBitsNew York
New York, New York 10003
ID: 7038
First Name: Ayah
Last Name: Bdeir
Description: littleBits is a growing library of circuit boards that snap together with tiny magnets! Crave creativity? Light it, push it, turn it, twist it, bend it, buzz it, blink it, shake it... Buy now at
Org: littleBits
Open Source Hardware RevolutionNew York
New York, New York
ID: 7043
First Name: Ayah
Last Name: Bdeir
Description: Open Source Hardware is hardware that is shared, copied and reproduced. In this talk, the founders of the Open Hardware Summit give a recap of a movement that will change the way the electronics industry functions forever.
Org: littleBits, Creative Commons, Eyebeam, Open Hardware Summit
Brooklyn, New York 11221
ID: 7065
First Name: Ed
Last Name: Bear
Description: Save a FM radio transmitter! Unlock an obsolete iPod accessory and take home your own radio station.
Org: Ed Bear and Lea Bertucci
Open Source HardwareMinneapolis
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55419
ID: 6966
First Name: Matthew
Last Name: Beckler
Description: Wayne and Layne, LLC makes open source hardware. Our kits come with easy-to-follow illustrated instructions and explanations of how the kit works. All the schematics, PCB artwork, and source code are provided under open licenses.
Org: Wayne and Layne, LLC
Sculpture from the GeodesicPine Plains
Pine Plains, New York 12567
ID: 6482
First Name: John
Last Name: Belardo
Description: I have created sculptures that were designed on an auto-cad system and produced on a CNC laser cutter. The work is inspired by Bucky Fuller’s Geodesic Spheres. I alter the spheres to create unique designs.
DIY Origami Photo AlbumsPleasant Hill
Pleasant Hill, California 94523
ID: 6445
First Name: Tami Jo
Last Name: Benson
Description: Come see what you can create with just scissors, paper and glue! In just ten minutes, you will have a beautiful origami-style photo album. Pull up a chair and make something fun with us.
Org: Tami Jo Studios
Wurlington PressChicago
Chicago, Illinois 60647
ID: 6806
First Name: Matt
Last Name: Bergstrom
Description: Wurlington Press is the publisher of the popular Build Your Own New York papercraft miniatures of famous local landmarks. Each scale model comes complete on a postcard, which can be cut, folded, and glued into a tiny souvenir of a real place.
Org: Wurlington Press
School of RockTeaneck
Teaneck, New Jersey 07666
ID: 7071
First Name: Mark
Last Name: Biondi
Org: School of Rock
Polaroid Matrix FlipbookGrand Rapids
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49506
ID: 6988
First Name: Sam
Last Name: Blanchard
Description: a matrix of ""vintage"" instant cameras simulataniously capture 20 separate images of a singular entity. The prints are stacked and riveted together to create a flipbook, a portable, analog, 3d animation, rendering a moment in time.
Vibrating Fractal Cube (and other 3d printed items)Baltimore
Baltimore, Maryland 21227
ID: 7061
First Name: Todd
Last Name: Blatt
Description: Come see the infamous 3D printed 'vibrating fractal cube' along with many other digitally fabricated items.
Org: Baltimore Node
Oraculum LuxNew York City
New York City, New York 10003
ID: 7029
First Name: Matthieu
Last Name: Boardman
Description: In search of inspiration the Oracle has come back to relive and retell tales of our future past. Come join us as she reads science fiction stories starring and written by children for the enjoyment of all...and the salvation of humankind.
Org: Oconbi
The Anywhere OrganBrooklyn
Brooklyn, New York 08730
ID: 6904
First Name: Matthew
Last Name: Borgatti
Description: The Anywhere Organ is an interactive musical sculpture in which each note is computer controlled. Its elements can be distributed across any space to capture its unique sound; anywhere from a park to a secret cave.
Montreal, Quebec
ID: 6448
First Name: Alec
Last Name: Bourque
Description: The Uzebox is an open source, retro-minimalist 8-bit game console made out of only two chips. Based on an AVR micro-controller, it's easy to build and already boasts over 60 games and demos made by an enthusiastic community!
Org: Uzebox
Professional-Strength DIYPawtucket
Pawtucket, Rhode Island
ID: 7096
First Name: Kipp
Last Name: Bradford
Description: ...
Org: Kippkitts & Make Magazine
The Online Community for MakersFort Wayne
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46783
ID: 7019
First Name: Graham
Last Name: Bredemeyer
Description: PYPline is a place for your Maker Community to connect with other maker communities to collaborate on ideas, projects, and events from anywhere in the world.
Org: PYPline
Flameworking GlassProvidence
Providence, Rhode Island 02909
ID: 6712
First Name: Jenine
Last Name: Bressner
Description: Flameworking, lampworking, or torchworking glass is an affordable and portable practice for anyone who wants to try hot glass sculpture on a small scale. It's like drawing mid-air with molten glass!
Org: Jenine Bressner Fireworks!
Scrapyard Challenge Workshopsbrooklyn
brooklyn, New York
ID: 6845
First Name: Jonah
Last Name: Brucker-Cohen
Description: The Scrapyard Challenge Workshops are intensive workshops held in over 14 countries, on 5 continents where participants build simple electronic projects with both digital and analog inputs out of found or discarded junk.
Education in Maker SpacesMilwaukee
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
ID: 7095
First Name: Willow
Last Name: Brugh
Description: same
Org: School Factory
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
ID: 7097
First Name: Willow
Last Name: Brugh
Org: School Factory
DIY Android Home AutomationIthaca
Ithaca, New York 14850
ID: 6870
First Name: Brian
Last Name: Bryce
Description: Home automation using inexpensive embedded systems and an Android phone. Examples of controlling appliances as well as sensing.
Org: teho Labs
Math Sculpture and Hyperbolic JewelryCorvallis
Corvallis, Oregon 97330
ID: 6430
First Name: Vladimir
Last Name: Bulatov
Description: All models were created through authentic computational design based on algorithms aims to generate objects according to the mathematical laws. 3D printing machine composes the piece from steel powder and infiltrated it with molten bronze.
Org: Metal Sculpture
GravesSan Luis Potosi
San Luis Potosi 78211
ID: 6478
First Name: David
Last Name: Bustos
Description: Graves is a mexican quadruped robot totally designed by our robotics club, from the brackets which make up the body to the PCB where the circuits are that control the robot. To program the microcontroller we used the arduino software.
Org: ITESM SLP Robotics Club
Computer Science education through 3D printingBloomington
Bloomington, Indiana 47401
ID: 6967
First Name: William
Last Name: Byrd
Description: Will has been using open source 3D printing to introduce Computer Science undergraduates to the joy of hardware hacking.
Org: Indiana University
NYSCI VillageQueens
Queens, New York 11368
ID: 6920
First Name: Karla
Last Name: Calderon
Description: This is a taste of NYSCI's current and forthcoming exhibitions, educational programming and our very own individual makers.
Deconstruction ZoneQueens
Queens, New York 11368
ID: 6929
First Name: Karla
Last Name: Calderon
Description: Want to wreck some stuff? Use different tools to crack open, take apart, and see the insides of computers, VCRs, radios and all kinds of electronics. For ages 6 and up.
Queens, New York 11368
ID: 6957
First Name: Karla
Last Name: Calderon
Description: Human+ Bill Shannon:
Cognizant Maker SpaceQueens
Queens 11368
ID: 6959
First Name: Karla
Last Name: Calderon
Description: Cognizant Maker Space coming this Winter 2011.
La Ciencia y YoQueens
Queens, New York 11368
ID: 7075
First Name: Karla
Last Name: Calderon
Description: NYSCI Celebrates Hispanic Heritage. Preview traditional dances featured in NYSCI's upcoming celebration of Latin American cultural traditions and contributions to science.
In the windBrooklyn
Brooklyn, New York 11225
ID: 7006
First Name: Michell
Last Name: Cardona
Description: In the wind is an exploration of the wind belt electric generator concept. It's an installation that generates its own power, flickering lights as wind blows through, it explores sustainable energy in a DIY manner.
Education in Maker SpacesMilwaukee
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
ID: 7095
First Name: James
Last Name: Carlson
Description: same
Org: School Factory
Sashimi Tabernacle ChoirHouston
Houston, Texas 77096
ID: 6464
First Name: Richard
Last Name: Carter
Description: This award winning art car from Houston has 250 electromechanical singing fish and lobsters, 300 pounds of batteries, a Linux netbook to coordinate all the singers, and more than 5 miles of wire in the control system. ""Quiet please, this is serious."
Org: Sashimi Tabernacle Choir
Tornado Intercept VehicleEvanston
Evanston, Illinois
ID: 7073
First Name: Sean
Last Name: Casey
Org: Giant Screen Films
Bus RootsNew York
New York, New York 11215
ID: 6905
First Name: Marco Antonio
Last Name: Castro Cosio
Description: WHAT IS BUS ROOTS? Reconnecting urban communities with nature in a practical and playful way. Bus roots is a public and playful project that uses plants as a creative medium.
Org: Bus Roots
Do Real Science.Philadelphia
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19106
ID: 6808
First Name: Darlene
Last Name: Cavalier
Description: Discover Magazine and invite you to: -Analyze a NY mastodon’s fossil matrix. -Measure how much of the sun’s energy reflects off Earth. (And, meet the Science Cheerleaders, procheerleading scientists.)
Org: Discover magazine and Science For Citizens
Sam's RepstrapBrooklyn
Brooklyn, New York 11217
ID: 7037
First Name: Sam
Last Name: Cervantes
Description: I'd like to demonstrate a custom repstrap 3D printer that I've made.
Org: self
Swim RehabNew York
New York, New York 10003
ID: 7139
First Name: Alvin
Last Name: Chang
Description: Swim Rehab is a program designed for rehabilitating stroke patients. Using the Microsoft Kinect, it asks users to use their hands to pop on-screen bubbles, which are arranged so that the patients perform correct movements.
Solar Power Pack KitLassen
Lassen, California 96028
ID: 7015
First Name: Ryo
Last Name: Chijiiwa
Description: The Solar Power Pack Kit features a 5W solar panel, 6Ah battery, and up to 1.5A USB output for powering phones, iPads, and other small devices. The kit was developed on a shoestring budget using tools and services familiar to Makers.
Design and the Hand of the DesignerNew York
New York, New York 10003
ID: 7135
First Name: All
Last Name: Chochinov
Description: Designers have been described as aestheticians, innovators, strategists, and design thinkers, increasingly moving them further away from their hands. How can design regain its handhold and how can new approaches to design education can help?
Org: SVA | Core77
Make Your Own SoapAustin
Austin, Texas 78753
ID: 6386
First Name: Lisa
Last Name: Chouinard
Description: Create a custom bar of glycerin soap in under an hour! Select the color, fragrance & toy that will go in your soap with our help! Great for kids!
Org: Feto Soap
Periodically InspiredProvidence
Providence, Rhode Island
ID: 7207
First Name: Courtney
Last Name: Church
Description: Baby Clothing, T-Shirts & Coffee Mugs themed on the Periodic Table of Elements
Sparkle LabsNew York
New York, New York 10003
ID: 7121
First Name: Ariel
Last Name: Churi
Org: Sparkle Labs
Nazca DiscoNYC
NYC, New York 11211
ID: 6736
First Name: Karen
Last Name: Cintron
Description: Nazca Disco is an interactive, kinetic, light installation that immerses you in an energetic visual experience while providing a symbolic history of Peru. Nazca Disco invites you to stand at the podium, turn the crank, and witness history come alive.
Org: Nazca Disco
CMKT 4: Build DifferentlyDeKalb
DeKalb, Illinois 60115
ID: 6698
First Name: Austin
Last Name: Cliffe
Description: Circuit bent rockers with a rigorous schedule of teaching learn to solder workshops and performing. They've rocked 25+ Hackerspaces & are makers of Creme DeMentia Bottle-Cap Contact Microphones and Bending Buddies available at
Org: CMKT 4
Dorian's ParlorPhiladelphia
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107
ID: 6933
First Name: Gil
Last Name: Cnaan
Description: Dorian's Parlor Showcase
Org: Dorian's Parlor
Luke's "Skywalker"Concord
Concord, Massachusetts
ID: 7026
First Name: DEMONS
Last Name: Co-Heads
Description: Luke’s “Skywalker” is a therapeutic walker built by the Concord Academy inventing club, DEMONs, to help a two year-old with cerebral palsy learn to walk
Org: Concord Academy
3D Printer VillageBrooklyn
Brooklyn, New York 11201
ID: 6939
First Name: Peter
Last Name: Coe
Description: Lifted & Otherwise Modified Makerbot Cupcake
Org: Zydac
Sustainable Flatbush SunBikeBrooklyn
Brooklyn, New York 11210
ID: 6691
First Name: Jocelyn
Last Name: Cohen
Description: The Sustainable Flatbush SunBike is a 100-watt solar-electric system with battery backup in a retrofitted cargo bike designed to meet street power needs. The SunBike also logs power, energy and weather data so we can study the solar resource.
Org: Sustainable Flatbush
Turn Plastic Bags into Solid Plastic BlocksBrooklyn
Brooklyn, New York
ID: 6993
First Name: Michael
Last Name: Colombo
Description: How to turn HDPE recyclable plastic bags directly into solid plastic stock that can be used for maker projects. Demonstration of this process will result in a custom pickgurard for a Fender Stratocaster guitar.
Org: Push The Other Button
Various VehiclesCambridge
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139
ID: 6869
First Name: Shane
Last Name: Colton
Description: tinyKart: An ultralight electric go-kart. Seg...stick: A minimalist self-balancing vehicle. Pneu Scooter: An electric kick-scooter with a custom-built hub motor. Twitch, Jr.: A linkage-drive omnidirectional robot. 4pcb: A circuit board-based quadrotor.
Org: MIT
Arduino AudacityManchester
Manchester, England
ID: 7086
First Name: Mike
Last Name: Cook
Description: Arduino based Monomes and Games. 1) Hexome 2) Econo monome 3) Dice game 4) Sneak thief
Org: Grumpy Mike
Dirt = Power!Somerville
Somerville, Massachusetts 02143
ID: 6890
First Name: Keegan
Last Name: Cooke
Description: Microbes are everywhere. Harness their power with the MudWatt Microbial Fuel Cell Kit. Feed your MudWatt with mud and anything you find in your fridge. In time, an LED light will start flashing using the power generated by microbes in your soil!
Org: Keego Technologies
Oobleck StationQueens
Queens, New York 11368
ID: 6924
First Name: Jennifer
Last Name: Correa
Description: Is it a solid, or is it a liquid? Sink your hands into oobleck as you learn about the practical applications of this non-Newtonian fluid or play a symphony of music on a keyboard to bring the oobleck monster to life!
Org: New York Hall of Science
Bottle Submarine ChallengeQueens
Queens, New York 11368
ID: 6925
First Name: Jennifer
Last Name: Correa
Description: Dive into this challenging hands-on activity, literally! Design submarines using ordinary materials. How can you change or improve the design to affect the way it performs in the water?
Org: New York Hall of Science
Explainer TV RevealedQueens
Queens, New York 11368
ID: 6926
First Name: Jennifer
Last Name: Correa
Description: The Explainer TV video crew led by NYSCI Explainers will be covering Maker madness. Every hour they will download their footage and have it on display in its raw unedited form. Feel free to stop by and watch this footage so you wont miss a beat.
Org: New York Hall of Science
Kristin Costa CostumesNew York
New York, New York 08827
ID: 6941
First Name: Kristin
Last Name: Costa
Description: Unique costumes and accessories made from curious recycled artifacts that reform into fantastical and monstrous wearable art.
Org: Kristin Costa
Cyrozap's Tech ProjectsRiverside
Riverside, Connecticut 06878
ID: 6526
First Name: Forest
Last Name: Crossman
Description: "Cyrozap's Tech Projects"" is my blog in which I document my technological endeavors. A central part of my blog is my MakerBot CupCake CNC #117--it has provided me with tons of CNC and 3D rapid-prototyping experience.
Org: Cyrozap's Tech Projects
Audio Laser DevicesMontreal
Montreal, Quebec
ID: 7002
First Name: Max
Last Name: D
Description: This audio visual performance device I developed thrives on simplicity, it is as simple as mechanically extended speakers and a laser. By modulating waveforms with PureData, organic shapes are produced.
Org: Les Laboratoires Foulab
Making, Education, and InnovationTeaneck
Teaneck, New Jersey
ID: 7090
First Name: Francisco
Last Name: D'Souza
Description: This all-star panel will discuss the impact that Making can have on education and innovation in the US. Featuring Dale Dougherty (Make), Tom Kalil (Deputy Director, Whitehouse OSTP), Francisco D'Souza (Cognizant CEO), and Margaret Honey (NYSCI CEO)..
Org: Cognizant
Arduino K'nex robot for everyone!Denver
Denver, Pennsylvania 17517
ID: 6501
First Name: Don
Last Name: Dagen
Description: Know how to build with K'nex? Then you can create your own robots! The Arduino controller programming via ""Scratch 4 Arduino"" means that you don't need to know the cryptic programmers language.
Fractals and Fabric at NYC High School of Fashion IndustriesNew York
New York, New York
ID: 7164
First Name: Judith
Last Name: Dahill
Description: High School of Fashion Industries demonstrates the aesthetics of Fractals in Fashion Construction, Art and Design. The presentation is about HSFI. High School of Fashion Industries majors: Fashion, Merchandising and Art.
Org: High School of Fashion Industries
Electric Junkyard GamelanNew York
New York, New York New York, NY 10025
ID: 6567
First Name: Terry
Last Name: Dame
Description: Electric Junkyard Gamelan plays the original groove-driven music of composer Terry Dame on musical instruments of her own invention.
Org: Electric Junkyard Gamelan
The Museum of Interesting ThingsNew York City
New York City, New York 10003
ID: 7092
First Name: Denny
Last Name: Daniel
Description: Welcome to The Museum of Interesting Things! We're a traveling museum that is more a show than a museum and yet still teaches people how life was before ipods and microwaves.
Org: The Museum of Interesting Things
A Sense of Being Stared AtFreehold
Freehold, New Jersey 07728
ID: 7054
First Name: Rupa
Last Name: DasGupta
Description: Using magnetic paint, servo motors, Arduino, Processing, and Flash, this dress playfully subverts the male gaze by literally looking back at the viewer.
Fractals and Fabric at NYC High School of Fashion IndustriesNew York
New York, New York
ID: 7164
First Name: Belinda
Last Name: David
Description: High School of Fashion Industries demonstrates the aesthetics of Fractals in Fashion Construction, Art and Design. The presentation is about HSFI. High School of Fashion Industries majors: Fashion, Merchandising and Art.
Org: High School of Fashion Industries
Interactive GamesLong Island City
Long Island City, New York 11101
ID: 6964
First Name: Neil
Last Name: Davis
Description: The Jacob Riis Academy has made a series of video games, including networked multiplayer games. Games are in GML and run on PCs. Give them a spin, compete against one another, and give feedback to our student developers.
Org: Riis Academy Infotech
Ultimaker: the fast, affordable, large build volume, open source 3D printingTilburg
Tilburg, Netherlands 5038 KD
ID: 7032
First Name: Erik
Last Name: de Bruijn
Description: See the Ultimaker open source 3D printer and meet its Makers. Ultimaker is know for its speed, portability, ease of assembly, and 8.25 inch cube build volume, etc. (see As seen on Makezine and Hackaday
Org: Ultimaker
The Green Guardian 2010new york
new york, New York 10459
ID: 6508
First Name: Roberto
Last Name: De Jesus
Description: The Green Guardian 2010 is composed of salvaged plastic detergent bottles. It conveys the message that we should be caretakers of our natural environment . My work is about about creative upcycling and recycling,
Getting Started with ArduinoPequannock
Pequannock, New Jersey
ID: 7161
First Name: Marc
Last Name: de Vinck
Org: MAKE Editor
Choreograph A Well-Armed Militia!New York
New York, New York 10038
ID: 6842
First Name: James
Last Name: Dec
Description: Choreographing a Well-Armed Militia Bearing Arms--Alter the performance of these reconfigured robotic toys performing arm and torso military maneuvers in rigid choreographed formations using sensor and wireless communication and Arduino programming.
ReYoo by Michelle DeCurtisNew York
New York, New York 10027
ID: 6835
First Name: Michelle
Last Name: DeCurtis
Description: ReYoo celebrates the reuse of scavenged materials for new furniture, home décor, and clothing designs. While the project strongly promotes sustainability, it also praises the beauty and challenges of the self-made process.
Hologram of the MoonAllentown
Allentown, Pennsylvania 18102
ID: 6385
First Name: Frank
Last Name: DeFreitas
Description: Hologram of the Moon. Learn how a 3-dimensional laser hologram of the moon was created with inexpensive, readily available DIY materials.
Org: Frank DeFreitas Laser Arts Studio
SkraptacularNew York,
New York,, New York 10040
ID: 7166
First Name: Michelle
Last Name: Del Guercio
Description: Skraptacular is a dynamic grassroots organization working to engage people in programs that promote eco-sustainability, reduced waste and smart consumerism.
Org: Skraptacular
Yes, You can be a Siege EngineerWaltham
Waltham, Massachusetts 02453-6771
ID: 6832
First Name: Jeff
Last Name: Del Papa
Description: Learn the ins and outs of mechanical artillery. See Zuke Voyage, a Trebuchet built in one day, by a bunch of teens.
Org: The New England Rubbish Deconstruction Society; The NERDS
Waltham, Massachusetts 02453-6771
ID: 6834
First Name: Jeff
Last Name: Del Papa
Description: A homebuilt recumbent bicycle, that breaks with tradition.
Org: The New England Rubbish Deconstruction Society; The NERDS
SpikenzieLabs KitsMontreal
Montreal, Quebec
ID: 7000
First Name: Mark
Last Name: Demers
Description: We make great electronics kits. Such as, Arduino shields like the VoiceShield which lets you add audio to your Arduino. Or the Solder : Time watch kit, a big watch that you solder and build yourself!
Org: SpikenzieLabs
Birth of an Electronics KitMontreal
Montreal, Quebec
ID: 7104
First Name: Mark
Last Name: Demers
Description: Describe our experiences in the electronics kit business, from idea to finished kit product. Including hurtles to overcome and tips that we have learned long the way.
Org: SpikenzieLabs
Mannequin ForestDetroit
Detroit, Michigan 48207
ID: 7050
First Name: Micho
Last Name: Detronik
Description: Created by Detroit's District VII duo Kristine Diven and Micho Detronik. Mannequin Forest is an installation piece that symbolizes the merging of art and technology as an interactive synthetic environment.
Org: District VII
Nixie Tube CalculatorBrooklyn
Brooklyn, New York 11375
ID: 7025
First Name: Robert
Last Name: Diamond
Description: Nixie Tube clocks have been around a while, but no one has made a nixie tube calculator! I plan to address that lack. A kit will be coming soon!
Org: Alpha One Labs
Central Ohio RepRap and Makerbot Operators User GroupColumbus
Columbus, Ohio 43202
ID: 6846
First Name: Ethan
Last Name: Dicks
Description: Ethan founded the Central Ohio RepRap and Makerbot Operators User Group, which has been meeting monthly in Columbus, Ohio, since 2009. He has assisted several local users with their CupCake CNCs and is in the process of putting together his first Mendel.
The FablicatorNew Tripoli
New Tripoli, Pennsylvania 18066
ID: 7030
First Name: Andrew
Last Name: Diehl
Description: This is a home made 3d printer which has it's roots in the RepRap project. The printer was designed and built from scratch, and uses aluminum T-slot, 12mm linear bearings, and active hot end cooling to achieve excellent print quality.
Org: KL Services Group Inc
Austin, Texas 78704
ID: 7072
First Name: Joe
Last Name: DiPrima
Description: ArcAttack is a technology based performance art troupe from Austin, TX. They are best known as the pioneers of the ""Singing Tesla coil"", a solid state Tesla coil that produces stage worthy electrical arcs that produce musical tones.
Org: ArcAttack
One Laptop per ChildNew York City
New York City, New York 92354
ID: 6970
First Name: Nicholas
Last Name: Doiron
Description: Volunteers from OLPC-NYC and The Kasiisi Project present the connection between One Laptop per Child and a new, global generation of Makers. Try interactive games and homemade sensors used in schools around the world.
Table for Electronic DreamsNew York
New York, New York 10004
ID: 6470
First Name: Andy
Last Name: Doro
Description: Table for Electronic Dreams reveals the hidden electrical activity of nearby electronic objects, facilitating a greater awareness of the invisible workings of electronic devices and the limits of human perception.
Quick Quilted PillowsRoyal Oak
Royal Oak, Michigan 48067
ID: 7152
First Name: Lish
Last Name: Dorset
Description: Intimidated by quilting? Are you pillows a bit frumpy? Not to worry, you can quilt in just a few short minutes. Lish Dorset, a former reluctant quilter, will show you a basic quilt block technique and pillowcase assembly in this presentation.
Org: Craft
Making, Education, and InnovationSebastopol
Sebastopol, California 95472
ID: 7090
First Name: Dale
Last Name: Dougherty
Description: This all-star panel will discuss the impact that Making can have on education and innovation in the US. Featuring Dale Dougherty (Make), Tom Kalil (Deputy Director, Whitehouse OSTP), Francisco D'Souza (Cognizant CEO), and Margaret Honey (NYSCI CEO)..
Org: Make Magazine, O'Reilly Media
Nit Ra Sit Originals / Gems by DesignBrooklyn
Brooklyn, New York
ID: 7201
First Name: Lee
Last Name: Downing
Description: Hand made clothing and fashion accessories
Costuming with FoamBirchrunville
Birchrunville, Pennsylvania 19421
ID: 6971
First Name: Will
Last Name: Duffield
Description: Learn how to easily make costume pieces and armor out of foam flooring you can pick up at any home improvement store.
Technology at Your ServiceSan Francisco
San Francisco, California
ID: 7102
First Name: Tatjanja
Last Name: Dzambazova
Org: Autodesk
Digi-Comp IISunnyvale
Sunnyvale, California 94089
ID: 7034
First Name: Lenore
Last Name: Edman
Description: A modern recreation of the Digi-Comp II, a classic mechanical educational computer kit from the 1960's. The Digi-Comp II used rolling marbles as its mechanism, interacting with flip-flop gates and switches that controlled its operation.
Org: Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories
More Solar, Less TrashNew York
New York, New York
ID: 7031
First Name: Dina
Last Name: Elkan
Description: Exact details tbd- wee'll get them to you as soon as possible!
Org: Solar One, BuildItGreen! NYC & Western Queens Compost Initiative
The NEMOniacal Steampunk Toy TheaterNew York
New York, New York 10023
ID: 6572
First Name: Tess
Last Name: Elliott
Description: Tess Elliott's NEMOniacal Steampunk Toy Theater is the model for a permanent performing toy theater with LED lighting & recycled materials. It delights young and old alike. BE Nemo's voice in the wilderness of the oceans!
Org: Tess Elliott Design
Sound DressBrooklyn
Brooklyn, New York 11222
ID: 6906
First Name: Amanda
Last Name: Ervin
Description: I have a dress that plays music when I move around, and I'd like to show it off. I'd also like to show off some of the instruments I've been working on.
NYU-Poly Mechatronics Mania!Brooklyn
Brooklyn, New York 11201
ID: 6956
First Name: Ben
Last Name: Esner
Description: Connect to science, math, and engineering concepts in an exciting way! Our exhibits demonstrate the principles of mechatronics and feature robotic devices and tools made by graduate students to teach STEM in K-12 schools.
Org: Polytechnic Institute of New York University
The Eternal Life of BooksNew York
New York, New York 06514
ID: 7008
First Name: G. D.
Last Name: Falksen
Description: G. D. Falksen, author of The Hellfire Chronicles: Blood In The Skies, will demonstrate ways to repurpose damaged or unwanted books that would otherwise be destroyed, allowing them to live on in new forms.
Fun with XBeesNew York
New York, New York 10014-6832
ID: 7132
First Name: Robert
Last Name: Faludi
Description: Shoes are making music, sculptors are creating interactive experiences and plants are tweeting about their needs. We'll review 30 creative projects enabled by XBee radios, then take a tour of the tools you can use to join the makers having fun with XBee!
Org: Digi International
Brooklyn, New York 11215
ID: 6919
First Name: Bradley
Last Name: Feldman
Description: Ultimaker - The Ultimate Build-it-Yourself 3D Printer!
SciPlay's High-Tech PlaygroundQueens
Queens, New York 11368
ID: 6922
First Name: Adiel
Last Name: Fernandez
Description: Come see what a playground might look like if it had a healthy dose of science and technology. By using a camera to track motion, turn an activity like pushing your friend on a cart into a fun, playful exploration of velocity and acceleration.
Org: New York Hall of Science
Metal Archangel WingsQueens
Queens, New York 11368
ID: 6923
First Name: Adiel
Last Name: Fernandez
Description: Made from aircraft-grade aluminum, these life-size wings were inspired by the Marvel X-men character archangel. These wings are connected to the wearer through a heart rate monitor that triggers the wings’ movement.
Org: New York Hall of Science
Ikimo Robot PlatformTokyo
Tokyo, Japan 166-0012
ID: 6819
First Name: Charith
Last Name: Fernando
Description: The machines have risen, and they are open source! Powered by an Arduino-compatible robot brain, held in a moddable laser cut chassis, and fueled by powerful open libraries. Low cost. High power. All customizable.
Org: InMojo
EmberNew York
New York, New York 10009
ID: 6622
First Name: Abe
Last Name: Fetterman
Description: DIY Sous Vide Kit that acts as a temperature hack-box for most cooking appliances. We synthesize Arduino and PID technology to give you the best in temperature sensing and cookery.
Org: Lower East Side Kitchen
Citizen Schools (included with Cognizant)Newark
Newark, New Jersey
ID: 7146
First Name: Jessica
Last Name: Fick
Description: Citizen Schools provides ""apprenticeships"" (10-week hands-on projects taught by volunteers like YOU for 90 minutes per week) to middle school students from low income communities. ""Maker"" projects: Solar Car Engineering, Robotics, Ice-Cream Science, etc.
Org: Citizen Schools
AtFAB: Open Source CNC FurnitureLexington
Lexington, Kentucky 40508
ID: 6807
First Name: Anne
Last Name: Filson
Description: AtFAB is Open Source furniture made from any sheet material by a CNC router, laser cutter or water jet. Download cut files, customize them & fabricate locally at DIY workshops or through independent fabbers. Assemble AtFAB without adhesives or hardware.
Org: Filson and Rohrbacher
Photo BoothBrooklyn
Brooklyn, New York 11239
ID: 7035
First Name: Anna
Last Name: Fischer
Description: Visit us anytime to have your portrait taken or come on the hour to see various commercial and DYI photo tools demonstrated. Make you own modifiers at work table or get ideas for larger projects to take home.
HoneyBuild - DIY ""Lab Notebook"" AppSalem
Salem, New Hampshire 03079
ID: 6873
First Name: Joseph
Last Name: Flaherty
Description: HoneyBuild Notebook is a tool for makers to document their creative projects and see days, weeks, or months of work come together in a seconds. If you build things, grow a garden, or spend time crafting you'll gain a new perspective on your work.
Org: Replicator, Inc.
Steampunk Photo BoothNew York
New York, New York 10011
ID: 6985
First Name: Gerardo
Last Name: Flores
Description: providing photo shots representing steam punk booth
Electrolysis DetonatorAnn Arbor
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48105
ID: 7059
First Name: Michael
Last Name: Flynn
Description: Michael Flynn's Menagerie of cooperatively interactive science exhibits. EXPERIENCE: The Pedal Powered Bubble Dance Party, The Ferrofluid Magnetoscope, The Singing Bowl Cooperative Phonograph, and The Electrolysis Detonator!
Halloween AnimatronicsMilford
Milford, New Jersey 08848
ID: 6744
First Name: Corey
Last Name: Fogarty
Description: Join the fun with Boris. A 6’ tall animatronic skeleton. He will sing, dance and entertain with funny stories and Halloween songs. Controlled by custom animatronics software, microcontrollers and pneumatics, this display will entertain with technology!
Org: BMF Enterprises
3D Printer VillageHackettstown
Hackettstown, New Jersey 07840
ID: 6903
First Name: Benjamin
Last Name: Foster
Description: Participant in the 3D Printer Village, if they are running it this year.
Org: Reprap Maker Village
Electrisize MachinesNew York City
New York City, New York 10025
ID: 6962
First Name: Samwell
Last Name: Freeman
Description: Electrisize Machines are exercise machines with electric capabilities. We invite you to spin, twist, and wiggle with your devices. The machines help balance and flexibility while serving as keyboards, mice and controllers!
Sign Up For The Singularity: How To Be An Immortal Wizard & Program Your Personal GodBrooklyn
Brooklyn, New York 11206
ID: 6950
First Name: Sam
Last Name: Frons
Description: In this prep/pep-talk/presentation geared towards inventors and designers, we will explore emerging technologies and rethink the creative process for the next generation of innovation.
The Scenes Science-ScopeBrooklyn
Brooklyn, New York
ID: 6847
First Name: Alexis
Last Name: Gambis
Description: Scientific observation is inherently narrative. SCENES, curated by Imagine Science Films, is a type of film experiment, exploring the relationship between life at a microscopic and macroscopic level.
Org: Imagine Science Films
Handy ChairsMeridian
Meridian, Idaho 83646
ID: 6816
First Name: Randy
Last Name: Geile
Description: The intent of this project is to invigorate interest in designing and promoting user-constructed, safe, functional and inexpensive vehicles to facilitate wheelchair user independence.
Org: AT
Projects and Geek ParentingThe Bronx
The Bronx, New York 10461
ID: 7125
First Name: David
Last Name: Giancaspro
Description: Raising Makers a Project Based Approach: How Geek Parenting and projects can be used to help kids be makers instead of consumers.
Org: GeekDad
Open Source Hardware RevolutionBrooklyn
Brooklyn, New York 11231
ID: 7043
First Name: Alicia
Last Name: Gibb
Description: Open Source Hardware is hardware that is shared, copied and reproduced. In this talk, the founders of the Open Hardware Summit give a recap of a movement that will change the way the electronics industry functions forever.
Org: Bug Labs / NYCResistor
InfoAge Science/History Learning CenterJackson
Jackson, New Jersey 08527
ID: 6591
First Name: Joseph
Last Name: Giliberti
Description: A small, but comprehensive (and fun!) sample of our learning center and museum located at the Jersey Shore
Org: InfoAge Science/History Learning Center
Banana Design LabBrooklyn
Brooklyn, New York
ID: 6822
First Name: Yury
Last Name: Gitman
Description: Banana Design Lab makes high-tech lifestyle designs to entertain the soul. Our items include accent lights made from exposed circuit boards, plushie night-lights, and a heart-shaped pillow is a physical heartbeat that helps you take delicious naps.
Org: Pulse Sensor
Pulse Sensor, heart-rate beats per minute for Arduino, lickety-splitBrooklyn
Brooklyn, New York
ID: 7088
First Name: Yury
Last Name: Gitman
Description: “Pulse Sensor” is a well-designed plug-and-play heart-rate sensor for Arduino. The creators will introduce the Pulse Sensor, and demonstrate it's functions and applications.
Org: Pulse Sensor
2600 and the Hacker VanNew York
New York, New York 11953
ID: 7163
First Name: Emmanuel
Last Name: Goldstein
Description: The 2600 hacker van will be highlighting some hacker projects as well as a great deal of history with our brand new Hacker Calendar. Our phone van itself is a piece of history, dating back to pre-divestiture 1981.
Org: 2600 Magazine
Digital Light Art with BicyclesSan Francisco
San Francisco, California 94707
ID: 6409
First Name: Dan
Last Name: Goldwater
Description: Revolutionary digital light art: (1) Create your own real 3D spherical light painting (2) Draw a picture and see it in lights on our full color bicycle wheel display (3) Check out our generative light art for bicycles - the Monkey Light
Org: MonkeyLectric
DIY Medical TechnologyCambridge
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139
ID: 7109
First Name: Jose
Last Name: Gomez-Marquez
Description: DIY Medical Technologies can empower patients and their care providers to improve medicine. Using MEDIKits we can empower the ingenuity of every day inventors in hospital operating rooms, rural clinics, and disaster response settings.
Org: MIT
Detect It!Cambridge
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139
ID: 7140
First Name: Jose
Last Name: Gomez-Marquez
Description: Building tools for disease detection
Org: MIT
The Craftaholic's School of Art and Creativity!Brooklyn
Brooklyn, New York
ID: 6432
First Name: Diana
Last Name: Gonzalez
Description: Join the gang of fellow beginners and skilled artists for some art and creativity! Who couldn't use some art and fun in their life? We have crafty creative fun all the time! Come join us for Art workshops, creativity and inspiration!
Org: The Craftaholic's School of Art & Creativity
Penny for your Necklace?Brooklyn
Brooklyn, New York 11211
ID: 6880
First Name: Max
Last Name: Goodman
Description: Penny for your Necklace? In our simple workshop we'll take you through some of the basics of metalsmithing. Using a simple penny we'll teach you to drill, form and color your way to finished pendant!
Org: Uproar Art, 3rd Ward
Barter Notice Board: trade HAVEs and NEEDs!New York
New York, New York
ID: 6841
First Name: Our
Last Name: Goods
Description: Make fliers of your HAVEs and NEEDs for barter and we’ll connect people to you at Creative Time's ""Living as Form"" show in the old Essex Market (September 23 through October 16).
NoMi Design: group of projectsSmiths Falls
Smiths Falls, Ontario K7A 4S5
ID: 6940
First Name: Michael
Last Name: Grant
Description: Projects by NoMi Design
Org: NoMi Design
Monsterrobot MohoKingston
Kingston, New York 12402
ID: 6891
First Name: Daniel
Last Name: Green
Description: IFAM Monsterrobot Moho and Beebo. View their completion. On Sunday afternoon, Moho, Beebo and their Comanderkon (a person) will tour the Maker Faire. The Comanderkon will make UltraMan movements, and Moho and Beebo will respond.
Org: Institute for Aesthetic Modulation
Toscanini by Conductive IOBoston
Boston, Massachusetts 02115
ID: 6809
First Name: Robby
Last Name: Grodin
Description: Create and Control Music with Motion. Toscanini, an open-source gestural MIDI interface, allows you to manipulate sound with a flick of your wrist. The concept is simple: Accelerometer data in, MIDI out.
Org: Conductive IO
Lewd Alfred Douglas's Live Art ParlourNew York
New York, New York 11223
ID: 6877
First Name: Lawrence
Last Name: Gullo
Description: Lewd Alfred will be doing live art at the scene, inspired by the environment and creative energies around him. He will be joined in the curation of spontaneous art by Doctor Flux, Fox Trotsky, and the paper menagerie of Cheekie Lane.
Org: The Royal Baritarian Players
Gearing up for the CircusNew York
New York, New York 06853
ID: 7123
First Name: Gabriela
Last Name: Gutierrez
Description: Gearing up for the Circus is a study in movement and a story told through motion. As audience members advance along the moving track, they trigger different circus acts in the circus ring.
I Am on the Teevee, and So Can You: Basic Cable and Maker CultureBrooklyn
Brooklyn, New York
ID: 7089
Last Name: Hackett
Description: I am on the teevee, and so can you: Basic cable stardom as a Maker means to an end
Org: Madagascar Institute
Origami To GoRaleigh
Raleigh, North Carolina 27615
ID: 7044
First Name: Sue
Last Name: Hansen
Description: The art of paper folding taken to new heights with beautiful mobiles, earrings, and more!
Org: Hansen Family Origami
Amazing Amy: Contortionist, Unique Yoga DancerNew York
New York, New York 10011
ID: 6693
First Name: Amy
Last Name: Harlib
Description: Amazing Amy performs Yoga Contortion Dance Jam to any live music provided by the audience and other performers at the Faire, making a dance happen on the spot, spontaneous movement medley in the moment! Entertaining and inspiring!
Org: Amazing Amy's Yoga Contortion Dance Jam
Amazing AcrobatsNew York
New York, New York 10001
ID: 6684
First Name: George
Last Name: Hart
Description: The Museum of Mathematics' laser-cut metal parts can be assembled into a colorful mathematical sculpture, “Amazing Acrobats.” Participate in the construction, solving the geometric puzzle of how the components interweave.
Org: Museum of Mathematics
The Reverse Geocache™ PuzzleAustin
Austin, Texas 78735
ID: 6857
First Name: Mikal
Last Name: Hart
Description: A lover gives you a mysterious gift: a sealed, wooden box. Its secret is slowly revealed by its pretty blue display, which gently guides you to the only place it opens. Will you ever discover what treasure she hid inside?
Org: The Sundial Group
Super TableBrooklyn
Brooklyn, New York 11224
ID: 7053
First Name: Frank
Last Name: Hebbert
Description: Gather around the Super Table. Ask and answer questions, draw, sketch, write and collage on an endless sheet of paper. The Super Table is a portable, flexible community activation tool that anyone can build.
Org: Holobiont
Tina SeamonsterWashington
Washington, DC
ID: 7220
First Name: Tina
Last Name: Henry
Description: Tina Seamonster makes bags, t-shirts & magnets about how zombies are the worst knitters.
Hidden Messages - Magnetic and PolarizedSan Francisco
San Francisco, California 94122
ID: 6717
First Name: Robert
Last Name: Hermes
Description: Hidden Messages Pass the magnetic viewing film over the white plastic signs to reveal the letters made of magnets beneath. Look though the polarized viewers, or your own sunglasses (if polarized) at the lighted sign to see the Polarized Hidden Message.
Making Mechanical Nightmares a RealityEast Rutherford
East Rutherford, New Jersey 07073
ID: 6735
First Name: Dion
Last Name: Hill
Description: My name is Dion Hill, the mastermind behind Maverick Industries, LLC. We create specialized antiqued appearance novelties. Walking sticks, brass mechina, device replicas, survival tools, display stands and more. Your engineering dreams can be realized.
Org: Maverick Industries, LLC
Wayland, Massachusetts 01778
ID: 6871
First Name: Maxwell
Last Name: Hill
Description: TOBL is a compact iPhone-controlled robot. Its six wheels are driven by two servos and configured for locomotion in any orientation. Wireless control uses wi-fi and XBee radios. The name is derived from its resemblance, in shape, to Toblerone chocolate.
Get Money and Make SeedbombsNew York
New York, New York 10003
ID: 6898
First Name: Helen
Last Name: Ho
Description: ioby is a non-profit created to fundraise for environmental projects. We're looking for ways to help parks, kayaks, gardens, bikes, compost piles, chicken coops and more to make a more environmentally friendly urban environment, block by block.
Org: ioby
PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania 15203
ID: 7173
First Name: Bethany
Last Name: Hockenberry
Description: Cleo Dee's main work is still her hand-sewn squid with various hobbies. Her newest creation is a joint project with her animator husband: Tadly the Exploring Mimic Octopus. You can observe him online and bring him home in one of his various felt forms such as a screaming volcano or dancing bear.
Are Magic Tricks Really Magic?New York
New York, New York
ID: 7100
First Name: John
Last Name: Hodgman
DIYLILCNCChicago/Los Angeles
Chicago/Los Angeles, Illinois 60642
ID: 7228
First Name: Taylor
Last Name: Hokanson
Description: The DIYLILCNC is a robotic cutting machine that you can build yourself. It works kind of like a desktop printer: send it a file, and the device uses this information to carve your design out of a range of materials.
Making, Education, and InnovationQueens
Queens, New York
ID: 7090
First Name: Margaret
Last Name: Honey
Description: This all-star panel will discuss the impact that Making can have on education and innovation in the US. Featuring Dale Dougherty (Make), Tom Kalil (Deputy Director, Whitehouse OSTP), Francisco D'Souza (Cognizant CEO), and Margaret Honey (NYSCI CEO)..
Org: New York Hall of Science
reprapping recursive anythinginess-'ish' nanofactural autopoiesisisisis...New York
New York, New York 11101
ID: 6997
First Name: shane
Last Name: hope
Description: playborground ball pits of pure operationality placed atoms poised to become the new pen & ink drafting dot-to-dot dimensional descriptions like command-lines of runaway run-on sentences that will write the rest.
Connecting iOS to the Real WorldEmeryville
Emeryville, California 94608
ID: 6937
First Name: Bryan
Last Name: Hord
Description: Demonstration of how to connect your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad to the real world. Makes use of the Redpark Serial Cable for iOS and the Arduino, allowing you to make your iOS Device part of the Internet of Things.
Org: Redpark Product Development
Pants Interface - Open-Source Wireless Wearable ControllerSan Francisco
San Francisco, California
ID: 6828
First Name: Rachel
Last Name: Hospodar
Description: Pants Interface is a family of open source wearable projects. Rachel will show a four-button device designed to send custom MIDI triggers to computers, mixers, and other equipment, and discuss her learning process in developing a kit form of the device.
Org: Medium Reality
Anna HrachovecQueens
Queens, New York 11368
ID: 6980
First Name: Anna
Last Name: Hrachovec
Description: Brooklyn-based knitter Anna Hrachovec divides her time between designing patterns for unusual knitted toys and creating more complex one-off knitted pieces for exhibition.
Toy Knitting BasicsBrooklyn
Brooklyn, New York 11215
ID: 7131
First Name: Anna
Last Name: Hrachovec
Description: Anna Hrachovec of Mochimochi Land will demonstrate her techniques for knitting toys with double-pointed needles, plus a few extra tips to make your toy as cute as can be.
Org: Mochimochi Land
Add Twitter Feeds to any TV!singapore 78878
ID: 6948
First Name: Bunnie
Last Name: Huang
Description: Add twitter feeds to your TV! Introducing an open hardware platform consisting of an 800 MHz wifi linux computer running Webkit, with an FPGA that composites web content over most HD video sources, such as game consoles, DVD players, PVRs...
Extreme Marshmallow CannonNew River
New River, Arizona 85087
ID: 6667
First Name: Joe
Last Name: Hudy
Description: My cannon uses compressed air. Air is pumped into the PVC by a bike pump. A electronic sprinkler valve releases the air. It shoots a marshmallow 176 feet.
Org: Extreme Marshmallow Canon
BUST Magazine CraftacularNew York
New York, New York
ID: 7143
First Name: Nikki
Last Name: Hung
Org: BUST Magazine
Blu - Education and Hobby Robotics KitGilmanton
Gilmanton, New Hampshire 03237
ID: 6438
First Name: Bill
Last Name: Hunt
Description: Blu is a robot that teaches. Developed by robotics enthusiast Bill Hunt (age 17), Blu combines a simple design with an easy to program Arduino microcontroller, giving new and advanced users a perfect balance between simplicity and versatility.
Org: Photon Robotics, LLC
DIY Telepresence RobotWest Grove
West Grove, Pennsylvania 19390
ID: 6610
First Name: Ben
Last Name: Hylak
Description: Telepresence Robots allow you to be somewhere you can't physically be. While it's great technology, most telepresence robots are thousands of dollars. MAYA, Me And You Anywhere, changes that. It was created for $500.
DataloreNew York City
New York City, New York 11215
ID: 6893
First Name: Daniel
Last Name: Iglesia
Description: Datalore is a duo consisting of hacked Game Boy synthesis, guitar, electronic drum pad, toy keyboard, vocoder, and live-controlled lo-fi video. Its robo-circuits are determined by Daniel Iglesia and Ursula Kwong-Brown.
ITP CafeNew York
New York, New York 10003
ID: 7066
First Name: Tom
Last Name: Igoe
Description: NYU's ITP gives students hands-on experience of digital production and fabrication; in the Cafe, we'll share that with Makers. How-to sessions from ITP faculty, students and alums will introduce you to a wide range of topics.
Making Things Talk (and Listen)New York
New York, New York 10003
ID: 7162
First Name: Tom
Last Name: Igoe
Org: ITP, Tisch School of the Arts, NYU
P.H.A.B.A.D Wheel PhoneAkron
Akron, Ohio 44313
ID: 6866
First Name: Michael
Last Name: James
Description: Interact with video chat friends by taking over their smart phone as it sits in a wheeled carriage. Wheel Phone seeks to achieve this - project yourself physically into different environments for richer remote interactions.
Org: Open Source Hardware Junkies
Arduino 101Providence
Providence, RI
ID: 7150
First Name: Brian
Last Name: Jepson
Org: O'Reilly Media
CreatomaticNew York
New York, New York 10011
ID: 7112
First Name: Nova
Last Name: Jiang
Description: The Creatomatic is a methodology designed to accelerate the imagination and prompt new inventions. Prototypes of Creatomatic inventions will be on display, as well as kits allowing the audience to practice the Creatomatic method.
Org: Eyebeam
Protobot Universal Cartesian RobotPhiladelphia
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19072
ID: 6421
First Name: Joshua
Last Name: Johnson
Description: The PROTOBOT is a robot capable of routing, milling, laser/probe scanning, foam and stencil cutting, plotting and FDM printing. Non-Demonstrator version will be available early 2012. Inquire at
Org: Protobot Industries
Giant PVC Misting Keyhole TunnelColorado Springs
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80904
ID: 7133
First Name: Vic
Last Name: Johnson
Description: PVC Mister Tunnel. The tunnel is PVC that is bent using PVC Bendit. Walk into the tunnel and cool off! We made this tunnel to show an example of what can be made with PVC bent by PVC Bendit. ""What will you make?"
Org: PVC Bendit
Beirne, North Carolina 59380
ID: 6827
First Name: Fabien
Last Name: Jonckheere
Description: Recycle design: During this DIY workshop, these products (mostly toys) are made from household waste (bottles, skewers, cardboard packaging ...) with simple tools.
Social ShockerPortland
Portland, Oregon 97209
ID: 7005
First Name: Michael
Last Name: Jones
Description: Come test your knowledge of who is the most ""social"" in a shockingly new format. See what is possible when you combine an iPad with an Arduino and stir in some APIs.
Org: Dachis Group
DIYbio at Genspace NYCBrooklyn
Brooklyn, New York 11217
ID: 6803
First Name: Ellen
Last Name: Jorgensen
Description: Extract DNA and barcode life with PCR, or explore your genome. Genetically-engineered organisms on display. Design potential new life forms in silico. Build a gel electrophoresis box to separate dyes and sort DNA into different length pieces.
Org: Genspace NYC
Home-Scale Biodiesel ProductionLafayette
Lafayette, New Jersey 07848
ID: 6708
First Name: Ben
Last Name: Jorritsma
Description: Homebrew Biodiesel How to convert used cooking oil into fuel for use in unmodified diesel engines, modified heating oil burners, and tuned turbine engines. As well as how to make your own processor using commonly available hardware.
Toulouse, France 31200
ID: 6942
First Name: Frederic
Last Name: JOURDAN
Description: Snootlab design and develop electronic products with an Open Hardware and Open Source approach. We are specialized in design of shields for Arduino.
Org: Snootlab
Skeletalsnew york
new york, New York 10128
ID: 6837
First Name: Tristan and Joaquin
Last Name: Juan
Description: Skeletals Modular joints for crafting DIY toys that can bend !
IBVA Interactive Brainwave Visual AnalyzerNew York
New York, New York 10011
ID: 6394
First Name: masahiro
Last Name: kahata
Description: we provide space and system for individual public to have experience of human brain wave computer interface, that use IBVA interactive brain wave visual analyzer
CD CityLong Island City
Long Island City, New York 11101
ID: 6888
First Name: John
Last Name: Kaiser
Description: Make art from stuff you have at home! Join Materials for the Arts in creating a skyscraper city using only CD cases. Participants are also invited to create weavings using CD case looms.
Org: Materials for the Arts, New York City Department of Cultural Affairs
Making, Education, and InnovationWashington
Washington, District Of Columbia
ID: 7090
First Name: Tom
Last Name: Kalil
Description: This all-star panel will discuss the impact that Making can have on education and innovation in the US. Featuring Dale Dougherty (Make), Tom Kalil (Deputy Director, Whitehouse OSTP), Francisco D'Souza (Cognizant CEO), and Margaret Honey (NYSCI CEO)..
Org: US Whitehouse
ByteLightNew York
New York, New York 10024
ID: 6945
First Name: Jack
Last Name: Kalish
Description: ByteLight is an interactive light sculpture that represents a giant LCD pixel and the binary data that informs its color value.
Student Made Segway CloneSilver Spring
Silver Spring, Maryland 20705
ID: 6992
First Name: John
Last Name: Kaluta
Description: x
Org: Montgomery Blair High School Science, Mathematics, Computer Science Magnet Program
DIY U: Designing Self Organized EducationBrooklyn
Brooklyn, New York 11211
ID: 6936
First Name: Anya
Last Name: Kamenetz
Description: How do we teach, learn, and credential each other outside the logic of traditional educational institutions?
Org: Author, DIY U & The Edupunks' Guide
We Are Swimming CitiesNYC
NYC, New York
ID: 7024
First Name: Angie
Last Name: Kang
Description: SWIMMING CITIES is a diverse and evolving collaboration of artists, builders, and visionaries who come together each year to embark on a challenging large-scale project.
Org: Swimming Cities
Paper Pop Out Puppet Art StageNY
NY, New York 10029
ID: 7013
First Name: Betty T.
Last Name: Kao
Description: An installation of an aquatic stage of paper pop up props set with ancient sea monsters for a short experimental animation. A tale to hopefully prevent fracking and water pollution that may release carcinogens into our drinking water.
Notify Me Now!Larchmont
Larchmont, New York 10538
ID: 6852
First Name: Andrew
Last Name: Katz
Description: Open source sensor system used with Arduino Mega and Ubuntu Linux laptop with processing to notify computer user covertly about the current status (tripped or un-tripped) of the sensors.
Poop and PaddleBrooklyn
Brooklyn, New York 07450
ID: 6881
First Name: Adam
Last Name: Katzman
Description: Mr. Grumpy's Curious Poop-Eating-Boat-Machine is a homemade boat project that utilizes plumbing, wetland plants, raw sewage and an act of ecologically engineered wizardry to bring you the first ever toilet-boat.
Org: Expedition Gowanus
STEMGardenNew York
New York, New York 06820
ID: 6955
First Name: Karen
Last Name: Kaun
Description: Knowledge iTrust, Fordham University and Educate LLC support NYC youth as CHANGE MAKERS through hands-on design of their own solutions for green, healthy living. Meet an elementary school design team. Help us build a better hydroponic garden.
Org: Knowledge iTrust
RobotGrrl's RobotsMontreal
Montreal, Quebec
ID: 6990
First Name: Erin
Last Name: Kennedy
Description: What does a hockey playing humanoid with bad knee servos, a robot with a beak that eats virtual fruit, and a mini dogcow on wheels have in common? The robot mesh network! See what these robots are saying to each other! :)
Rooftop RobotBrooklyn
Brooklyn, New York 11222
ID: 6818
First Name: Kristi
Last Name: Kent
Description: Rooftop Robot creates toys, games and art objects that capture the charm of the urban environment. Original pillow designs depict the adventures of animated drain pipes, exhaust vents and water towers in the rooftop world high above the city streets.
Org: Rooftop Robot
Hooray! A Life Size Board GameBrooklyn
Brooklyn, New York 11238
ID: 6908
First Name: Shannon
Last Name: Kerner
Description: Participants play as their own pawn in this fun and original rubber game. This one-of-a-kind game, puts players on one of two different paths for a race to the end that doesn't last long enough for anyone to get bored. Hooray!!
WHACK!! Pinata Workshops!Brooklyn
Brooklyn, New York 11205
ID: 6833
First Name: Meg
Last Name: Keys
Description: Sometimes the best part about making things is destroying them. Come learn this little known secret with Llaves Designs, where you will learn the art of pinata making. Demonstrations and hands on opportunities to create hollowed paper mache magic.
Org: Llaves Designs
Open Source Geiger CounterAustin
Austin, Texas 78704
ID: 6859
First Name: Jeff
Last Name: Keyzer
Description: Explore radioactivity in the world around you with this open source kit.
Org: MightyOhm Engineering
Phat Man DeePittsburgh
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15210
ID: 7094
First Name: Mandy
Last Name: Kivowitz-Delfaver
Description: Voted #2 Best Local Jazz Act in Pittsburgh City Paper Readers' Poll of 2010, Phat Man Dee has sung with Neverwas Haul, Boiler Bar, Madagascar Institute & Lifesize Mousetrap at the San Matteo & World Maker Faires. Come check out this dynamic artist!
Org: Phat Man Dee
Upcycling Art WorkshopsLong Island City
Long Island City, New York 11106
ID: 7052
First Name: Bernard
Last Name: Klevickas
Description: Upcycle plastic bottles, bags, styrofoam containers, etc. into Art. Please bring plastic items - water bottles, soda bottles, colorful plastic bags, and colorful detergent containers.
Org: Upcycling
Tech Narratives & Robotic FuturesBrooklyn
Brooklyn, New York
ID: 7108
First Name: Heather
Last Name: Knight
Description: From novel robotic interaction algorithms to Robot Film Festival storytelling, Knight shares her work on creative machines at MIT, Syynlabs, CMU & Marilyn Monrobot. Warning: She will unabashedly showcase a live comedy performance from Data the Robot.
Org: Marilyn Monrobot
Case Studies of Open Source Hardware Projects about the Nuclear Accident in JapanNagoya city,
Nagoya city,, Japan 4620819
ID: 7117
First Name: Shigeru
Last Name: Kobayashi
Description: When the nuclear accident occurred in Japan, there was the lack of information. So many radiation monitoring and visualization projects have been proposed. I'll introduce Open Hardware related activities and propose possibilities of 'citizen science'.
Hand Made by Robots: The Makers of NextFabPhiladelphia
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19125
ID: 6711
First Name: Stephanie
Last Name: Koenig
Description: The makers of NextFab will show off their cool projects, one of which will be a Logical Engine.
Org: NextFab Studio
SWIM TankBroooklyn
Broooklyn, New York 11234
ID: 6879
First Name: Denis
Last Name: Kogan
Description: SWIM Tank is a DIY program where students create 3D aquarium backgrounds from Styrofoam and concrete to create realistic habitats for fish and other marine life.
Org: The Brooklyn Transition Center 753K
ZOORI (Japanese flip-flops)New York
New York, New York 11375
ID: 6850
First Name: Sei
Last Name: Koike
Description: Our signature workshop and product is the Japanese flip-flops called ""Zoori"" which we make from recycled materials. The mission is to make a direct contribution to the awareness of poverty and environmental challenges simply through the creation of Zoori.
Org: Art Magnet, Inc.
RAMPS - Wheelchair DJNew York
New York, New York 10003
ID: 7138
First Name: Wlodek
Last Name: Koss
Description: RAMPS is a wheelchair DJ interface - the left wheel fades between tracks while the right wheel scratches the music.
3-D Printed Architectural JewelryNew York
New York, New York 11222
ID: 6687
First Name: Natalia
Last Name: Krasnodebska
Description: ByNatalia 3-D Printed Architectural Jewelry
Org: ByNatalia
DIY TailcoatNew York
New York, New York 06514
ID: 7014
First Name: Evelyn
Last Name: Kriete
Description: Learn how to turn a $5 thrift store suit coat into a custom made tail coat in six easy steps. The tail coat can be used for anything from steampunk to Burning Man to simply looking spiffy.
Org: Jaborwhalky Productions
The Aesthetics of Diabetic TechnologiesNew York
New York, New York 94107
ID: 7081
First Name: Sara
Last Name: Krugman
Description: Explores how the physicality of health care technology affect the emotional and psychological connection to intimate machines, and how that connection effects our abilities to use the technology of these machines to practice self care.
Alpha One LabsBrooklyn
Brooklyn, New York 11222
ID: 7067
First Name: Alpha One
Last Name: Labs
Description: Alpha One Labs is a community hackerspace founded in 2009. Boasting radical inclusivity, Alpha One Labs superb design aims to provide a safe, clean space for users of all ages and interests to work on projects together.
Org: Alpha One Labs
NYC Resistor Hacker UniversityBrooklyn
Brooklyn, New York 11217
ID: 6839
First Name: Ari
Last Name: Lacenski
Description: NYC Resistor, a Brooklyn hackerspace, presents free workshops to teach you our favorite hacks with high-voltage electronics, glowing fashion, crazy musical instruments, food, and papercraft. Come by and learn to make (or break) something with us.
Org: NYC Resistor
Sesame ReadsNew York
New York, New York 10023
ID: 6751
First Name: Wayne
Last Name: LaForme Jr.
Description: Sesame Reads is a volunteer literacy program designed to excite and engage children and families around all aspects of literacy, including reading, writing, listening and speaking. We aim to create a meaningful, hands-on learning experience.
Org: Sesame Reads
Fixers CollectiveEast Hanover
East Hanover, New Jersey 07936
ID: 6669
First Name: Vincent
Last Name: Lai
Description: The Fixers Collective is a social experiment in improvisational fixing and aggressive asset recovery.. Our goal is to increase material literacy in our community by fostering an ethic of creative caring toward the objects in our lives.
Org: Fixers Collective
OpenROVSan Francisco
San Francisco, California 94710
ID: 6900
First Name: David
Last Name: Lang
Description: OpenROV is an open-source underwater ROV. The first design of OpenROV (“ROV1″) is a shoebox-sized Arduino-controlled submarine device. The New Design of OpenROV will be revealed at World Maker Faire.
Org: OpenROV
VASS with War MachineLong Island City
Long Island City, New York 11101
ID: 7023
First Name: Jacques
Last Name: Laroche
Description: The VASS is a real-time Arduino powered visualization system which converts analog audio into data a computer monitor can display. The capabilities of the VASS will be demonstrated with the War Machine - a circuit bent Kawai R-50.
Org: Current Perspectives
Brooklyn, New York 11217
ID: 7206
First Name: Jason
Last Name: Laurits
Description: Hand-silkscreened T-Shirts
MIDI controlled musical robotsNew York city
New York city, New York 11222
ID: 6824
First Name: Tim
Last Name: Laursen
Description: Robots have excellent rhythm! I have been building robot drummers in a small shop in Brooklyn. I am excited about the possibilities of recording and producing these organic robot sounds.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15217
ID: 6674
First Name: Tom
Last Name: Lauwers
Description: Winner of a 2011 Education award at the bay area maker faire, Brainlink is about teaching your old robot some new tricks. We've created a system that allows you to reprogram, control with your phone, and add sensors to just about any toy or chore robot.
Hive Learning Network New York CityQueens
Queens, New York 11215
ID: 6943
First Name: Chris
Last Name: Lawrence
Description: The Hive Learning Network is an open, connected community dedicated to transforming the learning landscape, creating opportunities for youth to explore their interests in virtual and physical spaces.
Org: Hive Learning network NYC
I LUG NYWhite Plains
White Plains, New York 10601
ID: 6604
First Name: Jon
Last Name: Lazar
Description: The New York based LEGO User Group, who will be displaying sculptures, robotics and other creations build from LEGO.
Make your own phonograph!Brooklyn
Brooklyn, New York 11216
ID: 6914
First Name: Yung
Last Name: Le Page
Description: Make your own record player by using a wire coat hanger, a pencil, construction paper, a rubber band, some tape, and a pin. And of course, a vinyl record!
Thermal Tweeter Twitter printerMuscatine
Muscatine, Iowa 52761
ID: 6860
First Name: Ian
Last Name: Lesnet
Description: Tweets that mention Maker Fair on Twitter are printed on a cash register receipt printer. Write a tweet and include #MakerFair or #MakerFairNY. Every 30 seconds, the Thermal Tweeter downloads your tweets and prints them.
Org: Dangerous Prototypes
ByteLightnew york
new york, New York 10024
ID: 6945
First Name: Gabriella
Last Name: Levine
Description: ByteLight is an interactive light sculpture that represents a giant LCD pixel and the binary data that informs its color value.
Org: ITP
Proteinew york
new york, New York 10024
ID: 6947
First Name: Gabriella
Last Name: Levine
Description: Protei is a fleet of low-cost, open-source, shape-shifting, semi-autonomous oil-collecting sailboats, that each sail upwind and collect oil sheens off the top of the water near the sites of spills. It is self-righting, durable, and easily reproducible.
Org: protei
The Obama BoardToronto
Toronto, Ontario
ID: 6872
First Name: Ashley
Last Name: Lewis
Description: The Obama Board is a new twist on a traditional musical keyboard. Instead of a musical note, each key, when pressed emits the sound of a word from Barack Obama's inauguration speech. Press the keys in the sequence of your choice to create you own speech!
Kinect Hacking, Face Tracking and MoreBrooklyn
Brooklyn, New York 11217
ID: 7098
First Name: Zach
Last Name: Lieberman
Collaborative Gaming in the Twitter Agesan francisco
san francisco, California 94115
ID: 7033
First Name: Tim
Last Name: Lillis
Description: Discussion of making multi-player games that encourage players to collaborate. Audience members will also be given a chance to play games that illustrate the topics we will cover. Come for the learning, stay for the games!
Org: Narwhal Creative
Android Accessories Made Easy With Arduino & HandbagChristchurch
Christchurch, New Zealand
ID: 7119
First Name: Philip
Last Name: Lindsay
Description: Learn how to make Android accessories with your Arduino & the Handbag project.
Org: /
DecaDomeAnn Arbor
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104
ID: 6695
First Name: Eric
Last Name: Lipson
Description: The 2011 DIY DecaDome project offers an innovative structure that uses readily available materials and simple construction for Makers with an interest in shelter for disaster relief and scalable housing for the poor.
Org: Newhouse R&D
Fab@Home and the Future of Personal ManufacturingIthaca
Ithaca, New York
ID: 6603
First Name: Hod
Last Name: Lipson
Description: The Fab@Home has been at the fore-front of personal manufacturing. The project is now preparing to rapidly expand the scope of what can be manufactured at home with the Model 3 fabber and the Fab@School efforts.
Org: Cornell University
Ithaca, New York
ID: 6473
First Name: Jeffrey
Last Name: Lipton
Description: Fab@Home is a platform of printers and programs which can produce functional 3D objects. It is designed to fit on your desktop and within your budget. Fab@Home is innovating tomorrow, today. Join us, and Make Anything
Org: Fab@Home/ Fab@School
Fab@Home and the Future of Personal ManufacturingIthaca
Ithaca, New York
ID: 6603
First Name: Jeffrey
Last Name: Lipton
Description: The Fab@Home has been at the fore-front of personal manufacturing. The project is now preparing to rapidly expand the scope of what can be manufactured at home with the Model 3 fabber and the Fab@School efforts.
Org: Fab@Home/ Fab@School
MegaClaw 2.0Brooklyn
Brooklyn, New York 11230
ID: 6570
First Name: Christopher
Last Name: LoBello
Description: Imagine a 10ft by 10ft by 10ft claw game designed to grab ballons. All of it controlled by a giant Joystick and all wirelessly controlled. People will be able to control the MegaClaw to grab ballons and win prizes.
Org: Cunning Turtle
PS 57 solar powered electric adult tricycleStaten Island
Staten Island, New York 10306
ID: 7158
First Name: Patriica
Last Name: Lockhart
Description: PS 57R Staten Island NY fourth and fifth grade robotics students worked with their partner school Eltingville Lutheran to build an actual solar powered electric adult tricycle.
Org: PS 57 R Robotics Teams
Easy KnittingNew York
New York, New York 48067
ID: 7156
First Name: Finlay
Last Name: Logan
Description: Learn to make a simple knitting project from Finlay Logan of Purl Soho.
Org: Purl Soho
LAMPlatoon: Make a Broken CommercialNew York
New York, New York 11226
ID: 6965
First Name: Emily
Last Name: Long
Description: Join the critical mass and make your own broken commercial exposing the techniques and strategies used in media messages we see every day.
Org: The LAMP (Learning About Multimedia Project)
SlugophonePine Plains
Pine Plains, New York 12567
ID: 7001
First Name: Chris
Last Name: Losee
Description: The Slugophone is a versatile electronic instrument that converts resistance into tones via a 555 timer chip. Packaged in a snazzy case, it’s fun to build and use: you can “play” a light beam, a plant, a friend - even a slug!
Kite Aerial PhotographyNew York
New York, New York 07030
ID: 6461
First Name: Monica
Last Name: Louie
Description: Site visuals are crucial for successful infrastructure development projects. The KAP provides a cost effective solution and an appropriate technology for a successful engineering project in under-resourced communities.
Org: Engineers Without Borders
Upcycling Art WorkshopsLong Island City
Long Island City, New York 11106
ID: 7052
First Name: Barbara
Last Name: Lubliner
Description: Upcycle plastic bottles, bags, styrofoam containers, etc. into Art. Please bring plastic items - water bottles, soda bottles, colorful plastic bags, and colorful detergent containers.
Org: Upcycling
Wakefield, Massachusetts 01880
ID: 6408
First Name: John
Last Name: Luciani
Description: Educational electronic kits and rapid prototyping tools. A variety of building blocks that Makers can use to rapidly create projects. Schematics, software examples and application hints are on the wiblocks website.
Org: wiblocks
Vertical TheoryBrooklyn
Brooklyn, New York 11205
ID: 6573
First Name: Karen
Last Name: MacKay
Description: Providing an alternative food source for urban dwellers, this vertical farming system utilizes hydroponic technologies and felt. The current design requites minimal space, resources and maintenance to grow fresh food indoors.
Org: Vertical Theory
Total Craft Party! Ideas for Decorating Your Next Celebration by HandNew York
New York, New York 48067
ID: 7154
First Name: Maura
Last Name: Madden
Description: Learn how to make stenciled cork coasters, adorable garlands, party favor containers, cupcake decor and more with Crafternoon author Maura Madden.
Org: Crafternoon
The Urban ComposterBoston
Boston, Massachusetts 11217
ID: 7055
First Name: Jacqueline
Last Name: Maldonado
Description: the Urban Composter dares you to get super excited about dirt... and even , about growing your own food. Where does our food come from, and what do we do with its waste? Let's compost it.
Org: Studio Kanyike Architects
Make a Basket From a WordSilver Spring
Silver Spring, Maryland 20902
ID: 6938
First Name: James
Last Name: Mallos
Description: Make a basket that tells the story of an electron by reading a word in the undip language. Learn undip and you can make a basket you've never seen before—even with your hands hidden in a black t-shirt. Surprise yourself!
Absolute BlackoutNyack
Nyack, New York 10960
ID: 6892
First Name: Madeleine
Last Name: Maloy
Description: Makers of Wearable Street Art & Handmade Holster Purses. Our clothes & accessories stand for the freedom to wear what you want, love what you want & to support the people who deserve your respect.
Org: Absolute Blackout
Robotic RoverYorktown
Yorktown, New York 10598
ID: 6831
First Name: Kerron
Last Name: Manwaring
Description: Robotic Rover that can operate fully autonomous, semi autonomous and by remote control from a custom made controller.
Org: Silent Knight Systems LLC
Migrating Projects to Arduino 1.0London
London, UK
ID: 7124
First Name: Michael
Last Name: Margolis
Description: A brief overview of the changes in the Arduino 1.0 release with a walk-through showing how to use the new capabilities to get your projects working well with 1.0.
Org: Michael Margolis
Arduino CookbookLondon
London, UK
ID: 7157
First Name: Michael
Last Name: Margolis
Description: Arduino lets you build things that interact with the physical world. With this book, you can dive right in. Join the author in the Maker Shed to see some projects from the book, and chat with him and other Arduino experts.
Org: O'Reilly Media
Stealth Office Entertainment ModulesBirmingham
Birmingham, Michigan 48009
ID: 6885
First Name: Rocco
Last Name: Marras
Description: I have recycled obsolete office equipment into cutting edge entertainment units while retaining outward appearances. Stealth Office Entertainment Modules (OEMs) are all business on the outside and all party on the inside!
Org: I3detroit
Signal StrengthBrooklyn
Brooklyn, New York 11222
ID: 7064
First Name: Amelia
Last Name: Marzec
Description: Signal Strength is a project to advance mobile democracy. It consists of modules for ad-hoc social networking that let people in an urban area interact offline, leveraging their mobile phones for untraceable communications.
Org: Eyebeam Art and Technology Center
Kids Science ChallengeHouston
Houston, Texas
ID: 6597
First Name: Michael
Last Name: Massimino
Description: Engaging kids to use their creativity to make connections and innovate on how things work. the KSC presentation will include live science demonstrations, an astronaut and a few animals. Fun family presentation!
Bicycle Wheel and WalkmanNew York
New York, New York 10010
ID: 6844
First Name: Adam
Last Name: Matta
Description: Borrowing from Marcel Duchamp, sculpture is a modern remix, using audio tape and a walkman to play sound when the wheel is turned.
Brooklyn, New York 11206
ID: 6727
First Name: Sean
Last Name: McIntyre
Description: A hacked EEG toy game played with your mind. The gameplay is an endless oscillation driven by human and computer feedback, mimicking our relationship with new immersive technologies.
Hacking Autism: Using Technology to Give People with Autism a VoicePalo Alto
Palo Alto, California
ID: 7083
First Name: Phil
Last Name: McKinney
Org: Hewlett-Packard
Rural Urban StuffCleveland
Cleveland, Ohio
ID: 7208
First Name: Erika
Last Name: Meschkat
Description: Clutch/Purse upcycled from scarf
Kids Science ChallengeNew York
New York, New York 12401
ID: 6597
First Name: Jim
Last Name: Metzner
Description: Engaging kids to use their creativity to make connections and innovate on how things work. the KSC presentation will include live science demonstrations, an astronaut and a few animals. Fun family presentation!
Org: Kids' Science Challenge
The Handcar ProjectNew York
New York, New York 10011
ID: 7063
First Name: Maria
Last Name: Michails
Description: The Handcar Projects are a series of human-powered interactive installations centered around the railway handcar. The projects focus on energy, industrial processes, agriculture, mining, and their impact on topsoil and water.
Org: Eyebeam
BeatBotsSan Francisco
San Francisco, California 94109
ID: 7027
First Name: Marek
Last Name: Michalowski
Description: BeatBots designs social and rhythmic robotic characters for entertainment, research, toys, therapy, and art.
Org: BeatBots
Verizon Design LabQueens
Queens, New York 11368
ID: 6921
First Name: Peggy
Last Name: Monahan
Description: Opening in 2014, the Design Lab @ NYSCI seeks to transform STEM learning for youth through engaging and meaningful design activities. A dynamic set of online resources will be developed to reach K-12 teachers nationally.
Org: New York Hall of Science
Scrapyard Challenge WorkshopsBrooklyn
Brooklyn, New York
ID: 6845
First Name: Katherine
Last Name: Moriwaki
Description: The Scrapyard Challenge Workshops are intensive workshops held in over 14 countries, on 5 continents where participants build simple electronic projects with both digital and analog inputs out of found or discarded junk.
Org: Parsons School of Design
Arduino 101Sebastopol
Sebastopol, California 95472
ID: 7150
First Name: Tyler
Last Name: Moskowite
MarsBio - Synthetic Tools for Space ColonizationMountain View
Mountain View, California
ID: 7130
First Name: Eli
Last Name: Moss
Description: Through synthetic biology, we aim to provide two tools that will enable human colonization of Mars and beyond. Regobricks are a building material created from regolith. PowerCell is a microbe capable of producing nutrients from CO2 and sunlight.
Org: Brown-Stanford iGEM
Brooklyn, New York 11218
ID: 6606
First Name: Catarina
Last Name: Mota
Description: Supporting open source digital fabrication and maker culture.
Org: openMaterials & AZ Labs Network
Rachel's ElectronicsBrooklyn
Brooklyn, New York 11221
ID: 6867
First Name: Joel
Last Name: Murphy
Description: Rachel's Electronics sells hardware products for hackers and engineers. We specialize in electronics kits, breakout boards and sensors. All of our hardware is Open Source. This year we released Pulse Sensor, a joint project with Banana Design Lab.
Org: Rachel's Electronics
Pulse Sensor, heart-rate beats per minute for Arduino, lickety-splitBrooklyn
Brooklyn, New York
ID: 7088
First Name: Joel
Last Name: Murphy
Description: “Pulse Sensor” is a well-designed plug-and-play heart-rate sensor for Arduino. The creators will introduce the Pulse Sensor, and demonstrate it's functions and applications.
Org: Pulse Sensor
Wheelchair TransporterYork
York, Pennsylvania
ID: 6615
First Name: Paul
Last Name: Nagelkerke
Description: A six-wheel drive carrier for a user and their power wheelchair, manual wheelchair, or medical scooter. The roll-on roll-off design eliminates the need to transfer from an indoor wheelchair to an outdoor wheelchair.
The DeconstructionSan Francisco
San Francisco, California
ID: 6984
First Name: Jason
Last Name: Naumoff
Description: The Deconstruction is a creative sporting event based on taking things that already exist, combining them with current technology, and using teamwork and new ideas to create something completely different.
Org: The Deconstruction
Your Lack of Stress is Stressing Me OutLong Island City
Long Island City, New York 11101
ID: 6608
First Name: Nick
Last Name: Normal
Description: A sculpture, an enlarged facsimile of a 1970s pioneering electronic 'desktop gadget' called the Executive Stress Eliminator. Six embedded 8-bit audio sounds await! Go on, get that stress out of your system – push a button!
Solar SewingTucson
Tucson, Arizona 85202
ID: 6533
First Name: Paul
Last Name: Nosa
Description: I draw with a portable sewing machine. powered by solar or a bicycle electric generator. I ask people to imagine a scenario; to say it in 5-words-or-less and I sew a patch for them on the spot.
Org: Artist
Providence, Rhode Island 02906
ID: 7018
First Name: Chris
Last Name: Novello
Description: illucia is a “codebending” system that collides gaming, realtime-routing inspired by modular synthesizers, and generative art. At heart, illucia is about seeing games and software as instruments and playgrounds.
Org: paper kettle
Citizen Schools (included with Cognizant)New York
New York, New York
ID: 7146
First Name: Brian
Last Name: O'Neil
Description: Citizen Schools provides ""apprenticeships"" (10-week hands-on projects taught by volunteers like YOU for 90 minutes per week) to middle school students from low income communities. ""Maker"" projects: Solar Car Engineering, Robotics, Ice-Cream Science, etc.
Org: Citizen Schools
Glamourpuss Creation Vintage Modern JewelryBoston
Boston, Massachusetts
ID: 7181
First Name: Jason
Last Name: O'Neill
Description: These stunning vintage charms were once likely bright golden brass but age has left them with a beautiful naturally oxidized verdigris patina that adds to the gorgeous detail. To bring out the coloring I added vintage mottled verdigris green and gold lucite beads from the 1960s. Gorgeous vintage style with a modern edge.
Glamourpuss Creation Vintage Modern JewelryBoston
Boston, Massachusetts
ID: 7181
First Name: Lisa
Last Name: O'Neill
Description: These stunning vintage charms were once likely bright golden brass but age has left them with a beautiful naturally oxidized verdigris patina that adds to the gorgeous detail. To bring out the coloring I added vintage mottled verdigris green and gold lucite beads from the 1960s. Gorgeous vintage style with a modern edge.
Waterfall SwingBrooklyn
Brooklyn, New York 11205
ID: 7110
First Name: Michael
Last Name: O'Toole
Description: Towering steel swing set holding arrays of mechanical solenoids that create a water plane falling in the path of its riders. Riders pass through openings in a waterfall created by monitoring their path via axel-housed encoders.
Org: Dash 7 Design
Bamboo Bike StudioSan Francisco
San Francisco, California 11231
ID: 7145
First Name: Marty
Last Name: Odlin
Description: Bamboo Bike Studio is the leading DIY bikemaking company. We offer tools, instructions, workshops, and kits to makers and community bike shops. Our mission is to spread the benefits of making, bikemaking, and bikes as far and wide as possible.
Org: Bamboo Bike Studio
From Faires to Spaces for Making in AfricaBrooklyn
Brooklyn, New York 11216
ID: 7079
First Name: Emeka
Last Name: Okafor
Description: Locations for inter disciplinary cross-pollination of expertise, experience and knowledge are emerging as logical evolution of the Maker movement in the continent.
Org: Maker Faire Africa
Math & MalthusToronto
Toronto, Ontario
ID: 6981
First Name: Christopher
Last Name: Olah
Description: From RepRaps and math-based CAD software to 3D printed vacuum cleans and fractals, a menagerie of interesting projects!
Programmatic CAD and its FutureToronto
Toronto, Ontario
ID: 7009
First Name: Christopher
Last Name: Olah
Description: From openscad to implicit cad, a discussion of programmatic CAD and its future, with insight from mathematics.
Electronic Cloud Chamber - See RadioactivitySeattle
Seattle, Washington 98117
ID: 6983
First Name: Rich
Last Name: Olson
Description: Cloud chambers let you see paths left by radioactive particles as they pass through alcohol vapor. Most designs require dry ice - but this one uses electric ""Peltier"" coolers. You can build your own for under $100!
Org: Nothing Labs
Social ShockerBrooklyn
Brooklyn, New York 11217
ID: 7005
First Name: Jen
Last Name: Oslislo
Description: Come test your knowledge of who is the most ""social"" in a shockingly new format. See what is possible when you combine an iPad with an Arduino and stir in some APIs.
Org: Dachis Group
MIT Electronics Research SocietyCambridge
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139
ID: 6960
First Name: Nancy
Last Name: Ouyang
Description: MITERS is a student club at MIT. It is a member-run creative haven and build-anything-you-want, if-you-break-it,-fix-it space.
Org: MIT Electronics Research society
Komfort Zone LLCBridgeport
Bridgeport, CT
ID: 7189
First Name: Yvonne
Last Name: Oxley
Description: Natural Soaps, Body Butters, Solid Perfumes & Candles
MakerBot IndustriesBrooklyn
Brooklyn, New York 11217
ID: 6729
First Name: Keith
Last Name: Ozar
Description: MakerBot is an affordable, open source 3D printer you build yourself. It makes almost anything up to 5”x5”x5” and prints with ABS and PLA (biodegradable) plastic Build your own MakerBot now. Buy at
Org: MakerBot Industries
Hack ManhattanBrooklyn
Brooklyn, New York 11215
ID: 7137
First Name: Daniel
Last Name: Packer
Description: Hack Manhattan is a new hackerspace forming in NYC based in lower Manhattan. Hack Manhattan will promote collaboration on technical and educational projects between hackers, makers, artists, and curious peoples of all sorts.
Org: HacDC
Citizen Schools (included with Cognizant)Boston
Boston, Massachusetts
ID: 7146
First Name: Alfredo
Last Name: Padilla
Description: Citizen Schools provides ""apprenticeships"" (10-week hands-on projects taught by volunteers like YOU for 90 minutes per week) to middle school students from low income communities. ""Maker"" projects: Solar Car Engineering, Robotics, Ice-Cream Science, etc.
Org: Citizen Schools
Free Motion Quilting & EmbroideryNew York
New York, New York 10014
ID: 7165
First Name: Nina
Last Name: Paley
Description: It is possible to draw with a sewing machine! By demonstrating how easy Free Motion stitching is on a domestic sewing machine, more people can discover this beautiful and expressive technique.
CyberCortex AVDenver
Denver, Colorado 80132
ID: 6548
First Name: Bryan
Last Name: Pape
Description: AlienCortex AV is a multicore Arduino compatible platform with graphics and sound capability for the maker, the electronics enthusiast, the circuit bender, or anyone looking to steer a stream of electrons into their own digital creations.
Org: Fabulous Silicon
LumarcaNew York
New York, New York 10003
ID: 6814
First Name: Matt
Last Name: Parker
Description: Lumarca is a truly volumetric display which allows viewers to see three dimensional images and motion. Lumarca is completely Open Source and DIY. We are in the process of developing DIY kits.
Org: Eyebeam
New York Electronic Art FestivalNew York
New York, New York 10012
ID: 7040
First Name: Carol
Last Name: Parkinson
Description: Harvestworks will show video documentation from three interactive artworks in our New York Electronic Art Festival and two projects created by artists working in our arts center.
Org: Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center
NeedleArts ZoneZanesville
Zanesville, Ohio 43701
ID: 6436
First Name: Patty
Last Name: Parrish
Description: NeedleArts Zone Learn how to crochet, cros-stitch, knit or needlepoint. With every lesson you receive free supplies.
Org: TNNA - The National NeedleArts Association
Lockpick VillageChicago
Chicago, Illinois 60612
ID: 6576
First Name: Christina
Last Name: Pei
Description: Want to tinker with locks and tools, the likes of which you've only seen in movies featuring cat burglars or secret agents? Then come to TOOOL's Lockpick Village, where you will learn hands-on how physical security operates and how it can be compromised.
Org: The Open Organisation Of Lockpickers
DogzillaNew York
New York, New York 10003
ID: 7022
First Name: Lyn
Last Name: Pentecost
Description: Dogzilla was built by the Lower Eastside Girls Club of New York, as a companion to Girlzilla, the club's 2010 World Maker Faire entry. Dogzilla moves on its motorized base, can bark, and is charged by a solar dog house.
Org: Lower Eastside Girls Club of New York
Shake Table ChallengeQueens
Queens, New York 11368
ID: 6927
First Name: Sylvia
Last Name: Perez
Description: Can you construct a structure capable of withstanding a simulated earthquake? Use simple materials to design, build and test your structure to determine if it is strong enough to withstand our shake table challenge! Saturday & Sunday 11am - 1pm
Org: New York Hall of Science
Rockin' RocketsQueens
Queens, New York 11368
ID: 6928
First Name: Sylvia
Last Name: Perez
Description: Explore the principles of flight by designing and launching your own straw rockets. Can you design a rocket that will go furthest?
Org: New York Hall of Science
Life-Size Mousetrapsan francisco
san francisco, California
ID: 6952
First Name: Mark
Last Name: Perez
Nightmare KittyBrooklyn
Brooklyn, New York 11206
ID: 7129
First Name: Phoenix
Last Name: Perry
Description: As you walk by, your head transforms into a balloon. You must keep from being popped by the evil cats falling from the sky. Can you stay alive long enough to battle the most evil kitty to ever live - Nightmare Kitty? Play alone or up to 4 friends.
Org: Devotion Gallery
Vegetable Oil Powered MotorcycleHicksville
Hicksville, New York 11801
ID: 6910
First Name: John
Last Name: Petsche
Description: This motorcycle was rebuilt with a 6hp industrial diesel engine and is fueled by pure Canola vegetable oil. It can reach a top speed of 40 mph in street form, and it holds the land speed record for 350cc alternate fuel-powered motorcycles at 56.5 mph.
The Future of Digital Things: Physicial Mashups, Dragons, Gangstas, and Rabbits-OH MY!Brooklyn
Brooklyn, New York 11217
ID: 7107
First Name: Bre
Last Name: Pettis
Org: MakerBot Industries
my RemedyBerkeley Heights
Berkeley Heights, New York
ID: 7200
First Name: Jillian
Last Name: Pfund
Description: This unisex hoody is for the brave one who isn't afraid to stand up for what's right & Give a Hoot. It's printed with eco-friendly ink on American Apparel¨. The text reads 'Give a Hoot' in a typeface Jillian created that resembles wood.
Ordinary ObjectsSan Francisco
San Francisco, California 94114
ID: 6447
First Name: Sonya
Last Name: Philip
Description: Through the Ordinary Objects project, Sonya Philip takes every day, sometimes disposable objects and transforms them by adding knitting.
Open Source Development PlatformsNew York
New York, New York 11105
ID: 6441
First Name: Benedetta
Last Name: Piantella
Description: Open Source Platforms: A cell phone-based printing device that prints SMSs, Web content and barcodes. A tracking toolchain for real time GPS tracking and data visualization. A portable device to collect accurate sensorial data from the field in real time.
Open Innovation Can Solve Real World ProblemsNew York
New York, New York 11105
ID: 7106
First Name: Benedetta
Last Name: Piantella
Luke's "Skywalker"Concord
Concord, Massachusetts 01742
ID: 7026
First Name: John
Last Name: Pickle
Description: Luke’s “Skywalker” is a therapeutic walker built by the Concord Academy inventing club, DEMONs, to help a two year-old with cerebral palsy learn to walk
Org: Concord Academy
Custom Pet Appliqué Tote DemonstrationBrooklyn
Brooklyn, New York 11201
ID: 7134
First Name: Haley
Last Name: Pierson-Cox
Description: Haley Pierson-Cox ( will show you how to make a fun, personalized tote bag using a photo of your pet as the template for creating a custom felt appliqué with pet-specific details. No sewing machine required!
Org: The Zen of Making
GrooveHoops Hoop Making WorkshopNew York City
New York City, New York 10038
ID: 6732
First Name: Stefan
Last Name: Pildes
Description: GrooveHoops Hula Hoop Making
Org: GrooveHoops
Giant VU MeterFerndale
Ferndale, Michigan 48220
ID: 6853
First Name: Edward L.
Last Name: Platt
Description: Just like a standard volume meter on a stereo, but bigger! The circuit is a modified VU meter kit. Each segment contains 18 LEDs, an acrylic diffuser, and a reflective shroud. The end result is great for dance parties!
Org: i3 Detroit
Flake and TakeFerndale
Ferndale, Michigan 48220
ID: 6854
First Name: Edward L.
Last Name: Platt
Description: This software makes it easy to create a beautiful design inspired by the physics and symmetry of snowflakes. Then print it out, and take it home. Come give it a try!
Org: i3 Detroit
Ferndale, Michigan 48220
ID: 6855
First Name: Edward L.
Last Name: Platt
Description: These are hand-drawn, pen-and-paper drawings, inspired by the physics and symmetry of snowflakes. I have drawn one every day since February 2011.
Org: i3 Detroit
David Pogue's iPhone Brain DumpNew York
New York, New York
ID: 7101
First Name: David
Last Name: Pogue
Org: New York Times
MakerGear 3D PrintersCleveland
Cleveland, Ohio 44122
ID: 7048
First Name: Rick
Last Name: Pollack
Description: MakerGear provides kits and supplies for the rapidly expanding Maker community. Get 3D Printing with a MakerGear 3D Printer Kit and learn how to turn your ideas into real, tangible objects. Unleash your creativity without a lot of capital.
Org: MakerGear
Brooklyn, New York 11238
ID: 7021
First Name: Phillip
Last Name: Pond
Description: FishBikez make a bicycle into a large scale rolling costume. FishBikez are giant fish on wheels! In a parade, on a city street, within any buzzing crowd, a small school of FishBikez turns a gathering into an ocean of life.
Org: Human Nature Projects
Brooklyn, New York 11237
ID: 6539
First Name: Wlliam Thomas
Last Name: Porter
Description: Recumbent tricycle w/ range of nine gears run from the riders pedals to the fly wheel. Once the fly wheel is rotating at a high rate, the rider drops hold of the clutch and the brake and the power is delivered straight to the rear axle. Zoom!
Org: Porter Cycles
Impgistics ResonatorYorktown
Yorktown, Virginia 23693
ID: 6742
First Name: Alexander
Last Name: Prior
Description: An instrument that demonstrates acoustic resonance. Using inexpensive speakers, various lengths of PVC pipe and caps, tunable oscillators, and amplifiers I am able to tune each pipe to a specified frequency to produce a one-octave chromatic scale.
RepRap Prusa 3D printerPrague
ID: 6911
First Name: Josef
Last Name: Prusa
Description: Prusa Mendel is far most popular RepRap variant, easiest to assemble, maintain and most importantly easiest to replicate.
RepRap, Self-Replicating 3D PrinterPrague
ID: 7114
First Name: Josef
Last Name: Prusa
Description: RepRap is self replicating 3D printer and I'll guide you thru it. I will reveal the new way of Open Hardware documentation called ThingDOC helping RepRap to get organized. All is based on my experience and my story showing how awesome open source is.
EmberNew York City
New York City, New York 10009
ID: 6622
First Name: Lisa
Last Name: Qiu
Description: DIY Sous Vide Kit that acts as a temperature hack-box for most cooking appliances. We synthesize Arduino and PID technology to give you the best in temperature sensing and cookery.
Org: Lower East Kitchen
Ink sketch artistbrooklyn
brooklyn, New York 11237
ID: 6764
First Name: David
Last Name: Quiles
Description: David Quiles is a local New York City underground artist for over 10 years. His dark gritty macabre ink sketch technique is always favorite among all art enthusiasts. Visit his website at
Brooklyn, New York 11215
ID: 6601
First Name: Ryan
Last Name: Raffa
Description: Combining visual music and computation, RhythmSynthesis is an instrument that uses color, shape, and sound to demonstrate how tangible, audio-visual interactions can be applied as considerations in musical expression.
In the windbrooklyn
brooklyn, New York 11225
ID: 7006
First Name: Nelson
Last Name: Ramon
Description: In the wind is an exploration of the wind belt electric generator concept. It's an installation that generates its own power, flickering lights as wind blows through, it explores sustainable energy in a DIY manner.
Org: ITP - NYU
BraindropNew York
New York, New York 10009
ID: 6838
First Name: Kate
Last Name: Raudenbush
Description: Braindrop is a meditation space to honor water. Created entirely from 10 gauge laser-cut steel, the sculpture is an intimate gathering space in the form of a 17-foot tall, 10-foot wide, 5000-pound water drop illuminated by l.e.d.s.
Org: Kate Raudenbush LLC
BotodesignsNew Haven
New Haven, Connecticut 06511
ID: 7169
First Name: Chen
Last Name: Reichert
Description: quirky + original Japanese inspired robot and plant art, clothing, dolls and accessories!
Rebecca ReitzQueens
Queens, New York 11368
ID: 6978
First Name: Rebecca
Last Name: Reitz
Description: Representing the element, earth, this piece will suggest trees, flora and fungus.
Org: New York Hall of Science
Crowdsourcing for UAV InnovationCharleston
Charleston, South Carolina
ID: 6851
First Name: Brant
Last Name: Revill
Description: This is a call for innovators of every kind; scientists, engineers, citizen scientists and dreamers to collaborate on the UAVForge Challenge and win $100,000 USD. The goal is to build a user-intuitive, backpack-portable UAV.
Org: Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center (SSC) Atlantic
Crowdsourcing for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle InnovationCharleston
Charleston, South Carolina
ID: 7068
First Name: Brant
Last Name: Revill
Description: This is a call for innovators of every kind; scientists, engineers, citizen scientists and dreamers to collaborate on the UAVForge Challenge and win $100,000 USD. The goal is to build a user-intuitive, backpack-portable UAV.
Org: Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center (SSC) Atlantic
Enough Already: Silencing Celebs with ArduinoBrooklyn
Brooklyn, NY
ID: 7151
First Name: Matt
Last Name: Richardson
Brooklyn, New York 11222
ID: 6995
First Name: Justin
Last Name: Riley
Description: The DiscoBike project encouraging people to explore their inner creativity through spontaneous musical interactions.
Org: DiscoBike
Time Warp SouvenirWesthampton Beach
Westhampton Beach, New York 11978
ID: 6979
First Name: Patti
Last Name: Robinson
Description: Where were you in '64? I was here! Same place, a vision of the future, totally fun, great memories. Email your Maker Faire 2011 photos to & I'll mix them up with images of '64 & send you a souvenir postcard.
Weaving and Dyeing with Natural DyesNew York
New York, New York 11215
ID: 7020
First Name: Isa
Last Name: Rodrigues
Description: Come experiment with shibori and other dyeing techniques, using the flowers and plants grown this Summer by the Textile Arts Center. Also, step back in time and try making your own fabric on one of our full-size floor loom.
Org: Textile Arts Center
KC FabricatorsOlathe
Olathe, Kansas 66062
ID: 6912
First Name: Luis
Last Name: Rodriguez
Description: CCCKC Hackerspace in Kansas City has a group interested in personal manufacturing. From Mendels, Ultimakers, and Makerbots. Today we are showcasing our project to build a complete humanoid robot from 3d printed brackets.
Org: Cowtown Computer Congress Kansas City
Roanoke, Virginia 24018-6329
ID: 6623
First Name: Jeff
Last Name: Rowberg
Description: The Keyglove is a wearable, wireless, open-source input device, providing unprecedented flexibility and convenience for gaming, design, art, music, data entry, device control, and 3D object manipulation using touch points and motion sensors.
How to Make a MakerspaceSomerville
Somerville, Massachusetts 02143
ID: 7127
First Name: Molly
Last Name: Rubenstein
Description: Learn how to create a successful local makerspace near you! We present Artisan’s Asylum as a demo: our struggles, our victories, and how we managed to expand a 1,000 square foot idea to a 25,000 square foot reality in a year.
Org: Artisan's Asylum
PhongNew York
New York, New York 10012
ID: 6996
First Name: Jonathan
Last Name: Rubin
Description: interactive mechanical&projected pong game. guests are welcome to use their cellphone to control two mechanically motor driven paddles in a projected 'pong' game.
Astora, New York 11103
ID: 6564
First Name: Paul
Last Name: Rudolph
Description: GET ur GLANK on with GLANK: anonymous performers, found object instruments, magnetic, groove-oriented audience interaction.
RepRap 3D printingSouth Pittsburg
South Pittsburg, Tennessee 37380
ID: 6976
First Name: Johnny
Last Name: Russell
Description: RepRap is a free desktop 3D printer capable of printing plastic objects. Since many parts of RepRap are made from plastic and RepRap can print those parts, RepRap is a self-replicating machine - one that anyone can build given time and materials.
Org: UltiMachine
Latch Hook and Machine Knitting with Digital ImagesBrooklyn
Brooklyn, New York 11211
ID: 7128
First Name: Andrew
Last Name: Salomone
Description: How to design and create a latch-hooked rug from a digital image.
Dayton, Ohio 45342
ID: 6527
First Name: Jason
Last Name: Sanders
Description: Oxymoronatron’s live show consists of multimedia explosion that consists videos and a hand full of gadgets and real music playing robots.
HTINK Young MakersBrooklyn
Brooklyn, New York 11201
ID: 6820
First Name: Jon
Last Name: Santiago
Description: In addition to featuring some of our NYC-area Young Makers and their projects, our booth will give potential new makers a chance to be introduced to new skills like soldering, sewing, programming, and 3-D printing.
Simple BotsSan Francisco
San Francisco, California 94122
ID: 6909
First Name: Randy
Last Name: Sarafan
Description: Simple Bots is the awesome new eBook that teaches you how to make a bunch of fun and easy bots in no time. This book is written with the beginner in mind and no prior knowledge of robotics is necessary.
Building Unconventional ElectronicsNew York
New York, New York 10027
ID: 6505
First Name: John
Last Name: Sarik
Description: The Columbia Laboratory for Unconventional Electronics demonstrates how to use 3D printing and laser cutting to make LEDs, solar cells, transistors, sensors and other exciting electronic devices.
Org: Columbia Laboratory for Unconventional Electronics
London, UK
ID: 6675
First Name: Greg
Last Name: Saul
Description: SketchChair will be a free, open-source software tool that allows anyone to easily design and make their own digitally fabricated furniture, then share their work in an open-source library of designs at
Org: Diatom Studio
Maker TeesChicago
Chicago, Illinois 60618
ID: 6728
First Name: Tim
Last Name: Saylor
Description: Maker Tees: Awesome Apparel for DIY People.
Org: Maker Tees
Brooklyn, New York 11206
ID: 6969
First Name: Luke
Last Name: Schantz
Description: Project is a chess/puzzel table. Solving puzzel opens drawer in the table. Play chess games against computer as well as with remote players. Remote players can be online or at other Turk.0 tables.
StarBoardssan francisco
san francisco, California 94110
ID: 6863
First Name: Meredith
Last Name: Scheff-King
Description: Starboards are components designed for soft circuit, wearable electronics, and other applications where flexibility is key. You can iron them on using fusible interfacing. They are solderable and sew-able.
Org: StarBoards, LadyCartoonist
Traditional Rug HookingQueens
Queens, New York 11368
ID: 7070
First Name: Nancy
Last Name: Schenk
Description: Using one-quarter inch wool strips of simple designs. Design is drawn on burlap or linen backing and worked on the right side of the design, by pulling up strips of wool (at the height of one-quarter inch – same was as the width) to form the design.
Org: New York Hall of Science
Hacking Your SleepIthaca
Ithaca, New York 14850
ID: 7103
First Name: Brian
Last Name: Schiffer
Description: The Zeo uses an EEG headband to stage your sleep and wake you up at the optimal time. Several open source libraries are available to interact with your sleep data. Come learn more about the Zeo, the libraries available, and how to hack your sleep!
Org: Zeo Inc
RAMPS - Wheelchair DJNew York
New York, New York 10011
ID: 7138
First Name: John
Last Name: Schimmel
Description: RAMPS is a wheelchair DJ interface - the left wheel fades between tracks while the right wheel scratches the music.
Knot By Gran'maPoughquag
Poughquag, New York
ID: 7188
First Name: Jessica
Last Name: Schleicher
Description: Eco-Friendly Art Monsters
MakeIt LabsNashua
Nashua, New Hampshire 03060
ID: 7060
First Name: Joseph
Last Name: Schlesinger
Description: MakeIt Labs is an Open-access workshop (aka hackerspace, or makerspace) in Nashua, New Hampshire. It is a place where anyone can come to dream, learn and create. Members have a full access to a 6000 ft2 workshop with tool for multiple disciplines.
Org: MakeIt Labs Corp.
Soft Stitched ZombiesBrooklyn
Brooklyn, New York 11215
ID: 6676
First Name: Diana
Last Name: Schoenbrun
Description: Make your very own Zombie doll with craft author, Diana Schoenbrun, of Beasties: How to Make 22 Mischievious Monsters That Go Bump in the Night. Learn how to sew a simple plush Zombie with some fabric, felt, and thread. Ages: children through adult.
Computer visionAnn Arbor
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48105
ID: 6991
First Name: Katherine
Last Name: Scott
Description: Ingenuitas maintains the SimpleCV a software library that allows you to quickly create computer vision applications and integrate them into other projects. Our booth will teach you how to get started making computer vision applications.
Org: Ingenuitas
The Empowerment PlanDetroit
Detroit, Michigan 48070
ID: 6999
First Name: Veronika
Last Name: Scott
Org: The Empowerment Plan
596 AcresBrooklyn
Brooklyn, New York 11238
ID: 6620
First Name: Paula
Last Name: Segal
Description: 596 Acres is a public education project aimed at making communities aware of the land resources around them. With the goal of a food sovereign New York City in mind, 596 Acres is helping neighbors form connections to the vacant lots in their lives.
Org: 596 Acres
MIRD: Meditative Ionizing-Radiation DetectorBrooklyn
Brooklyn, New York 11231
ID: 6878
First Name: Jennifer
Last Name: Shannon
Description: MIRD detects, differentiates between, and sonifies cosmic and terrestrial radiation, creating a harmonious meditative soundscape and aesthetic that contradicts what is often associated with particle physics and radiation.
Bill Shannon for Human+ at NYSCIPittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA
ID: 6958
First Name: Bill
Last Name: Shannon
Description: Bill Shannon for Human
Maker ShedSebastopol
Sebastopol, California 95472
ID: 6953
First Name: Maker
Last Name: Shed
Description: The staff of MAKE has selected kits, tools, microcontrollers, crafts, souvenirs, and other fun stuff for sale. Plus: meet kit makers, watch project demos, and learn to solder for just $1 and keep the fun blinky pin you make!
Org: The Maker Shed Store
Maker Shed - Arduino AnnexSebastopol
Sebastopol, California 95472
ID: 6954
First Name: Maker
Last Name: Shed
Description: Welcome to the Maker Shed Annex, where we have a smaller store with everything Arduino under the Arduino tent.
Org: The Maker Shed Store
Sonic ThreadsWashington
Washington, District Of Columbia 21758
ID: 6738
First Name: Rita
Last Name: Shewbridge
Description: Sonic Threads is an interactive dress that plays audio when the embroidered threads are touched. The dress seeks to reconnect people with stories in an intimate closeness by connecting them through narrative and touch.
Cyberoptix Tie LabDetroit
Detroit, Michigan 48207
ID: 6442
First Name: Bethany
Last Name: Shorb
Description: Cyberoptix operates a solvent-free print shop in Detroit's Eastern Market - providing a seditious, punky fashion statement for executives bound to the neck noose.
Org: Cyberoptix Tie Lab
History EraserBrooklyn
Brooklyn, New York 11211
ID: 7036
First Name: David
Last Name: Shuff
Description: The History Eraser is a 8""x7""x15"" device that erases history. Being from a bygone era the controls are not as precise as one might hope for, but we're all still here, so that's a good sign.
Org: Alpha One Labs
Bias DesignJamaica Plain
Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts
ID: 7167
First Name: Barbara
Last Name: Siana
Description: Handprinted T-shirt featuring a map and a road bike.
Fractals and Fabric at NYC High School of Fashion IndustriesNew York
New York, New York
ID: 7164
First Name: Anu
Last Name: Sieunarine
Description: High School of Fashion Industries demonstrates the aesthetics of Fractals in Fashion Construction, Art and Design. The presentation is about HSFI. High School of Fashion Industries majors: Fashion, Merchandising and Art.
Make an OERHalf Moon Bay
Half Moon Bay, California 94019
ID: 6578
First Name: Megan
Last Name: Simmons
Description: Brainstorm, prototype and present new ideas for teaching & learning in ISKME’s Design Lab. Create an Open Educational Resource (OER) that will be shared on & with teachers during the Teachers as Makers Academy.
Org: Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education
Food Stamps Grow GardensNew York
New York, New York
ID: 7004
First Name: Daniel Bowman
Last Name: Simon
Description: One in seven Americans depend on Food Stamps (SNAP) to put food on the table. If you or anyone you know receives food stamps, stop by to learn more about gardening with food stamps, MAKE food, and help spread the word!
Org: SNAP Gardens
The Covert Surveillance Team presents Mission: Bug-in-a-BookChatham
Chatham, New Jersey 07928
ID: 6627
First Name: David
Last Name: Simpson
Description: Build your very own covert wireless listening system! Originally created for the Spy Tech issue of Make Magazine. Kits available for sale. Hands-on instruction and all the necessary tools will be provided. Sponsored by the International Spy Museum.
Org: The Covert Surveillance Team
DIY Steam Copper Coil Engine BoatPhiladelphia
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19147
ID: 6512
First Name: Avi
Last Name: Solomon
Description: Pop-Pop or Phat-Phat boats have been a intriguing kids steam toy for ages. Make your own simple steam pulse engine boat using a refrigeration copper coil, tealight candle, aluminium baking pan and binder clip.
The Maker Cake.Azusa
Azusa, California 91702
ID: 6723
First Name: Greggy
Last Name: Soriano
Description: Celebrity Chef Greggy Soriano from TLC'S Next Great Baker is known for his modern and FABOO cake designs. Guests will watch Greggy sculpt a cake in real-time and inspire people to go home and MAKE-a-them-a-cake-as-fast-as-they-can!
Org: Cake Lush
Art ControllerHartford
Hartford, Connecticut 06105
ID: 6506
First Name: Balam
Last Name: Soto
Description: An exploration into user interface and art, this installation allows users to manipulate and control movie projections while creating music off of a single device developed by the artist.
Org: Balam Soto Studio
Hartford, Connecticut 06105
ID: 6510
First Name: Balam
Last Name: Soto
Description: "E.Tshirt"" is an e-textile project that utilizes arduino lily pads, LEDs, conductive thread and electronics. The entire system is sewn onto a T-shirt, this Maker will be wearing his project!
Org: Balam Soto Studio
Hartford, Connecticut 06105
ID: 6514
First Name: Balam
Last Name: Soto
Description: Phobia is an interactive artistic installation that incorporates arduinos, sensors, LEDs and servos as well as audio, video and projections. Phobia explores the impact of technology on individuals at a personal level.
Org: Balam Soto Studio
Spinning Drum Machine 1Amherst
Amherst, Massachusetts 01003
ID: 7051
First Name: T. Baird
Last Name: Soules
Description: The SDM1 is programmed via marks on small discs. When light is blocked by a opaque mark the chosen percussion instrument sound is played. Created at M5, the makerspace for Electrical and Computer Engineering students at UMass Amherst.
Org: University of Massachusetts Amherst, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Sol-Tech & Gar-BlogNew York
New York, New York 10010
ID: 6897
First Name: Meredith
Last Name: Summs
Description: NYC High School students from the MOUSE Corps tech design program share their Legacy Projects. Gar-Blog is an android-app that collects data on subway sanitation through game-play. Sol-Tech is wearable solar panels that charge your devices on the go.
NYC FIRST RoboticsNew York
New York, New York 11103
ID: 6883
First Name: Norm
Last Name: Sutaria
Description: See what FIRST Robotics is all about! Three types of programmable robots will be on display: Lego NXT robots, the agile FIRST Tech Challenge robots and the large FIRST Robotics Competition robots. Join us!
Org: NYC FIRST Robotics
Wicked DeviceIthaca
Ithaca, New York 14850
ID: 6511
First Name: Dirk
Last Name: Swart
Description: Changing the world 8 bits at a time: Arduino and other electronics kits
Org: Wicked Device LLC
AnatomologySouth Pasadena
South Pasadena, California 91030
ID: 6449
First Name: Amy
Last Name: Sweetman
Description: Anatomology is a project where I unite my career as a psychology professor with creativity and art. All products are developed by myself and they serve as a tribute to the beauty of the study of behavior.
Org: The Psych Store
Listen To The WindQueens
Queens, New York
ID: 6930
First Name: Karl
Last Name: Szilagi
Description: Listen to the wind as the kites flying above the Great Hall transmit the sounds of wind movement.
Org: New York Hall of Science
The New Music BoxSebastopol
Sebastopol, California 95465
ID: 6949
First Name: Josef
Last Name: Szuecs
Description: A fresh take on the traditional music box. Arduino controlled with and esthetically pleasing design.
Org: Renga Arts
Aleph ObjectsBoyds
Boyds, Maryland 20841-4311
ID: 7012
First Name: Anderson
Last Name: Ta
Description: None at the moment.
Haze StateBrooklyn
Brooklyn, New York 11211
ID: 7039
First Name: Felisia
Last Name: Tandiono
Description: HazeState is an installation on imagining history through a scent cartography that is Inspired from Bushwick industrial landscape.
Hats from the retro-apocalypesFreedom
Freedom, California 95076
ID: 6444
First Name: Trevor
Last Name: Tarin
Description: Head 'N Home Hats has been handmaking first quality leather hats in California since 1972. We pride ourselves on our creative designs, uncompromising craftsmanship, and on using top-notch American materials.
Org: Steampunk Hatter
Miss Ruth's Time BombCarlisle
Carlisle, Pennsylvania 17013
ID: 7196
First Name: Ruth
Last Name: Tarr
Description: Vintage Clothing and Accessories
STEMGardenNew York
New York, New York
ID: 6955
First Name: Karen
Last Name: Kaun
Description: Knowledge iTrust, Fordham University and Educate LLC support NYC youth as CHANGE MAKERS through hands-on design of their own solutions for green, healthy living. Meet an elementary school design team. Help us build a better hydroponic garden.
Yellow Drum Machine and FriendsMartinsville
Martinsville, New Jersey 08836
ID: 6679
First Name: Andrew
Last Name: Terranova
Description: LetsMakeRobots will demonstrate the Yellow Drum Machine (YDM), as well as other robots by our members. The YDM is a funky little drumbot. It roams around and makes beats, and samples. We'll also have some fun projects for you to try yourself!
Org: Let's Make Robots
Making Tomorrow's MakersSt. Paul
St. Paul, Minnesota
ID: 7010
First Name: AnnMarie
Last Name: Thomas
Description: Tomorrow’s inventors are today’s children. As schools drop shop class and children more time watching TV than building tree houses, we need to contemplate where the inventors of the future will learn to be makers, and how we can aid in this process.
Org: University of St. Thomas School of Engineering
Squishy CircuitsSt. Paul
St. Paul, Minnesota
ID: 6504
First Name: AnnMarie
Last Name: Thomas
Description: Come sculpt circuits! Using nontoxic, conductive and non-conductive homemade dough, you will be able to make your own squishy circuits complete with light, sound, and motion.
Org: University of St. Thomas School of Engineering
Rural Urban StuffCleveland
Cleveland, Ohio
ID: 7208
First Name: Amy
Last Name: Thompson
Description: Clutch/Purse upcycled from scarf
ReMaking It! DIY projects from scrap!Brooklyn
Brooklyn, New York 11211
ID: 6628
First Name: Tiffany
Last Name: Threadgould
Description: RePlayGround is a place that transforms garbage into new! Bottle caps become lockets, cereal boxes turn into rockets, and way more. Check out our new book, ReMake It. Once you start ReMaking It, you'll never look at trash the same way again!
Org: RePlayGround
ReMake It! Scrap Paper Picture FrameBrooklyn
Brooklyn, New York 11211
ID: 7136
First Name: Tiffany
Last Name: Threadgould
Description: Turn an old road map or magazine page into a picture perfect picture. Tiffany Threadgould will show you how to take 2 pieces of paper and make this fun frame. This is just one project from Tiffany's book, ReMake It, filled with 95 DIY recycling projects.
Org: RePlayGround
Button CollectiveTrenton
Trenton, New Jersey
ID: 7170
First Name: 973-557-6810
Last Name: Trenton
Description: Storyboard in black acrylic, holds 9, 1
Devices That Work For One and AllNew York
New York, New York 10018
ID: 6895
First Name: Alex
Last Name: Truesdell
Description: The Adaptive Design Association builds corrugated cardboard devices tailored to the needs of children with disabilities. Our goal is to cultivate great ideas and create a world where no child is stuck waiting and wishing.
Org: Adaptive Design Association
Build Antennas to Talk Around the WorldQueens
Queens, New York 10591-4208
ID: 6737
First Name: Thomas
Last Name: Tumino
Description: With simple home built antennas we can bounce our voices clear around the globe, with or without the use of satellites.
Org: Hall of Science Amateur Radio Club
Collaborative Gaming in the Twitter AgeNew York
New York, New York
ID: 7033
First Name: Andy
Last Name: Turley
Description: Discussion of making multi-player games that encourage players to collaborate. Audience members will also be given a chance to play games that illustrate the topics we will cover. Come for the learning, stay for the games!
Org: Bug Labs
Danbury, Connecticut 06810
ID: 6743
First Name: Thomas
Last Name: Uliasz
Description: Burnkit2600 are the experimental electronics trio that combine homemade, modified, circuit-bent, and 8-bit instruments, with seriously funky live musicianship to create other-worldly grooves of the highest caliber.
Org: Burnkit2600
The Rice Krispies Treat 3D PrinterMahomet
Mahomet, Illinois 61853
ID: 7003
First Name: Matt
Last Name: Underwood
Description: TreaterBot is a 3-D printer that ""prints"" Rice Krispies Treats. 3D models are loaded into the computer, scaled appropriately, and printed. The result is an EDIBLE 3D object that is highly tasty!
Org: TreaterBot
Raspberry PiCambridge
Cambridge, UK
ID: 7148
First Name: Eben
Last Name: Upton
Description: The Raspberry Pi Foundation is developing a $25 ARM Linux box. In this presentation we talk a little about the Foundation's aims, and describe the Raspberry Pi hardware, with an emphasis on those features most relevant to the hacking community.
Org: Raspberry Pi Foundation
Pancake BotHokksund
Hokksund, Norway 03003
ID: 6961
First Name: Miguel
Last Name: Valenzuela
Description: The Pancake Bot is a pancake CNC that let's you draw pancakes onto an electric griddle. Our first prototype can be made by anyone with a LEGO NXT mindstorm kit and some extra parts. Created by Miguel Valenzuela for his two daughters Lily and Maia.
Org: Pancake Bot
Color WheelzBrooklyn
Brooklyn, New York 11216
ID: 6714
First Name: Julia
Last Name: Vallera
Description: Color Wheelz travels through NYC filled with playful activities, which facilitate exploration into how color relates to community. Visitors adapt the inside and outside of the van using an array of color related items and personal audio recording.
Brooklyn Robot FoundryBrooklyn
Brooklyn, New York 11215
ID: 6848
First Name: David
Last Name: VanEsselstyn
Description: Brooklyn Robot Foundry helps kids and parents work together to build cool, robot-themed projects, and share in “The Fun of the Build”. Currently we run ""pop-up foundries"" around Brooklyn and we will ultimately have a dedicated storefront workshop.
Org: Brooklyn Robot Foundry
The Scenes Science-ScopeBrooklyn
Brooklyn, New York
ID: 6847
First Name: Luis
Last Name: Violante
Description: Scientific observation is inherently narrative. SCENES, curated by Imagine Science Films, is a type of film experiment, exploring the relationship between life at a microscopic and macroscopic level.
Org: Imagine Science Films
Coke Zero & Mentos FountainsBuckfield
Buckfield, Maine 04220
ID: 6951
First Name: Stephen
Last Name: Voltz
Brooklyn, New York 11215
ID: 6968
First Name: Stephan
Last Name: von Muehlen
Description: EnergyHub, a Brooklyn-based startup, makes tools that help people save money and energy. Our products connect wirelessly with your devices and meter allowing you to monitor and control your energy use from anywhere.
Org: EnergyHub
The American Folk Art MuseumNew York
New York, New York 10023
ID: 6750
First Name: Courtney
Last Name: Wagner
Description: From the earliest American makers to self-taught artists working today, folk art celebrates themes of community, regionalism, repurposing & innovation. The American Folk Art Museum will explore the not-so-distant gap between makers of the past & present.
Org: The American Folk Art Museum
NetduinoNew York
New York, New York 10014
ID: 6414
First Name: Chris
Last Name: Walker
Description: Netduino is an open source electronics platform using the .NET Micro Framework. Featuring a 32-bit microcontroller and a rich development environment. Suitable for engineers and hobbyists alike.
Org: Secret Labs LLC
Habitable Spaceskingsbury
kingsbury, Texas 10003
ID: 7056
First Name: Alison
Last Name: Ward
Description: Habitable Spaces is a three-month project in rural Texas, in which artists are invited to create and inhabit sculptural structures that experiment in collaborative and intuitive building processes informed by the needs and desires of our surroundings.
Org: Habitable Spaces
DH5tv DIY Mobile Production StudioRoyal oak
Royal oak, Michigan 48067
ID: 6889
First Name: Nathan
Last Name: Warnick
Description: Custom built mobile studio, Inside with 4 mics and a video editing rig, guests can record segments via the Oregon trail in this unique mobile production studio. Record your own piece of history for the chronotune today!
Org: Dh5tv
Burrillville, Rhode Island 02839
ID: 6865
First Name: Nicholas
Last Name: Wattendorf
Description: In a world full of 2D printers comes the first generation of homeade 3D printers. We currently hold the title of having the 4th working RepRap known as the Darwin. We are also making the son of the Darwin called the Prussia
Org: RepRap
3rd WardBrooklyn
Brooklyn, New York 11237
ID: 6998
First Name: Philip
Last Name: Weinrobe
Description: 3rd Ward, a creative hub in Brooklyn NY, is the epi center of education, workspace and networking for Creative Professionals in the 5 boroughs. Learn more at
Org: 3rd Ward
Radioactive and Electromagnetic Devices.Brooklyn
Brooklyn, New York 11232
ID: 6804
First Name: Flint
Last Name: Weisser
Description: The devices in this exhibit illustrate aspects of radioactivity and its interaction with that of the electromagnetic force. I am interested in using physics, and the science experiment as a kind of aesthetic experience.
MakerBot Owner & FabricatorLevittown
Levittown, New York 11756
ID: 7047
First Name: Kurt
Last Name: Wendt
Description: I'm a new MakerBot owner with extensive 3D CG experience - and looking to show off some projects and what can be done with the Bot.
Boom Box TricycleBrooklyn
Brooklyn, New York 11222
ID: 6805
First Name: Michael
Last Name: White
Description: The Boom Box Tricycle is an art bike and mobile sound system created by Michael ""Blanco"" White of Brooklyn, NY.
Org: Boom Box Tricycle
Marshmallow ShootersSouthfield
Southfield, Michigan 48033
ID: 6810
First Name: Robin
Last Name: White
Description: Levi White Levi is a Young Maker with talent to share at Maker Faire! He gained experience at World Maker Faire in NYC 2010 and looks forward to meeting new Maker friends this year too.
Org: Oakland County White Family
Survival BraceletsSouthfield
Southfield, Michigan 48033
ID: 6811
First Name: Robin
Last Name: White
Description: Ellie Rose White Ellie is a talented Young Maker with lots of fun ideas. She loves to share her inspiration with other Makers at the Faire!!
Org: Oakland County White Family
Gak PaksSouthfield
Southfield, Michigan 48033
ID: 6812
First Name: Robin
Last Name: White
Description: Will White Gak is a slimy non-Newtonian fluid chemical reaction you can DIY Make your own Gak Pak to take with you. Walk on Ooblek!!
Org: Oakland County White Family
DIY Touch TableSomerville
Somerville, Massachusetts 02143
ID: 7058
First Name: Len
Last Name: White
Description: Create your own touch table (think: giant iPad) from an Ikea coffee table and over-the-counter components! This DIY design costs 1/4th of that of comparable touch tables. Great for home entertainment or as an assistive technology in the classroom.
Squirrel Model AirplaneOttawa
Ottawa, Ontario
ID: 6887
First Name: Darcy
Last Name: Whyte
Description: Darcy Whyte, software designer, made a unique rubber band powered airplane. From it’s beginnings in Darcy’s software methodology it’s distinct aerodynamic features allows it to fly hundreds of feet and and is easy to make.
Org: Rubber-Power
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15213
ID: 6876
First Name: Dan
Last Name: Wilcox
Description: robotcowboy is a one-man cyborg band musical project using custom hardware and software running on a wearable computer. A MIDI guitar, crazy control devices, various masks, and synchronized visuals make for a new new wave experience.
K'Nex Gun Site Acquired by Billion-dollar CAD Maker - What Gives?San Francisco
San Francisco, California 94105
ID: 6977
First Name: Eric
Last Name: Wilhelm
Description: Autodesk buys Instructables; all employees must now build K'nex guns and buy pro memberships.
Org: Instructables
Pirate FiestaNew York
New York, New York 10014
ID: 6709
First Name: Albert
Last Name: Wilking
Description: PIrate Fiesta is a fun, educational and interactive experience for pirates of all ages. Learn to make knots; use a sextant with geometry and compass; Let's all be pirates in our scripted and fun theatrical scenes.
Org: Pirate Fiesta
Practical SteampunkHarrisburg
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17104
ID: 6882
First Name: Thomas
Last Name: Willeford
Description: Practical Steampunk
Org: Brute Force Studios
Circus WarehouseNew York
New York, New York
ID: 7147
First Name: Suzi
Last Name: Winson
Org: Circus Warehouse
Buildatron 3D PrintingQueens
Queens, New York 11372
ID: 6894
First Name: James
Last Name: Wolff
Description: Maker Faire is the official launch of Buildatron’s 3D printers, online workshops, and low-cost project kits. Come see our exciting technologies that enable personal manufacturing and creativity. Build a Revolution!
Org: Buildatron Systems
ProteiNew York
New York, New York
ID: 6947
First Name: Caroline
Last Name: Woolard
Description: Protei is a fleet of low-cost, open-source, shape-shifting, semi-autonomous oil-collecting sailboats, that each sail upwind and collect oil sheens off the top of the water near the sites of spills. It is self-righting, durable, and easily reproducible.
Org: Trade School/
Choreograph A Well-Armed Militia!New York
New York, New York 10038
ID: 6842
First Name: Adrianne
Last Name: Wortzel
Description: Choreographing a Well-Armed Militia Bearing Arms--Alter the performance of these reconfigured robotic toys performing arm and torso military maneuvers in rigid choreographed formations using sensor and wireless communication and Arduino programming.
Recycled Art Monsters!Brooklyn
Brooklyn, New York 11238
ID: 7046
First Name: Brian
Last Name: Yanish
Description: Kids Come Build with us! Join ScrapKins to design your own ""ScrapKin"" monster pet from recycled materials. Add your recyclable to our giant ""Recycle-Saurus"" sculpture and watch your trash transformed into amazing art. Roarrrrrrr!
Org: ScrapKins
Robots that Break RobotsHackensack
Hackensack, New Jersey 07645
ID: 6825
First Name: Max
Last Name: Yelsky
Description: Take your aggression out on electronics. Titanium Knights Robotics builds robots to hurt other robots, and we believe that Creativity + Violence + Engineering = BattleBots.
Org: Titanium Knights Robotics
Projected RealitiesNYC
NYC, New York 11214
ID: 6476
First Name: Sofy
Last Name: Yuditskaya
Description: Project imagery and information onto the site of its occurrence. Projected Realities create objective, rather than subjective augmented realities visible to all. From simple home made pocket projectors to setups using object recognition and tracking.
Org: No Exceptions
The Waiting HandMarkham
Markham, Ontario
ID: 6454
First Name: Xhensila
Last Name: Zemblaku
Description: The Waiting Hand is an interactive kinetic sculpture comprised of a mechanical hand that repeatedly taps its fingers in wait. It is a visual metaphor of life and death, reduced down to one singular action.
Org: Student
EggDrop Garage SaleSan Francisco
San Francisco, California 10023
ID: 6989
First Name: Dan
Last Name: Zheng
Description: EggDrop: Your neighbors are having a garage sale! Come browse local items to reduce, reuse, and recycle, all from the comfort of your iPhone or Android.
Org: EggCartel Inc.
Projected RealitiesNew York
New York, New York 10003
ID: 6476
First Name: Tamar
Last Name: Ziv
Description: Project imagery and information onto the site of its occurrence. Projected Realities create objective, rather than subjective augmented realities visible to all. From simple home made pocket projectors to setups using object recognition and tracking.
USB TypewriterPhiladelphia
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19143
ID: 6678
First Name: Jack
Last Name: Zylkin
Description: This kit can convert any manual typewriter into a USB keyboard. Replace your boring plastic keyboard with a retro-futuristic marvel! Or, use a classic typewriter as a dock for your iPad! An easy and fun project!
Org: USB Typewriter
Detroit, Michigan 48211
ID: 7233
First Name: Ryan
Last Name: Doyle
Description: Gon KiRin is a huge steel dragon sculpture / interactive kinetic playground built on the frame of a 1973 dump truck. Measuring 70 ft long and over 26 ft tall, she spews over 30 ft of flames from her nose and took a year to build.
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