Preliminary Applications Location Map (11/06/2014)

Arlington County Department of Community Planning, Housing and Development | This map shows the general location of development proposals that have been filed for consideration under the special exception site plan review process. These proposals are considered preliminary and are pending acceptance upon determination that they meet Administrative Regulation 4.1. This map is updated on a monthly basis. For more details on these projects:

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672 Flats670 N. Glebe Road
Arlington, VA
Proposal Description: Construct a 178-unit residential building with approximately 1,388 sf of retail.
Applicant: 670 Glebe Road Associates, LLC (Penrose)
Staff Planner: Matthew Pfeiffer
Planning Commissioner: Karen Kumm Morris
Project Type: New Site Plan
Project Received: 07/18/2014
Project Status: Under Review
Ballston Center4100 Wilson Boulevard
Arlington, VA
Proposal Description: Construct a 28-story mixed use building comprised of 393 residential units and 50,805 sf retail.
Applicant: Ballston Acquistion Company, LLC
Staff Planner: Elizabeth Kays
Planning Commissioner: Steve Cole
Project Type: Major Site Plan Amendment
Project Received: 07/14/2014
Project Status: Under Review
Ballston Oak Townhomes1138 N. Stuart Street
Arlington, VA
Proposal Description: Construct 16, 4-story townhomes in two buildings.
Applicant: Stuart-Ballston, LLC
Staff Planner: Arlova Vonhm
Planning Commissioner: Jane Siegel
Project Type: New Site Plan
Project Received: 06/30/2014
Project Status: Under Review
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