Stoneham Police Calls, Jan. 2 - 6

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Report of tagging.101 Central St. (Middle School)
Stoneham, MA
Time/Date: 1/2/2013, 10:11am
Report of an intoxicated male party attempting to start a fight at the Main Street Mobile Gas Station.250 Main St.
Stoneham, MA
Time/Date: 1/4/2013, 11:26pm
Responding to report of possible people stuck under ice in Hollow Pond; unfounded.Hollow Pond
Stoneham, MA
Time/Date: 1/5/2013, 5:28pm
Stephen Doucette, 19, of Stoneham was arrested for allegedly defacing property and possessing liquor under 21 yearrs of age.Maple St. and Montvale Ave.
Stoneham, MA
Time/Date: 1/5/2013, 5:59pm
Meagan Shanley, 39, of Reading was arrested for allegedly operating under the influence of liquor.Franklin St. and Main St.
Stoneham, MA
Time/Date: 1/6/2013, 10:14pm
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