Portland gang violence, Jan. 1–July 4, 2011

Dates and locations of gang-related violence in the first half of 2011.

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Club 915
Portland, Oregon
Date: 1/1/11
Notes: Fight at Club 915, shots fired, bouncer shot, later dies at hospital.
11148 NE Knott Street
Portland, Oregon
Date: 1/6/11
Notes: Shots fired into residence
SE Powell and 154th
Portland, Oregon
Date: 1/7/11
Notes: Shots fired at complainants while driving in area.
4201 NE 125th Place
Portland, Oregon
Date: 1/10/11
Notes: Shots fired into residence, no injuries. Complainant is ex-girlfriend of Loc'd Out Woodlawn gang member who was shot in GVRT 10-82
SE 57th and Powell
Portland, Oregon
Date: 1/18/11
Notes: Referred to GVRT from Assault. Stabbing victim believed to be stabbed by Hispanic males who asked VI if he was Southside.
4523 NE 60th Avenue
Portland, Oregon
Date: 1/24/11
Notes: Fight inside J.D.'s Strip Bar, fight moved to parking lot, shots fired. Suspects located by Gresham officers.
15557 E Burnside #B
Portland, Oregon
Date: 1/28/11
Notes: Victim shot in leg. Victim states he was at a party with a bunch of Bloods and was shot by someone at the party, but didn't know who. Gang graffiti at shooting location related to Unthank.
8605 N Hassalo
Portland, Oregon
Date: 1/30/11
Notes: Shots fired at 8700 block of NE Hassalo. Three houses hit, no injuries.
6800 N Fessenden (Six Points Tavern)
Portland, Oregon
Date: 2/12/11
Notes: Victims show up at Emanual Hospital…uncooperative. Blood and video evidence located outside of Six Points Tavern
7041 NE Alberta Street
Portland, Oregon
Date: 2/12/11
Notes: Victim dropped off at Portland Adventist with stab wounds.
12017 NE Glisan
Portland, Oregon
Date: 2/13/11
Notes: shots fired near Jody's Bar and Grill
SE 162nd and Stark
Portland, Oregon
Date: 2/14/11
Notes: Documented Fat Bitch Killa stabbed.
SE 125th and Schiller
Portland, Oregon
Date: 2/23/11
Notes: Shots fired, fight involving four subjects (three on one).
NE 103rd and Wygant
Portland, Oregon
Date: 3/2/11
Notes: Shots fired.
E 122nd and Burnside
Portland, Oregon
Date: 3/6/11
Notes: Shots fired call on Max Platform. Witnesses say subject was grazed. Victim has not been located at this time.
12035 NE Glisan (Jody's Bar and Grill)
Portland, Oregon
Date: 3/12/11
Notes: Fight at Jody's, moved outside escalted to shooting, victim hit in left elbow.
9222 N Dwight
Portland, Oregon
Date: 3/13/11
Notes: Shots fired, victim has superficial gunshot wound to buttocks.
10705 NE Fremont #2
Portland, Oregon
Date: 3/18/11
Notes: Shooting following confrontation. Victim shot multiple times.
805 NE 94th
Portland, Oregon
Date: 3/19/11
Notes: Shots fired, house riddled with 18 bullet strikes.
7035 NE 9th
Portland, Oregon
Date: 3/20/11
Notes: Shooting, four victims shot.
5205 NE Killingsworth #908
Portland, Oregon
Date: 3/20/11
NE 86th and Sacramento
Portland, Oregon
Date: 4/10/11
Notes: Shots call, victim found deceased, victim had recently been jumped out of STC and was not believed to be Six Deuce.
NE 15th and Holman
Portland, Oregon
Date: 4/12/11
Notes: Shots fired from small compact car at Ford Explorer.
NE 9th and Alberta
Portland, Oregon
Date: 4/13/11
Notes: Shots call, three subjects shot at, witnesses claim victims Hoover Gang members.
NE 11th and Multnomah
Portland, Oregon
Date: 4/18/11
Notes: shots fired at Holladay Park, victim shot, died later at hospital.
N Williams and Fremont
Portland, Oregon
Date: 4/21/11
Notes: Shots fired by three black males, victim hit in the wrist.
SE 84th and Foster
Portland, Oregon
Date: 4/22/11
Notes: Victim shot in arm and lef after confrontation with 13th Street gang members.
SE 122nd and Foster
Portland, Oregon
Date: 5/12/11
Notes: Shots at Max Platform.
N Trenton and Newman
Portland, Oregon
Date: 5/16/11
Notes: Gunshots, victim is shot and dies.
N Druid and Houghton
Portland, Oregon
Date: 5/20/11
Notes: shooting in area of McCoy Park.
Raymond Park 11800 SE Liebe Street
Portland, Oregon
Date: 5/21/11
Notes: Shooting at Raymond Park
4234 N Interstate (Interstate Bar and Grill)
Portland, Oregon
Date: 5/22/11
Notes: Shots fired, victims struck with non-life threatening wounds.
SE 129th and burnside
Portland, Oregon
Date: 5/28/11
Notes: Shots fired at Hoover birthday party, two victims shot.
SE Division and SE 165th
Portland, Oregon
Date: 6/1/11
Notes: Shots fired at car, then accident, more shots
5034 SE Rhone
Portland, Oregon
Date: 6/3/11
Notes: shots fired into home, victims hit in buttocks.
NE 13th and Rosa Parks
Portland, Oregon
Date: 6/4/11
Notes: Victim deceased multiple gunshots.
N Fessenden and Geneva
Portland, Oregon
Date: 6/4/11
Notes: Victim shot in face and shoulder by unknown black males.
5028 SE 82nd (82nd Bar and Grill)
Portland, Oregon
Date: 6/4/11
Notes: Shooting at 82nd Avenue Bar and Grill victim shot 2-3 times in legs.
7004 N Commercial
Portland, Oregon
Date: 6/7/11
Notes: Shooting victim shot in liver.
4618 NE 119th Avenue
Portland, Oregon
Date: 6/8/11
Notes: Victim shot in leg while in parked car in front of address.
NE 102nd and Halsey
Portland, Oregon
Date: 6/9/11
Notes: Victim stabbed in stomach by two male Hispanics.
N Willis and Hodge
Portland, Oregon
Date: 6/18/11
Notes: Victim shot in back of head, non-life threatening.
NE 3rd and Wasco
Portland, Oregon
Date: 6/18/11
Notes: Shots fired at rap concert.
NE 17th and Holman
Portland, Oregon
Date: 6/18/11
Notes: shots call, 16 casings in street, two homes struck.
3824 SE Lafayette
Portland, Oregon
Date: 6/19/11
Notes: Shooting related to theft, shooting committed with SKS rifle.
3333 N Lombard
Portland, Oregon
Date: 6/20/11
Notes: Shots call, no one found with injuries.
NE 16th and Killingsworth
Portland, Oregon
Date: 6/21/11
Notes: Victim assaulted, severe bruising to left side of face.
2218 NE 82nd (Seezin' Sports Bar)
Portland, Oregon
Date: 6/26/11
Notes: shooting outside of bar, victim deceased, two other victims with non-life threatening wounds.
3551 N Albina Ave.
Portland, Oregon
Date: 6/29/11
Notes: Victim shot in leg while sitting on porch.
NE Killingsworth and Mallory
Portland, Oregon
Date: 7/4/11
Notes: Victim claims he was shot, evidence points towards victim shooting himself in calf/foot.
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