Major Melrose Police Calls Dec. 3-10

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Frederick Higgins, 42, of 69 Golden Hills Rd. in Saugus, was arrested on a warrant.585 Lebanon St.
Melrose, MA
Time/Date: Monday 10:59am
Shuan Bazinet, 30, was arrested for an alleged threat to commit a crime.11 Fairfield Ave.
Melrose, MA
Time/Date: Monday 3:13pm
Kristian Peters, 45, of 12 Bonney Lane in Norwood, was arrested for alleged malicious damage to a motor vehicle, witness intimdiation and assault & battery.35 Tappan St.
Melrose, MA
Time/Date: Monday 8:48pm
Report of past assaultMobil Gas Station, Main St.
Melrose, MA
Time/Date: Tuesday 2:57pm
Scott Edward McGrath, 48, of 137 Pleasant St. in Melrose, was arrested for alleged witness intimidation.137 Pleasant St.
Melrose, MA
Time/Date: Wednesday 2:37am
Report of a stolen car radio.80 Morgan St.
Melrose, MA
Time/Date: Wednesday 5:12pm
Purchased cell phone is reportedly stolen.56 West Wyoming Ave.
Melrose, MA
Time/Date: Wednesday 5:46pm
Jacket stolen from school.Hoover School
Melrose, MA
Time/Date: Thursday 3:16pm
Kenny Leal, 35, of 418 Revere Beach Parkway and Maurizio Aceto, 38, of 109 Lebanon St. in Melrose, were arrested for allegeded assault with a dangerous weapon.109 Lebanon St.
Melrose, MA
Time/Date: Saturday 12:27am
Victim reports money missing from home.487 Lebanon St.
Melrose, MA
Time/Date: Sunday 8:13pm
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