Stoneham Police Calls, Feb. 1-3

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Reports a hit and run.41 Franklin St.
stoneham, ma
Date/Time: 2/01, 1:14pm
Assault reported.2 South St.
stoneham, ma
Date/Time: 2/01, 1:57pm
Robert Crouse, 48, of Stoneham, was arrested for alleged assault and battery, and larceny from a person.86 Spring St.
stoneham, ma
Date/Time: 2/01, 11:03pm
Assault reported.6 Lincoln St.
stoneham, ma
Date/Time: 2/02, 12:57pm
Report of stolen watch.11 Franklin St.
stoneham, ma
Date/Time: 2/02, 2:26pm
Party reports vandalized vehicle.18 Norval Ave.
stoneham, ma
Date/Time: 2/02, 4:57pm
Motor vehicle stopped for not having a license plate.1 Lee St.
stoneham, ma
Date/Time: 2/03, 4:40pm
Fight outside of residence.6 Pleasant St.
stoneham, ma
Date/Time: 2/03, 10:43pm
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