Visualize location data on a map, see trends

Never before has visualizing your location data been so fast and easy. Now in just a few clicks you can take all of your data into an interactive mapping experience.

View Twitter Top 100 Users in a full screen map

Example above shows you how you can create a pie chart map using a value field. Any field will work for this, just choose one in the "Group By" option.

With large amounts of data (100+ markers) you can enable clustering, which will help you see higher density areas. This allows you to create visual heatmaps of your data, revealing hot spots.

BatchGeo also uses the data structure of your spreadsheet, this way your markers can show multiple labeled attributes for each location. There is no messing around with creating all the markers and labels, simply create a spreadsheet with all of the data you have in different columns and BatchGeo will do the rest.

Copy your data from the spreadsheet including the column headers, these will be turned into labels.

The columns in your spreadsheet wil be turned into clickable markers with labels for each value, as seen below:

Your map markers will contain the data and labels from the spreadsheet.